October 5, 2022

RNC leader Ronna McDaniel slams Facebook after its suppression of conservative news outlets

Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel condemned Facebook and other big tech platforms for suppressing conservative outlets on social media.

“Recent reports shed light on what Republicans have been saying for years – Big Tech companies have been actively suppressing conservative voices,” said McDaniel in a comment to Breitbart News.

“We’ve known for far too long that Big Tech, including Facebook, are extensions of the left’s woke mob and are growing too powerful, and this is just the latest and most blatant example of Big Tech’s clear bias against conservatives. Freedom of speech should not be a partisan issue – because all Americans should be able to make their voices heard,” she added.

She’s not the only one speaking out. Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton also spoke out on behalf of Breitbart Monday.

“Facebook has been intentionally suppressing traffic to Breitbart. Not because of policy violations, but to protect liberal politicians. Any company that acts like a wing of the Democratic Party should not enjoy Section 230 protections,” Cotton said.

Donald Trump Jr. spoke out on Twitter as well.

The battle continues as conservative media faces increased attacks on social media going into the heated 2022 midterm election season.




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