April 12, 2021

Reporter says he’ll sue Gov. Whitmer ‘all the way to the Supreme Court’ over nursing home data

The increased scrutiny on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s (D) disastrous COVID-19 nursing home policy has sparked renewed interested in the actions of a number of Democra governors that took similar actions.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) has been targeted by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Charlie LeDuff, who said last week that he plans to sue Whitmer ”all the way up to the Supreme Court” if necessary to release COVID-19 nursing home information.

Along with Michigan’s Mackinac Center, the veteran reporter shares they are preparing for legal action against the state’s governor. They claim Whitmer “refuses to turn over COVID death data and accurate nursing home numbers to the public.”

According to LeDuff’s radio program,

“The Whitmer administration has not fulfilled my request or our request on the No Bulls%%t News Hour for COVID death data that may shed light on the true extent of the nursing home devastation. This, in my opinion, is a violation of state law, and more so and this is not an opinion, it is a danger and a disservice to our institutionalized elders who have borne the brunt of the suffering and continue to bear it.”

The Michigan governor has increased faced scrutiny over her leadership regarding state nursing home deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many Republican state legislators have called for a full investigation into the issue, sending letters to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel.

Michigan’s situation increasingly resembles recent headlines regarding New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s controversial nursing home COVID-19 situation. His mishandling allegations have led to calls for impeachment after grossly misreporting nursing home death statistics.

The New York Attorney General released a report that revealed the state greatly under-counted the number of nursing home deaths related to COVID-19. The report noted,

March through August 3, [New York State Department of Health] DOH reported a total of 6,423 resident deaths in nursing homes due to COVID-19, including 3,640 confirmed COVID-19 deaths and 2,783 presumed7 COVID-19 deaths.

Whitmer issued an executive order similar to Cuomo’s ordering nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients, likely leading to untold numbers of unnecessary deaths. Her attempts to hide data despite increased reporting and legal pressure point to the need to dig deeper to discover what is really happening.

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52 Responses

  1. She is scum sucking LibTURD which must ALSO FACE THE MUSIC and punished for her illegal activity… Same as Cuomo shall face!!!! More and more we find corruption running amuck within these clowns who call themselves Public Servants in office!!!! THEY suck on both sides of the political fence!!!!!!!!!!!! TIME TO STOP THEM ALL !!!! TERM LIMITS and no more than two terms in mayoral positions either!!!


  2. My gosh, spend your time on something worthwhile. Scotus is just parked out in the confines of their huge palace with fingers in their ears. I CAN’T HEAR YOU! Confidence in that bunch, sorry I HAVE NONE.

      1. Someone &^ hopefully the SCOTUS would have supported & helped our seniors who are the most vulnerable. Please God help them & us

    1. Amen and how can Fake News keep covering up the real news. Why do they want the County to fail.

    1. Crossing of the fingers did not work when we were kids, it will not work now. Someone forgot to tell her, about all the mice that will soon be scurrying out to rat her out.

  3. How about you fix your voting laws so they can’t create hundreds of thousands of fake mail-in ballots so Detroit and other large cities cant have more votes than they have people! And how about enforcing the laws you do have to ensure republican vote verifiers are actually allowed to see what’s going on during voting instead of being shut out of the room to allow them to do whatever they want. Why don’t you kick dominion software out so they can’t switch votes in all your republican counties. Do something productive instead of just trying to get rid of the scum bag in office. Do something that will fix elections going forward so they are valid.

    1. I absolutely agree with you. Unless the entire electoral system is fixed and can prove that it is free and fair elections. Otherwise we are just singing to the choir.
      Our Republic is being destroyed by phoney verification of the elections. If we need National Guard to guard our elections, then so be it. We need to make sure those who are counting the votes are not cheating, as we witnessed in 2020. Those who were doing the cheating also need to be held accountable. Even if it goes all the way to the Governor’s office of each state.

    2. Absolutely agree, this has to be job #1. Fix the integrity and accuracy of our elections. #2. Hold Social Media accountable instead of letting them censor conservatives. #3. Break up CNN and MSNBC and force them to run like separate news agencies. There’s no way they can legitimately have the same exact news story every day, almost word for word.

    3. How about more republican vote counters. No Dominion and no Smartmatic, or any other voting machine, In person voting, voting ID required, legal residence in state of voting, US citizenship, any non-citizen immediately deported.

  4. Agree with term limits…they all get too comfy! Get rid of those that don’t want to work to make and keep America free…

  5. Agree with term limits…they all get too comfy! Get rid of those that don’t want to work to make and keep America free and safe!

  6. Trump had the right idea cleaning the swamp, setting term limits. How on earth these idiots keep thier jobs is beyond me. On top of all that the burning looting raping murders; is this also swept under the rug. How this is not domestic terrorism. To alot of Americans would like justice to be served.

