May 28, 2022

Republicans using female candidates to undermine Democrat advantage ahead of midterm elections

The Democratic Party sells itself as the only choice for minorities and women. Meanwhile, the GOP is heading into the 2022 elections with an impressive number of female candidates.

New York Rep. Elise Stefanik is confident that a group of 18 GOP women running for seats in the House of Representatives will help regain majority control of Congress, the Daily Caller reported. Stefanik is the third-ranking Republican as chairman of the Republican Conference.

All but one of the 18 are hoping to flip the current seat from Democrat to Republican making their mission vital to Stefanik’s goal of a red-wave majority. She has stressed that Democrats don’t have the “monopoly on women candidates or women voters” and sees the future of an even male-to-female ratio for lawmakers.

“We have so many Republican women, it’s hard to fit them all in one press conference,” Stefanik has quipped. However, she has also stressed that it isn’t just about shoehorning women into the COngressional seats for the sake of diversity the way the left does it.

“Rather than playing outdated identity politics, we look for the best candidate, the strongest candidate in these districts who happen to be Republican women, and then we get fully behind that candidate, the strongest candidate, to get them through the primary and general election, which is why I think we’ve had so much success,” Stefanik said. Still, it’s undeniable that women candidates will deflate attacks from Democrats charging sexism.

Moreover, these women candidates have much to offer Republican voters as they have several of the same priorities as their male counterparts, including issues like immigration, a pet cause for former president Donald Trump. Many have worked for or with Trump like Tennessee’s Morgan Ortagus.

“We’re going to do the hardest thing for Republican women, which is getting out of the primary,” Ortagus said. “This is going to be a pink wave, a pink wave of Republican women around the country.”

Democrats are going to have a difficult time holding on to their majorities, and strong, competent female GOP candidates will only compound those woes. These select candidates could indeed usher in a whole new dynamic — and with it, a Republican majority.

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cozycalico (@guest_1285128)
1 month ago

Please LOrd let this come true. i am so tired of Democraps destroying everything good about our country. Strong women come forward but not one like Biden’s pick for court. I hope she is not confirmed as Biden showed his discrimination by only considering black women for the position. He cut out all men and all white women when he announced it would be a black woman.

Jean Stgermain (@guest_1285215)
Reply to  cozycalico
1 month ago

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Last edited 1 month ago by Jean Stgermain



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