October 5, 2022

Republican Jennifer-Ruth Green could win Northwest Indiana district, potentially first Republican to win the seat since 1932

The political landscape is rapidly changing for Republicans. Could this be the start of a bonafide red wave?

Jennifer-Ruth Green is making tremendous headway for the GOP in her bid for Congress in her Northwest Indiana district, Breitbart reported. Polls indicate that Green could be the first Republican to win the seat since 1932.

The Cook Political Report has changed the district’s designation from “lean Democrat” to a “toss-up” based on a $275,000 cash fundraising boon in the second quarter. Green’s coffers have swelled by $561,329.50 compared to Mrvan’s $355,906.37 between April 1 and June 30.

Green was reportedly inspired to run for Congress after watching House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “tear up the State of the Union address” that former President Donald Trump had given in February 2020. “A house divided cannot stand, and that’s very clear, but the legislative body that’s intended to declare war must be responsible to hear everything to make a solid decision and have all the data points,” Green said. “When I saw her tear up the State of the Union address, to me, it said, ‘I will only listen to you if you have the same views as I do.'”

If Green manages to unseat Mrvan, she would be the first black GOP congresswoman elected to the House. Indiana GOP Chairman Kyle Hupfe believes that because things are headed that way for Green, an Iraq War veteran and current U.S. Air Force reservist, it’s a good sign for the party.

“National pundits are clearly picking up on what Hoosiers in Northwest Indiana are feeling,” Hupfe said. “The Region has had enough of Frank Mrvan’s embrace of [President] Joe Biden’s disastrous agenda,” he added.

“They want a leader, not a follower. That’s why Jennifer-Ruth Green will win in November.”

Despite what the so-called experts routinely say, there’s no reason to doubt that Republicans can win big this November. Green is a solid candidate and is poised to be part of the coming “red wave.”


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