August 8, 2022

Republicans warn Biden is handing over control to radical leftists

President Joe Biden’s inaugural address earlier this year was chock full of calls for unity among a sharply divided electorate, but some Republicans are sounding the alarm that the levers of power within the current administration are being operated by people with much more partisan motivations.

As the Washington Times reports, high-profile figures in the GOP are warning that Biden himself is essentially a “Trojan horse” that will hand over control to the far left so that they can achieve the sort of radical policy objectives that would otherwise prove impossible.

Though Biden presented himself throughout the 2020 campaign as the politically moderate antidote to the constant drama and alleged divisiveness of then-President Donald Trump, his conduct during his first three months has suggested that he is anything but.

Not only has Biden succeeded in securing passage of a massive new coronavirus relief package against the objections of Republicans, he is now pushing for the enactment of a $3 trillion behemoth of a jobs and infrastructure plan that some, including Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) have characterized as a backdoor method of achieving “the largest set of tax hikes in a generation,” and a craven attempt to “use important issues as smokescreens for unrelated agendas,” as The Hill noted.

Amid the aforementioned legislative boondoggles as well as an apparent push toward a sweeping expansion of social entitlements, Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) sees something deceptively sinister afoot, saying, according to the Washington Times:

What I see are the fingerprints of [Sen.] Bernie Sanders [I-VT] and [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez (D-NY)] on almost every policy that comes from the White House.

It’s tragic that America was misled in the way the Biden-Harris campaign misled them.

Hagerty went further to opine that “If America had known the policies that Biden was going to implement and compared those policies to President Trump’s policies, there’s no way Biden would be sitting in the Oval Office right now.”

President of Americans for Prosperity, Tim Phillips, expressed similar frustration with the trajectory of the Biden administration’s policy pushes thus far, calling the current state of affairs “deeply disappointing,” and that GOP lawmakers who had a long history working with the president during his time in the Senate – including Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska – were under the impression that they would be able to reach consensus on key issues.

Phillips explained, “They go back in some cases, decades with President Biden, literally decades, they know each other well,” adding:

There was the feeling that, given the long-term relationships, perhaps they could find areas of agreement that were not so polarizing. And that just hasn’t happened.

Considering that Biden is 78 years of age and seemingly in the throes cognitive decline of one type or another, it perhaps should not come as a major surprise that he is not the one pulling the policy strings at the White House. It remains to be seen, however, whether Republicans have either the ability or the political will to put any serious checks on the far-left forces running the show before they do even greater harm to the country.

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SRH_90 (@guest_1197548)
1 year ago

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Red state (@guest_1197610)
Reply to  SRH_90
1 year ago

Get lost SRH_90

Shug99 (@guest_1198395)
Reply to  SRH_90
1 year ago

Its not srh_90 it’s American Digest pushing this scam. Always 1st in comments. Cancel american digest.

I USER (@guest_1198639)
Reply to  SRH_90
1 year ago

SAMMER!!! SRH_90 who let this A_ _ hole in here?

David Marlowe (@guest_1197608)
1 year ago

It’s time to impeach Biden and Harris and remove them from office. They are destroying America . They are going to turn America into a third world country if they aren’t stopped. It’s time to get Donald Trump back in the White house and give him back the election that was stolen from him.

Dan Speedy (@guest_1197662)
Reply to  David Marlowe
1 year ago

Better let them take Pelosi too. She’s probably one of them that’s pulling those strings.

Nathan (@guest_1198122)
Reply to  Dan Speedy
1 year ago

Pelosi biden and Harris a Cortez and waters all those fools need to go shumer and all the rhinos it is time to clean house at least before biden got in. Our country was safe and the economy was doing good and the border was secured and not a problem with it but no biden had to [email protected]#$%& everything up he thought things were messed up so he gonna fix it well I got news for you dont fix what ain’t broke because now it isn’t fixed its broke now so get a good leader to fix it and that is our PRESIDENT TRUMP biden isnt our president

Roy Fredrichsen (@guest_1198563)
Reply to  Nathan
1 year ago

What you are seeing is that was the aim all along. Biden is so confused that half of the time he does not know where he is or what to do until his handlers tell him what to do next. No wonder the rest of the world is laughing at us.

michael phillips (@guest_1198686)
Reply to  Nathan
1 year ago

Finally someone agrees with me I tried calling you back in 2020 and before that 2019 if Joe Biden gets in there he’s going to destroy the world and what did I tell you I’m going to tell you again we don’t get them the Sam hell out of there we are all going to die please get him the f*** out of there we have enough people just do it and those people that sell them through the Chinese people we take them out to I’d rather die protecting what we have been just lay down and let him take it

Duane Hughes (@guest_1197724)
Reply to  David Marlowe
1 year ago

Get rid of Biden and Harris you get Polosi

RENEE LOPEZ (@guest_1197949)
Reply to  David Marlowe
1 year ago

Sad our biggest enemy and worst enemy is our own government those of you that voted for this Administration good job!

