August 12, 2022

Republican spokesperson says Pete Buttigieg’s future presidential chances are dwindling

Republican National Committee national spokesman Paris Dennard said during a recent interview that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s potential presidential chances are diminishing with time.

Dennard made his comments to Newsmax on Wednesday, citing Buttigieg’s underwhelming job performance in the Biden administration: 

“‘Pete ‘Buttigieg-Edge,’ President Trump used to call him, has no followers to be the secretary of transportation, let alone president of the United States,” Dennard said on Newsmax’s “John Bachman Now.” 

At the top of the conservatives’ complaint list is the transportation secretary’s lack of action as the nation is struggling under the weight of massive supply chain issues. 

Dennard spoke to the former South Bend Indiana mayor’s chances at a presidential run in the future, saying that Democrats might push him to the forefront of Democratic hopefuls due to his likeability as reflected in a recent Politico/Morning Consult poll that shows he has 83% approval among fellow Cabinet members.

“It’s either Buttigieg or [Treasury Secretary] Janet Yellen, who comes in second place, at about 33%, and we know that’s not going to happen,” said Dennard said in regard to who from the administration might have a chance at the presidency in the future.

“I think that they’re just trying to float the people who are most popular because that’s what they go on. They [use] unpopularity in polls and politics rather than qualifications and actual results, tangible results.”

When the question of Vice president Kamala Harris was brought up, Dennard said she is “a horrible vice president” who is flailing at best:

“The American people see that and they’re rejecting her as a leader, just like they rejected Joe Biden, and both their poll numbers are tanking for good reason,” Dennard added. 

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