July 4, 2022

Rittenhouse witness says prosecution asked him to change his statement

A key witness against Kyle Rittenhouse said during the trial that he was asked to change his statement by the prosecution.

Nathan DeBruin was a photographer on the night of the shootings. He said he was asked by prosecuting attorney Thomas Binger to change his statement.

DeBruin then hired an attorney of his own regarding the issue.

The matter involved DeBruin’s ability to identify a picture of Joshua Zaminsky, one of the individuals in the shooting case.

Rittenhouse is being charged with the shooting deaths of two individuals and wounding a third. He claims the shootings were in self-defense.

The high-profile case has received much attention from both Second Amendment advocates and those who oppose gun rights.

The judge has already dropped one charge related to Rittenhouse being out after curfew, as no evidence was provided to prove a curfew was in place. The trial has already taken six days and seen nearly two dozen witnesses.

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