October 3, 2022

‘Kangaroo court’: Gohmert rips Nadler for disregarding rules in impeachment hearing

The Democrats are betting everything on the impeachment of President Donald Trump, but it’s not going very smoothly. Tempers exploded in the House Judiciary Committee on Monday, with Chairman Jerry Nadler at the center of the drama. 

The committee is questioning witnesses as part of its impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. However, Fox News reports that at one point it was Republican counsel Stephen Castor who found himself being questioned by his Democratic counterpart, Barry Berke.

Rep. Mike Johnson was denied the opportunity to raise a point of parliamentary inquiry and was then gavelled down after asking the chairman, “Mr. Chairman, what is this?”

Gohmert raises his voice

That didn’t go over well with Texas congressman Louis Gohmert. “How many other rules are you just going to disregard?” he demanded. Nadler told him that he was out of order, but Gohmert didn’t stop, insisting instead that there was “no rule nor precedent” for what was happening. Watch:

“The ‘point of order’ is [whether Berke] is inappropriate to be up here asking questions,” he continued.

Gohmert then seemed to suggest that bribery was at work, asking, “How much money do you have to give to get to do th–?” before being cut off by Nadler.

“The gentleman will not cast aspersions on members or staff of the committee. Mr. Berke has the time. Mr. Berke has the time.”

If Nadler thought that answer would calm things down, he was mistaken.

The response brought a chorus of shouts, with one unidentified Republican congressman demanding to know whether Berke was a member of the committee. Johnson interjected again, accusing Berke of simply airing his opinions rather than sticking to facts laid out in the House Intelligence Committee’s report.

Nadler dismissed the objections, answering, “The gentleman [Berke] has been designated by me to do this questioning pursuant to House Resolution 660 … it is in accordance in the rules of the House.” Still, Gohmert wasn’t finished.

Low bar

“This is not about being fair,” Gohmert hollered in footage that he later tweeted out. “It’s not about due process. It is about a kangaroo system; and let me tell you — those who think they have done something special here– you have set the bar so low, I’m afraid it’s irreparable.” Watch:

“I came up here from a court where we had order and we had rules and I’ve seen nothing of the kind in here today, and it’s outrageous that we’re trying to remove a president with a kangaroo court like this,” Gohmert angrily concluded.




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