June 19, 2021

RINO Lisa Murkowski’s challenger says Alaskans are ‘fed up’ with her

Though a certain number of Republicans have made names for themselves in recent years by aligning much more closely with the interest of D.C. elites rather than their own party’s base, frustration with one such individual is reportedly bubbling over in her state as she prepares to face voters in the midterm elections.

As Breitbart reports, Alaska conservative Kelly Tshibaka – a 2022 candidate for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Republican Lisa Murkowski – says that the people of her state “feel forgotten” by the incumbent lawmaker who she says is “not standing up to the radical Biden administration while they kill [their] oil and gas jobs.”

During an appearance on Breitbart News Saturday, Tshibaka told host Matthew Boyle that Murkowski, long assailed by many in her party as a “RINO” (Republican In Name Only), has morphed into someone who is “a lot more like those D.C. insiders than us.” In support of that contention, she points to the senator’s history of opposing the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and her vote against confirming now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Tshibaka also blasted Murkowski’s record when it comes to immigration, saying, “She’s voted to allow illegal immigrants to come into our country. Even if they commit crime, they can stay here.”

Murkowski’s rival also underscored the frustration many Alaskans have felt since the senator decided to become one of the few Republican lawmakers in the upper chamber to vote for the conviction of former President Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial back in February, joining Sens. Mitt Romney (UT), Richard Burr (NC), Bill Cassidy (LA), Susan Collins (ME), Ben Sasse (NE), and Pat Toomey (PA).

Adding fuel to the fire, says Tshibaka, is the fact that Murkowski has not taken a strong stand against Biden administration energy policies she says are certain to harm workers in her state, asserting, “She acted like she was surprised even though in [Biden’s] debates, he said he was going to do it. He shut down our oil and gas drilling. Alaska and our companies knew it.”

According to Tshibaka, it is the aggregation of these positions that have caused Alaskans to turn on Murkowski, stating:

So for all of those reasons, we are absolutely fed up with Lisa Murkowski. She was censured by the Alaska Republican Party and they said inside our borders she’s not allowed to be called a Republican anymore.

I want to go to the Senate and I want to fight for Alaska.

Tshibaka points to the existence of what she calls a “large grassroots groundwell” in support of unseating Murkowski, claiming that Alaskans – including some of the senator’s former aides — have been approaching her about a possible candidacy for roughly a year, according to Breitbart. She laments that “everybody liked and supported Lisa at one point,” but says “there’s a reason she’s been there 20 years and they feel like she doesn’t remember her Alaska roots, and she’s just lost touch with al of us.

Whether the voters of Alaska will at long last demand senatorial representation that mirrors their own political, economic, and philosophical viewpoints remains to be seen, but the emergence of a candidate willing to call a notorious RINO like Murkowski to public account for a series of controversial decisions is a positive development, indeed.

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22 Responses

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    1. Get rid of her, she’s no Republican, just a RINO! She does nothing but oppose everything the Republicans want to do. USELESS Murkowski! Vote her out! Vote the rest of those RINOs out too! Why are they even in the Republican party? Just to draw a high paycheck and do nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Well, they’re drawing a paycheck and doing something…acting AGAINST what they should be
        SUPPORTING. It’s like, if you run for office and say you’re going to do certain things, if you don’t, then you just go poof! You disappear. Imagine that with the present administration and ALL of those we voted in and who either lied or were spineless.

  2. Once a politician gets elected, they forget who they represent. It becomes their personal goals over the people’s. Liz Cheney anyone.

  3. Murky got a lot of attention during both impeachments to decide if she would impeach, didn’t she? Now that her true colors have been exposed by not standing up to doddering Joe and the rest of the communists trying to destroy Alaska and the rest of the country, she really thinks she has a ghost of a chance to get re-elected? Have her arrested for smoking crack – she’s in need of a straight-jacket and a psychiatrist. Lock her up!

  4. I was actually considering relocating to Alaska but after watching this Murkowski individual I decided against it because I figured Alaska was leaning too far left.

  5. Vote ,Vote, Vote or keep bending over because the Liberals and Democrats are not caving to any term limits nor are they loosing their cushy millionaire jobs doing nothing for citizens and doing all for themselves!!!!

  6. Murkowski hasn’t been a Republican since Feinstein backed her into a wall and shook her finger at her. First, I was surprised that anyone from Alaska would tolerate Feinstein’s actions and second, Murkowski has been more Democrat than Republican since the beginning. Alaskans can fix this serious problem, so there’s no harping on all of Murkowski’s weaknesses. She’s just not the type of Alaskan that Alaska needs because she’s weak. I hope this problem is gone in 2022 or sooner.

  7. Alaskan’s need to wake up to the fact that they have an imposter as a Senator. She needs to go so that real conservatives can get things done.

  8. Just make sure dominion voting machines are not used there. And since when we the people can’t check to see if these voting machines are on the up & up? A corporation telling us it’s none of our business should tell you they installed pedofile joe. Any corporation not willing to let the people check OUR voting machines should be outlawed.

  9. Murkowski has never won a republican primary. She got into the senate with a write in because of her fathers name. And remaned there because the Alaska republicans were to lazy to put a real republican in office.

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