Roy Fredrichsen (@guest_1198566)
1 year ago

It was amazing at how many dead people were registered to vote in the last election for Biden who never was a popular guy to start with. He is merely a “TROJAN HORSE” to get the blame IF something like the illegals at the Southern border get out of control.

linda (@guest_1197987)
Reply to  David Marlowe
1 year ago

Once biden completely destroys communist America, he will hand it over to someone else so HE won’t get blamed for the problems he created. he is a POS

Sissy Johnson (@guest_1198054)
Reply to  David Marlowe
1 year ago

Biden , Harris an Nancy need to be impeached. They don’t need to be in office they are trying there best to destroy America an or turn it into a a Communist country. We need Trump back in office. He loved an cared for Americans an America. Biden does not care anything about America. Biden does not know if he is coming or going. He should have never been put into office. I feel sorry for the one that comes.into office now, it will take a long time to get America straightened out again an to get the illegals out of America.

David Marlowe (@guest_1197614)
1 year ago

IT’S time to impeach Biden and Harris and remove them from office. They are destroying America.And are going to turn America into a third world country.Its time to get Donald Trump back in the White house and give him back the election that was stolen from him.

PAT (@guest_1197630)
Reply to  David Marlowe
1 year ago

President Donald J. Trump, would have been in the White House, if the ELECTION WASN’T RIGGED.
Brain Dead, Puppet Illegitimate, Criminal biden/harris & his Obama Cartel Team AND ALL THE COMMIE DEMORATS all need to be IMPEACH. THEY ALL HAVE BROKEN LAWS BASED ON OUR CONSTITUTION.

Bo (@guest_1197709)
Reply to  PAT
1 year ago

Are you still spewing that old worn out lie about the election being rigged please find some other lie to tell

Mike (@guest_1198735)
Reply to  Bo
1 year ago

You are an idiot. No way he got 80million legit votes. Dems rigged it.

linda (@guest_1197990)
Reply to  PAT
1 year ago

They ALL need to go (to Gitmo)

Sissy Johnson (@guest_1198062)
Reply to  PAT
1 year ago

Yes the law has been broken several times by Biden an his clowns. If this election had been anyone else in the white house, they would be impeached. Trump loved an cared for all Americans an our Great America. They tried there best to impeach for stupid crap. Well Biden an his clowns need to be impeached, you don’t have to lie about this mess that Biden. has done. The truth will come.out one day. I love my country an I despise anyone that don’t care for America. Trump won the.election but liars took it by being sneaky an paying the election that counts to make sure that Biden won.

Altee (@guest_1198542)
Reply to  Sissy Johnson
1 year ago

You obviously have the Trump infection. There is no vaccine for it. But just keep in touch with the UnAmerican Digest ads. It will provide a Putin pill soon.

Danae Morgan (@guest_1197669)
Reply to  David Marlowe
1 year ago

I agree 100% they need to pay for what they have done to America and her people. They deserve prison time for their crimes against humanity.

Bo (@guest_1197711)
Reply to  Danae Morgan
1 year ago


RT (@guest_1197616)
1 year ago

The demorats are doing nothing but trying to bankrupt the
United States and if they get their way on this new one, it will. We might as will tell our beautiful country good-bye. It the Republicans don’t step up and show some entegraty and if we have another election, they will be voted out and new people voted in that honor our country and constitution.

Robert (@guest_1197623)
1 year ago

It is time to impeach the hole lot of them. We could not stop with Biden and Harris we would have to include Nancy and Chuck or we would end up with something worse.

jim (@guest_1197702)
Reply to  Robert
1 year ago

The impossibillity of being able to get SEVERAL of the most deserving to rate a slap in the face like that which they SHOULD ADORN my fridge, Now would be an excelant time to Pull a REVERSAL and IMPEACH BIDEN AND KAAMMMY for the mess they have turned USA into, in less than the time it took to allow the INVASION OF THE SOUTHERN BORDER!!

Jesse (@guest_1197633)
1 year ago

Seems to me that Republican politicians are scared of Democrats. Pelosi, Schumer, Harris, AOC, and others make Republicans look like complete cowards. Actually, many Democrat politicians seem to be terrified of Pelosi, Schumer, et al, also because they never vote against what their leaders tell them. I suspect it has to do with campaign money or something similar.