    1. As do many in congress, make no mistake dems in congress have been controlling terrorist groups like Antifa and BLM to terrorize people into doing what they want them to. These groups should not be allowed to do what they are doing. We need to call in the national guard to stop them. if the government wont then we the people need to take action, and put the government on the chopping block. It is what they are elected for, it is time for them to get to work.

  7. AG in Michigan is just as corrupt as the governor. Michigan people have recall papers for the governor. Where are they?. Republicans are just plain lazy. No democrats in Michigan will go against the dictator governor. She is trash.

  8. They all need to be investigated and there needs to be term limits. To many politicians are getting bought and wealthy of the working man/woman. Also stop with all the regulations, way things are going we are going to need a license to wipe our as_es

  9. The good in the Supreme Court are all gone except Gorsech and Thomas. The rest are being paid off and should be replaced. It is not surprising to see Democrats go down hill since Kennedy but I never thought the Supreme Court would cave in with them–but Roberts led them to it.

  10. She has already thumbed her nose at the Michigan Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court has already shown it is unworthy. We are back in the day of Survival of the Fittest. We no longer can Trust any government,the Justice Department or Supreme Court. My advice is to protect you and your own at all cost. You can no longer depend on the US Government or its entities for truth or help. When a country cannot control and refuses to protect your vote you no longer have any rights at all.

  11. I VERY MUCH Agree with Term Limits; with an expansion. It SHOULD APPLY to ALL elected positions!!! If it applies to The POTUS, it should Apply TO ALL — INCLUDING CONGRSS!!!
    Even though OBUMA, who so badly wanted a Third Term, but settled for a de-facto Third Term through Bibum, is SUPPOSEDLY out of the picture, he is very obviously pulling Bidum’s ‘strings’, just as G. Soros is pulling Obuma’s strings.

    1. You are so right, Raymond. It needs to be said, and OFTEN. I have spoken to many conservatives & when they curse Biden,I tell them that actually it’s not he who is doing this. Biden doesn’t even know where he is most of the time. The puppeteer is Odumbo, in his sweats in his basement. He said so himself & it IS obamas third term Biden wears an earpiece to get his marching orders from Odumbo & Odumbo gets his orders from Soros because he hates America & has vowed to destroy us.

  12. What do you bet ,,, ingrown , street walking , back door accepting , wench Whitmere , was , and is , doing the same thing Cuomo did ?? If it comes out that this kneeling , protein spew acceptor , also undercounted deaths , then she should also go to jail !!!

  13. talk big no action !!!if were going to say it you must do it ,it will be the one to chang it ,we must hire 900,reeders so we can keep up with the democrat left wing communist party from changing the constitution a we have out ,now we must spend the tax payers to go back and change the thing,s we did not read !!!! we cant be relaxed when dealing with the communist party ?????did you see that amazon removed the speech that the supreme court made and in black month ,the communist is trying to remove the first amendment and second .amendment !!!!!!!! is the way our country is going under the democrat left wing communist party is going !!!!!!!!!! i think not not in our life time 11111111111111111? WHEN Y0U HAVE A 16 LAGGED SNAKE TO DEAL WITH YOU JUST HAVE TO CUT HER HEAD OFF !!!!!!!

  14. Tell how all these people can hold back evidence when the public knows it exist. Same question for the White House, Congress, Senators and all others thinks it is ok or legal to within whatever evidence they choose. All you Biden voters I hope you are proud of yourselves for picking who you did to let them destroy you kuds, grandkids and great grandkids so they will never have a normal life. All for the mighty dollar and Power.
    Also none of my family nor I have ever owned a slave like all the people in America. Also none of the blacks alive today have never been a slave. Tell me why they think someone owes them reparation. Most that were slaves was so long ago that blood line is long gone. You call yourselves african american. So tell me when did you or your parents or grandparents ever live in Africa. They better have proif that there was slavery in theur family history. I owe you nothing. You already get free food, housing, education and paid for every child born to you. Get a life, job and stop holding your hand out for freebies. You have helped drain this coubtry already. Keep it and greed will bite you in the butt. You are being used and bought to make it seem rosie. Wait and see.

  15. Interesting, going to the Supreme Court. Hasn’t proven too productive lately! Maybe he will do better. I hope so. It was notable,the manner fbi director answered the question about voter fraud. Almost identical to At BArr s response. I can’t accurately quote , but neither of them denied there was voter fraud. Just that they hadn’t seen it in enough volume to change the results. Naturally neither missrs Wray nor Barr mentioned where they had looked for such evidence.

  16. What people don’t get is the system is rigged how else could their leader biden who can’t talk for two minutes without screwing up get elected.

  17. If you’re looking for a lying thieving traders someone to violate the constitution and outright scumbag find a Democrat you found everything vile and disgusting on the face of this Earth

  18. This one is pure evil. You can see it in her eyes when she addresses the public. She’s the most contemptuous bytch that I have ever had the displeasure to watch address the people that serve her. I feel as if she should be burned at the stake….

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