May 22, 2022

Republican Elise Stefanik sounds the alarm about voter suppression of maskless Americans

Democrats always cry about voter suppression when they lose elections. However, it looks like actual voter suppression was taking place on Election Day — this time with the pandemic as the excuse.

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) warned constituents Tuesday about polling locations turning away maskless voters in the New York general election, Breitbart reported. She asserted that the practice amounted to “illegal voter suppression.”

Stefanik released a statement on Twitter Tuesday advising Republicans to push back. She also blamed Democrats for these efforts, a notable fact considering that the left paints any elections integrity law as an effort to suppress minority turnout.

“Team Elise is receiving reports from some towns and cities that voters are being told they must wear a mask in order to vote,” the GOP lawmaker tweeted. “Let us be very clear. This is illegal voter suppression,” she asserted.

“The New York State Constitution is clear, nothing can inhibit a legal voter from going to cast their ballot in person. There is currently NO mandate requiring a voter to wear a mask to go vote despite what a Democrat poll worker will try to tell you,” Stefanik advised.

Stefanik urged anyone who experienced pushback for being maskless at the polls to record the name and location and urged GOP poll watchers to do their part. “The work of certified Republican poll watchers has never been more important to hold the line and report this illegal activity immediately to your local board elections as well as our office,” she said.

Beyond New York, voters in the contentious Virginia gubernatorial election reported similar issues with poll workers requiring voters to mask up to cast their ballots despite it being illegal. Though it isn’t necessarily a left or right issue, mask-wearing has become a virtue signal for the left and thus would amount to voter suppression for Republicans.

Democrats will try anything to win except debating the issues and persuading people to vote for their policies. Instead, they call their opponents white supremacists and do all they can to keep them away from the polls.

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