October 5, 2022

Representatives from 30 states send letter to Biden advising he revoke ‘unconstitutional’ vaccine mandate

Legislators from 30 different states sent a letter to the White House on Thanksgiving Day voicing their frustration over vaccine mandates, calling them “unconstitutional.” 

Newsmax reported that the group of almost 200 legislators demanded that President Joe Biden rescind the vaccine mandates, citing concerns from the constituents from their respective states. 

Rep. Stewart Jones, (R-S.C.), Rep. Tatum Lee, (R-Kansas), and Rep. Josiah Magnuson (R-S.C.) authored the letter, which was obtained by Newsmax. 

Jones said that “as State legislators, we took oaths to defend the Constitution of our state and our country. We are thankful to live in the freest country in the world and we intend to keep it that way.”

The lawmakers said: “We demand that Biden and the federal government leave people alone,” adding, “we cannot and will not stand by while Americans are being forced to choose between a jab and a job.

“No one should be forced to take a COVID vaccine against their will. And no President has the power to require that American citizens undergo a medical procedure of his whim.”

The legislators called the president’s attempt to dictate the vaccines a “brazen assault on our freedom,” they “demand [Biden] immediately cease and desist all efforts to mandate the COVID vaccination.”

Included in their letter was the assurance the undersigned would “use every lawful means at our disposal to obstruct, frustrate, and reject your illegal mandate,” due to their assertion that they hold the “vaccination mandate as void.” 

For his part, Lee said that “Liberty is at stake. We are living on the cusp of tyranny and we must, as the States united, reign in the power of the federal government by the constitutional authority we have as stated in the 10th Amendment. The States give the federal government their power, not the other way around,” she added. “We will not be mocked, nor will we be defeated. The cost to lose is much too great. Today, we stand as the 57th Signer and we pledge our lives, fortunes and honor against every unconstitutional edict. Today we fight.”

A second letter will be sent after more signatures are obtained and anyone looking to add their name to the letter can sign the petition at TentherStates.com. Legislators who want to sign the petition can email [email protected] or text 803-250-1135.letter to Biden advising he revoke “unconstitutional” vaccine mandate.




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