June 25, 2021

Young Republican beats Trump candidate in North Carolina

In a run-off Republican primary for North Carolina’s 11th district, Madison Cawthorn, a 24-year-old Republican from Hendersonville, North Carolina, soundly beat fellow Republican Lynda Bennet.

Bennet, a Republican, enjoyed the endorsement of the district’s former Representative and now White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and President Trump, but the endorsements didn’t help her. District 11 voted overwhelmingly for Cawthorn who won more than 65% of the vote.

District 11’s seat was up for grabs because the former occupant of the seat, Mark Meadows, was pulled into the White House to serve as President Trump’s chief of staff earlier in the year.

Cawthorn issued a statement after his decisive victory:

Tonight, the voters of the 11th district of North Carolina said they’re ready for a new generation of leadership in Washington. You turned our message of hope, opportunity and freedom into a movement. While the far left is lighting our cities on fire, we are lifting the light of liberty. Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden may not be able to control where the Democrats are going but, together, we can.

It’s still a win for Trump

After his upset victory, Cawthorn also sent a message to the RNC, Mark Meadows, and President Trump:

I want to make something clear; I support our great president. I do not believe this election has been a referendum on the president’s influence. The people of western North Carolina are wise and discerning. You observed both candidates and simply made the choice you believed is best for our district. I look forward to fighting alongside our president after I’m elected in November.

North Carolina’s 11th district leans Republican, and it is probable that Cawthorn will defeat Democrat Moe Davis in November, which will make him the youngest person in Congress. He will reach the minimum age stipulated in the US Constitution to serve in Congress on August 1, when he turns 25.

Cawthorn’s roots in North Carolina reach back for over 200 years and eight generations.  He was homeschooled and after finishing high school, he was headed for the U.S. Naval Academy but he was involved in an accident that nearly took his life in 2014. He survived, but he lost a kidney and was permanently paralyzed from the waist down. Cawthorn gave up his dream to serve in the Navy and turned to real estate investing, and motivational speaking. If he wins the election, he will be one of the youngest representatives ever elected.

Cawthorn is running on the values of faith, family, and freedom. He is a strong advocate of the 2nd amendment and describes himself as a constitutional conservative. We need more people like Cawthorn in Congress.



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11 Responses


  2. President Trump,
    I am retired and making $1480 every month. For the beginning of your race I supported you with a contribution. Now I’m broke.
    I continue to pray for you and spread great news of you! Continue to be aggressive and wise. Both will win in November.

    Joyce Swisher [email protected]

  3. Congrats Mr Cawthorn I do hope you are behind President Trump I can promise you the U.S. Marines are behind him along with 90 % of all the U.S. military after the OBUMA BRIBEM mess tore the military apart TRUMP PENCE 2020

  4. Congratulations,son. If you stay true to you words and values, you will go far, but if you just follow along and do nothing like two thirds of the Republicans do once they get elected, then you’ll do yourself and the country a grave injustice…….good luck.

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