September 30, 2022

Republican Governor sounds off on Trump’s riot response, says it’s ‘not helpful’

Republican Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan betrayed President Trump in a CNN interview on Sunday, attacking the way Trump has responded to the violent protests breaking out all over the nation. 

“I think one of the most important things that a leader can do right now, and I went through this in 2015 during the riots in Baltimore, one of my primary focuses was to try to lower the temperature,” Hogan told host Jake Tapper. 

Amid the devastating violence perpetrated by rioters across the nation, Trump tweeted that the “THUGS” initiating the violence were “dishonoring the memory of George Floyd.”

Hogan criticized the tweet, saying that it’s “not helpful,” continuing to say that “it’s not lowering the temperature. It’s sort of continuing to escalate the rhetoric. I think it’s just the opposite of the message that should have been coming out of the White House.

Hogan pointed to his experience with the 2015 Baltimore riots, saying that “our theory was peace through strength,” crowing that officials “successfully” stopped the localized violence in “a few hours.”

Fox News reported on Saturday that 5,000 National Guard troops have been deployed across 15 states in response to the rapidly escalating violence that broke out earlier this week. Protests are said to be planned for the next several weeks.

Trump issued a statement on Saturday calling for justice for George Floyd while also condemning the out-of-control riots. Floyd’s death “filled America all over the country with horror, anger and grief,” Trump said, remarking that he had met with Floyd’s family to express “the sorrow of our entire nation for their loss.”

“I stand before you as a friend and ally of every American seeking justice and peace,” Trump continued, continuing on to call for an end to the violence. “What we are seeing on the streets of our cities has nothing to do with justice or peace. The memory of Floyd is being dishonored by rioters, looters, and anarchists.”

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