Dale Long (@guest_1197757)
Reply to  Jesse
1 year ago


StealthFighter7 (@guest_1197634)
1 year ago


Marie (@guest_1197638)
1 year ago

Biden and Harris need to be impeached and any Democrat that can not stand for America and our Constitution need to go to. Call, write and email your Representatives Senators daily until we get results. Write to the supreme Court about the treason committed in the election. Urge them to rethink their decision to not look into the election fraud before our country goes down in flames.
US Supreme Court, 1 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20543
You cannot call or email — you must write a letter!!!
Members of the House
Members of the Senate

Gary m (@guest_1197650)
1 year ago

Everyone wants term limits, The only way I can see that happening is that every election everyone votes against the incumbent, now that would be real term limits.

BigAlt (@guest_1197671)
1 year ago

Garbage in, garbage out from the UnAmerican Digest as usual.

Stephen Russell (@guest_1197684)
1 year ago

Been doing this day 1 in campaign

Larry Carnahan (@guest_1197705)
1 year ago

Biden/Harris is the biggest mistake America has made. There is NO ONE in control except the hard left. May God help us!

horntex (@guest_1197760)
1 year ago

The House Democrats are like sheep under Pelosi and Schumer. They take their marching orders like little children, even if it damages the country. They are self-serving and their position is more important to them. They have no allegiance to their oath or country.

Altee (@guest_1198550)
Reply to  horntex
1 year ago

Hey Horny: Do you remember the Reps near unanimous votes under Trump? Short memory, eh?

D-Day (@guest_1197768)
1 year ago

Why is anyone surprised by this stuff? The deep state Democrats, the Washington DC swamp, the never Trumpers, the fake news media, and the justice department, didn’t steal this election for Joe Biden! Biden was just a tool. He’s nothing more than a dementia riddled, fraudulently installed, useful idiot, leftist puppet. They stole the election for the Deep State to do exactly what they’re doing right now. This wasn’t hard to see folks!

Jeff (@guest_1197825)
1 year ago

Joe is handing over to President Trump.

Is that what is happening???

John Mackey (@guest_1197894)
1 year ago

I’ve been saying this same thing for months that Dictator Joe Biden isn’t in control of things. Look back when he was signing a bulk of them executive orders, he said “I don’t even know what I’m signing” and the told him just sign them and we’ll tell you later. That is the problem they sign things without reading what they are signing and then we get screwed over.

Katydid (@guest_1198036)
1 year ago

wonder how much Biden is getting for letting himself be a trojan horse for the leftist. And Jill gets to be first lady for a short while. They are despicable treasonist unamerican scum.

Altee (@guest_1198553)
Reply to  Katydid
1 year ago

Wow, Katy. What an inventive mind or is it just mindless. Trump and Putin were like blood brothers, if you recall.
Somehow the UnAmerican Digest never told you about that.

Sissy Johnson (@guest_1198064)
1 year ago

Biden , Harris an Nancy need to be impeached. They don’t need to be in office they are trying there best to destroy America an or turn it into a a Communist country. We need Trump back in office. He loved an cared for Americans an America. Biden does not care anything about America. Biden does not know if he is coming or going. He should have never been put into office. I feel sorry for the one that comes.into office now, it will take a long time to get America straightened out again an to get the illegals out of America.

marnie (@guest_1198074)
1 year ago

Why are they allowed to HAND over anything? Because they are totally ignoring the bill of rights and our constitution. They are getting away with anything they want to do to us. Is Majorie Taylor Greene the only one with guts enough to call them out? And when she does they’re allowed to kick her off committees? INSANITY AT ITS BEST. Why aren’t the Republicans doing anything about this???? Bejing has tons of valid reasons why he should be impeached, as well as Pelosi and Schumer. Look what they did to Trump–he got impeached for NO reason and they tried to do it again. Turncoats like Romney, Cheney, McConnell, and others need to be gotten rid of immediately, kicked out of the party pronto.

Altee (@guest_1198565)
1 year ago

Wow, Marnie. Marjorie TG is your bright star? She and Trump make a great pair along with the UnAmerican Digest. Just stunning, stunning I tell you how brilliant you all shine.

Ken (@guest_1198601)
1 year ago

It is futile to listen to what Democrats say. You must watch what they do, that will give a clue as to their real intentions.

Patty (@guest_1198859)
1 year ago

Vacate the house speaker’s chair, get Piglosi out of congress, put in a conservative Republican speaker who will bring articles of impeachment against Biden, Harris and the entire Biden cabinet and Schumer, then put the REAL president back in! President Trump! Can’t do anything till Piglosi is unseated, she rules our congress!

Billy (@guest_1199073)
1 year ago

IMPEACH the lot of them for treason and collusion with a foreign nation(CHINA).



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