August 12, 2022

Republican Sen. reconsiders position on Dem-led farm amnesty bill

Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID) has abruptly chosen to quit supporting the controversial Democrat-led farm amnesty bill after offering early support, noting the act threatens America’s rural communities regarding agriculture jobs.

“Even though Senator Crapo has said he’ll work on a Senate version of the bill, we should add he won’t support the existing House-passed version,” Lindsay Northern, Crapo’s communications director, told Breitbart News.

“Senator Crapo supports helping Idaho farm producers with problems they have under the existing system, such as concerns over liability and the fact dairy producers need a year-round, stable workforce. In all, 34 Idaho industries support improving the workforce system. Crapo continues to work with those business leaders on potential solutions.”

The current farm amnesty bill would give at least one million farm workers amnesty within America, not including family members, who would be eligible under the act. The bill also offers farm employers the ability to hire an unlimited number of H-2A visa workers for a wide range of jobs, undercutting many American workers.

The bill cuts wages for H-2A visa workers and allows  40,000 family-packs of American green cards each year. Income previously going to American workers would instead flow to foreign visa workers and, in many cases, out of country, hurting rural areas already in need of financial help.

The numbers of H-2A visa workers is already a giant part of the agricultural industry. Current visa holders have reached nearly 300,000 annually, up from 100,000 in 2014.

Immigration has continued to grow as a chief concern among both Republicans and Democrats in recent weeks. With more than 100,000 illegal immigrants crossing the southern border in February alone, the nation is on track to receive more than one million illegal immigrants by the end of 2021.

The agricultural bill marks a new development in the immigration battle. Most concerns have focused on criminal acts by illegal immigrants or border area chaos rather than the harm of visa workers in the agricultural industry.

Immigration has become an issue across multiple industries, including agriculture. Sen. Crapo’s caution regarding the new bill stands as a growing awareness of the need to oppose efforts that add to Biden’s immigration crisis.

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Linda Rose (@guest_1184841)
1 year ago

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Jim (@guest_1185538)
Reply to  Linda Rose
1 year ago

Go Away scammer!

teresa (@guest_1185117)
1 year ago

Why are the DEMOCRATS wanting to destroy America? Remember this in 2022 & 2024

Russ Remmert (@guest_1185128)
Reply to  teresa
1 year ago

we must remove these traitor , nancy. chuckis, biden, harris

Terry Bell (@guest_1185490)
Reply to  Russ Remmert
1 year ago

I agree 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 %

Russ (@guest_1185142)
Reply to  teresa
1 year ago

07/04/2021 Independence day.

DS (@guest_1185528)
Reply to  teresa
1 year ago

SCARED…………….. they are SCARED TO DEATH OF US…………….. and they SHOULD BE ! Everyone of them are FELONS in WDC. Foul, criminal CHEATERS that stole an election right in site. AND WE, the REAL AMERICANS are just waiting for the right time……………………….. “DOWNTOWN”.

Bemused Berserker (@guest_1185118)
1 year ago

“So Crap(p)o Craps Out On The Crap Bill He Authored,” would be a much more accurate headline.

Capt Rich G (@guest_1185124)
1 year ago

Impeach Biden Now

sheila (@guest_1185464)
Reply to  Capt Rich G
1 year ago

yes, couldn’t agree more. but don’t forget harris, pelosi and chucky !

Michael OConnor (@guest_1185126)
1 year ago

Sorry bemused, it like what the dems do, get support and when no one is looking change the wording hoping no one will notice. Well, Senator Crapo caught you and is speaking out.

Richard Hennessy (@guest_1185140)
1 year ago

Apparently, Sen. Crapo wants to keep his job. The best way for a Republican to do that is to act like a Republican. Republican rank-and-file voters have had enough of RINOs.

Deedra Ice (@guest_1185144)
1 year ago

what happened to min wage hike-nationwide???????????? i thought the days of slavery were over-no immigrants at all -keeps us citizens employed at higher cost of living rate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rick (@guest_1185149)
1 year ago

Fifteen dollars an hour to stuff french fries in a bag? That’s not a wage hike, that’s robbery! How long do you think people are going to pay $10 for a cheese burger? When you can’t or won’t even finish high school, reality says you don’t start on the top rung of the ladder! But then, these bozos don’t live in reality, they live in a computer game.

Terry (@guest_1185253)
Reply to  rick
1 year ago

And they can’t get your order right and want 15 an hour. What a joke!

Susan Staley (@guest_1185262)
1 year ago

Washington DC…….America…THUGS IN CHARGE.

Terry Bell (@guest_1185491)
Reply to  Susan Staley
1 year ago


Cecelia Henderson (@guest_1185313)
1 year ago

I’m glad Mr. Crapo figured out the Democratic scheme before this went any further. The Democrats can take a good idea and quickly turn it into a disastrous attempt to get more Democratic votes. Why can’t the Ag workers, work the season and then go home?

Libra (@guest_1185381)
1 year ago

What bothers me is there was one trillion from the previous Cares Act that was not spent. Then they got 1.9 trillion this time and only about 3or 4 hundred billion is coming to We the People in checks. That leaves another trillion and a half.. Added to the other trillion unspent is a heck of a lot of money.. Joe is speaking of borrowing 4 to 5 trillion more for infrastructure.. THAT WILL BECOME THE MOTHER OF ALL SLUSH FUNDS THAT WILL JUST BE NIBBLED AWAY JUST AS THE OBAMA SHOVEL READY JOBS THAT NEVER HAPPENED BUT THE INFRASTRUCTURE FUNDS JUST SORT OF DISAPPEARED. If the Demomarxists borrow the kind of funds Joe is talking about–our monetary system will collapse and we will never recover from something that huge. Other countries will no longer accept our money . Anyone with any savings will use it up quickly as prices will inflate beyond belief . We could end up fighting over garbage just like in Venezuela . Joe is sounding just like a dictator. I do not trust him. I would be so sorrowful to see my beloved USA become a Banana republic and totally broken.

Jim (@guest_1185542)
Reply to  Libra
1 year ago

Now we just need to get the rest of the Country, namely the Democrats to see this then maybe, just maybe we can save our Nation! Elect Constitutional Conservatives in EVERY election and kick ALL these liberals to the curb!

Terry Bell (@guest_1185492)
1 year ago

The USA is already broken. The scum is running it and ruining it as we speak !

concerned (@guest_1185553)
Reply to  Terry Bell
1 year ago

And yet, the Democrats and the RINOs get away with it every single day! Why? Are so many Americans so stupid that they fail to see what is happening to our country and keep voting these bozos in? Or is it that they are so accustomed to voting for a political party, e.g. Democrat or Republican, that they no longer think about who the candidate is or what he/she stands for? Political parties are dividing the country and should be eliminated! Vote for the person!

Stephen Russell (@guest_1185494)
1 year ago

Wow he gets it on farming.
No farms= no food.
Riots, mayhem ahead
Good call
Unite Farming community on this issue

allen d. osborne (@guest_1185546)
1 year ago

Foreigners should NOT be favored above our own people ! Regular people here NEED jobs. Also blacks, first Americans, college and high school students should not be shoved to the back of the bus or under it !

Vern Fisher (@guest_1185595)
1 year ago


Wilbert C. Jennings Jr (@guest_1186138)
1 year ago

Its not Russia or China or even Iran we must watch out for its Americans that have become crazed with power and are abusing their positions as employees to the American people not our dictators!!!!

zortilonrel (@guest_1199839)
1 year ago

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