June 30, 2022

Republicans should not be overconfident about Kamala Harris

Presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden named Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate for the presidency of the United States. The decision has caused much rejoicing in the Republican camp because of Harris’s previous record on criminal justice, her illicit affair with Willie Brown to climb the California political ladder, and her gross hypocrisy.

Harriss’s attempts to appear nice and sincere fall flat. Her smiles, designed to put her audience at ease, rather resemble the toothy grin of a shark about to bite — it’s clear to anyone watching that Harris’s most vital strength is that she is willing to do anything to accomplish her agenda. 

Harris does not seem to have a genuine bone in her body, and no one doubts that she will do whatever it takes to reach the highest office in the land. She is a team player, and willing, by hook or by crook, to take down President Trump.

All of that to say that Republican strategists should not forget the real Kamala Harris. The real Harris is the one that eviscerated Joe Biden in the Democratic debates last fall. The real Harris is the prosecutor that went after then-SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings.

Harris is the attack dog, the “hitman” so to speak, that the Democrats need to go after President Trump, and she is genuinely good at that job. In Senate committee meetings, she was able to make Brett Kavanaugh and Attorney General Bill Barr look less than forthcoming, and that is the real reason the DNC picked her as the VP candidate.

Biden seems increasingly disoriented, unable to focus on even the most mundane matters, but Harris suffers from no such deficit. She is laser-focused when she is taking someone down, and that is what the Biden campaign needs if they hope to win in November.

President Trump and Vice President Pence would do well to hone their debate skills before facing the corrupt prosecutor from California.

Watch Harris explain how she could demolish Biden in the primary debates, but support him now.

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MAGA (@guest_1035661)
1 year ago

So she thinks it is ok to lie during a debate. Is that what she thinks debates are for? She is caught in a lie and now tries to get out of it. This woman is an idiot. Voting for these people will not guarantee your children a good future.

FedUp (@guest_1035757)
Reply to  MAGA
1 year ago

Her answer made “Coal-bert” actually look intelligent…..difficult thing to do!!

MASTERMECH48 (@guest_1035865)
Reply to  MAGA
1 year ago

Be interesting to see how many “Idiots” follow her. We do not heed her in our lives!

Russ Remmert (@guest_1035667)
1 year ago

Her father was right, he seemed a good man

Becca (@guest_1035671)
1 year ago

How can she become Vice-President? Isn’t she an anchor baby with foreign parents?

Sgt. Preston (@guest_1035689)
1 year ago

Personally, I think Harris is the attack dog of the democratic party in an effort to spare Biden. Everyone knows that Biden is exhibiting signs and symptoms of dementia and that he would miserably fail in a real debate, especially against Donald Trump. Harris is there to protect Biden.

Jay L. Stern (@guest_1035699)
Reply to  Sgt. Preston
1 year ago

So Harris is there to “protect Biden.” You might be implying that SHE will take on President Trump in a debate. If so, Trump need only say, “Unless Biden steps aside and YOU are the nominee put forth by the Democratic Party, it would be inappropriate for me to debate you.”

See? Very respectable, very classy. But he would be saying that he would debate her, but under present cicrcumstances it would be wrong. It’s a poker game and Trump would be telling the dirty dems to put up or shut up. Either make Joe toddle up and debate, or permanently get out of the way.

Jan (@guest_1035850)
Reply to  Sgt. Preston
1 year ago

Biden already said he was looking for a VP candidate who was ready to take over as the President ON DAY 1.

The DNC/Lawfare is busily drafting an Amendment 25 resignation for Biden to sign 10 minutes after the Inauguration. If Biden refused to sign the resignation, Hildebeast would take him somewhere & have her squad kill him.

Then Kameltoes would get to pick one of her more radical friends, like Sasquatch.

If he didn’t accept the nomination at the convention, Bernie is #2 in delegates & Elizabeth Warren is #3. The DNC would have to pay these 2 off in order to get Kameltoes nominated.

Kameltoes picks radical friend for her VP. And the Biden voters get screwed. It’s rumored Kameltoes was picked by the Ovomit’s for their approval so it’s logical that Kameltoes dropped out when she did before the primaries started. They promised her she’d be Biden’s VP & eventually move into the President slot.

CJ (@guest_1035694)
1 year ago

It’s truly a Sad for our Country that the Democrats can only find Joe Biden who’s not sure what city he’s in and Kamala Harris who’s a lying back stabbing non citizen ! Democrats have dug a very deep hole for themselves and now haven’t a clue how to get out !

thomas (@guest_1035710)
1 year ago

kamel jockey harris sucks

Esther (@guest_1035770)
Reply to  thomas
1 year ago

She must be good at it. Look how far she’s gone.

Michael Harris (@guest_1035756)
1 year ago

Kamala kamel jockey Harris! What a crackup!🧑🏾

Miriam Gonsiska (@guest_1035768)
1 year ago

God please help our country. Get out and vote for Trump. Harris is a disaster waiting to happen

Rodger Shull (@guest_1035862)
1 year ago

REPUBLICANS , do not turn your back on the , HO for JOE, she is a STREET SHANKER, and she is to power crazy , to be or do anything HONEST, she is JUST TOTAL CORRUPTION. She mo doubt got to be a senator thru voter fraud.

Lydia (@guest_1035870)
1 year ago

Answer to Beccca –
Anchor babies were born on US soil, which makes them US citizens. Their mother(s) may have died shortly after getting over, under or through the fence, but if she managed to give birth and the baby lived – it IS a US citizen.
I used to live rather close to the border – there are a fair number of “anchor babies.”
I think it has changed since about 10, or maybe more, years ago.



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