October 5, 2022

RNC chooses Milwaukee as host for 2024 convention

The 2024 presidential election will be a chance for Republicans to fix the country if enough voters realize what’s at stake. The party has chosen a strategic location to kick off the race to do just that.

The Republican National Committee has chosen Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to host its 2024 convention, where the nominee will be selected, The Hill reported. This is a conscious move to retake the state that went to President Joe Biden in 2020 but is still in play for the GOP.

The announcement was made Friday following a unanimous vote at the RNC. “Milwaukee is a world-class city, and we are eager to see it shine in the spotlight come 2024,” Chairwoman Ronna McDanielย tweeted with the news.

Milwaukee was initially selected as the site for the 2020 Democratic convention that was largely held as a virtual event due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The city beat out Nashville, Tennessee, for the GOP this time around.

Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson touted the city as a “great destination for conventions” in a statement following the announcement. “Milwaukee welcomes the 2024 Republican National Convention,” he said.

“My city is ready to show the world what a great destination we are for conventions and tourism,” Johnson added. “We look forward to the positive economic impact of the Presidential nomination convention, and, as the host city, I am confident all the attendees will find Milwaukee to be a splendid location for the event.”

In 2020, the state went blue for Biden, who beat former President Donald Trump by 21,000 votes in Milwaukee. However, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failed to capture Wisconsin in 2016 after not even bothering to campaign there, thinking it was a safe bet, the Detroit Free Press reported at the time.

Republicans could have a solid chance at retaking the White House come November if they offer a better alternative to Democrats. That shouldn’t be hard to do based on Biden’s record thus far, but the convention will go a long way to putting the GOP agenda front and center.


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