August 14, 2022

Report: White House wasn’t notified ahead of J & J vaccine halt

Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine is being pulled from the market over safety concerns. As it turns out, the Food and Drug Administration did this without warning the Biden administration.

The FDA halted distribution of J&J’s coronavirus vaccine after six patients developed a clotting disorder within weeks of getting inoculated, Fox News reported. To date, 6.8 million people have already been dosed with the single-shot vaccine.

“We were notified last night there would be an announcement in the morning,” Jeff Zients, White House Coronavirus Task Force coordinator, said Tuesday. Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called the side effects “extremely rare,” the organization is planning to meet Wednesday with the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

“We have more than enough supply of Pfizer and Moderna to continue the current pace of 3 million shots per day,” Zients reassured the public. The company’s coronavirus vaccine was the third to be given emergency use authorization, although it’s the only option that is done in a single dose. So far, over 74 million people have been fully vaccinated.

The J&J vaccine is thought to have caused cerebral venous sinus thrombosis. a specific and dangerous type of clot in the brain. Experts believe the immune response activated by the vaccine causes a dangerous combination of low platelets and blood clots, complicating treatment that usually includes blood thinners.

The victims were all women ages 18 to 48, although officials are careful to convey that the relatively small group of patients doesn’t indicate a pattern. So far, one of the women has died while another remains in critical condition.

The COVID-19 vaccines are new pharmaceutical products. It’s difficult to know what the long-term effects will be considering that they were developed and brought to market in less than a year‘s time.

However, it’s also noteworthy that such a decision was abruptly handed down by the FDA after only six cases of that serious side effect were reported. Only time will tell whether the cure is worse than the disease when it comes to these hastily-executed and minimally-researched vaccines.

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Jhon_smith (@guest_1209597)
1 year ago

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Jim (@guest_1209841)
1 year ago

He knew, just being brain dead didn’t sink in, or really didn’t care!

PAT (@guest_1210269)
Reply to  Jim
1 year ago

anti-American and completely BRAIN DEAD, Criminal, Commie Lovers, Illegitimate biden/harris and the Scum of the Earth DemoRATS don’t care that the J&J vaccine has cause serious problems to the American people.


Lt. Rob Polans Spec & Intel Ops. Ret? (@guest_1209859)
1 year ago

He knew damn well that they were all chemotherapy programs. There aren’t vaccines, the can’t isolate the bug.

Dan F. (@guest_1209919)

A close personal friend is a retired biochemical engineer with one of the big drug companies that is not directly involved with the vacine (Warp Speed). He told me that the drug companies were cutting corners on the legitimate short cuts used in drug developement. The truth is beginning to show up.

Bret (@guest_1210132)

Anyone with a brain knows a virus doesn’t spread as the media portrays and herd immunity is an absolute fantasy the human body does not work that way! I would much rather set at home for a couple of weeks with the Wuhan Sniffles than die of a blood clot taking an antivirus that my body does not need!. Lt. Polans thank you for your service I myself was the reason for the disbanding of the US ARMY Special Forces Super Soldier Training Program in 1991! Really freaky stuff happened and a lot of people died while I was chained to a pole 2 different times by the CIA who were trying to execute me for absolutely no reason other than to keep the program labeled Top Secret! They found out the hard way that in my absolute lust to be labeled Super Human I accidentally opened up the realm of the Super Natural which makes all governments and militaries obsolete! Because you cannot kill what is not alive and you cannot hurt what you cannot see but they can do whatever they want to you! How it could lift multiple people at the same time and fly them through the air 50 feet and smash them on the ground that part of their organs were coming out of their mouths I will never know, as well as the extreme difference in body temp. 42 degree day outside when it happened but somehow in a 78 degree room for over 8 hours their bodies were still at 40 degrees below zero so they had to wait a pretty good while for an autopsy!

Shirley (@guest_1209862)
1 year ago

Has to be something else going on. More people get blood clots from birth control meds and ibuprofen then there were with J&J. If I remember correctly did not PFIZER have that same problem? I would like to see Fauchi and other Dems stock portfolio. Bet we would find lots of Pfizer and Moderna stock in it.

Come on man! (@guest_1209902)
Reply to  Shirley
1 year ago

There ARE invested in the shots, why do they want you to have boosters every 6 months? They are raking it in, it was all planned.

Homer Barnhardt Sr (@guest_1209913)
Reply to  Shirley
1 year ago

Reports are that Fauchi has over 1000 patents on vaccines.

Faith (@guest_1209863)
1 year ago

Why tell Biden – he isn’t capable of making a wise decision. Besides, the “deep state’s” desire is to kill off the population, so they’re just doing what they want to do.

John DeJulius (@guest_1209870)
1 year ago

Why would they be stupid enough to “NOTIFY” the White House about ANYTHING ???????? He doesn’t even know where he IS until his PUPPETEERS TELL HIM !!!!!!!!!!!

Peggy (@guest_1209876)
1 year ago

So that is why FEMA is stock piling all those ” tupperware” coffins!

Deedra Ice (@guest_1209880)
1 year ago

all of the covid vaccines were to be fda approved-they should be held accountable if theyre not safe to use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhonda (@guest_1209885)
1 year ago

Johnson and Johnson PRODUCTS HAVE TOO MANY HEALTH RELATED PROBLEMS GOING ON EVEN PRIOR TO THIS VACCINE. Anything beyond PHIZER IS QUESTIONABLE. GOD SAID PHIZER WAS SAFE, but he never okayed the rest. Biden will fight for Johnson and Johnson to stay because he likes the evil questionable materials so they become HEALTH dependent on him and will vote for him because he can’t get a honest vote otherwise. Just ask the immigrants that we are paying for that will vote for him next election. HIS DEPENDENTS.

Patty (@guest_1209893)
1 year ago

Unless and until they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt those vaccines are safe, no one should take them! At this point, they haven’t proven it. They say nothing about what is in those vaccines, we should be told what is in them! WHAT are they hiding? If Gates is involved, you can bet it is not safe! He wants to “ cull” the population, meaning : kill what he terms useless eaters! Think about it! We are not guinea pigs for their experiments!

Dan (@guest_1209904)
1 year ago

Dumbocraps own the drug manufacturers. Most Dumbocraps in politics have drug companies in their portfolio.

Greta (@guest_1209908)
1 year ago

He wouldn’t remember tomorrow if he was told.

roland voisine (@guest_1209923)
1 year ago

follow the money baby, this whole thing is about power , control, and most importantly money

Yeah me (@guest_1209937)
1 year ago

LMAO they probably did tell him he just forgot or didn’t remember

Yeah me (@guest_1209941)
Reply to  Yeah me
1 year ago

Or forgot to remember or didn’t remember to forget or something like that LMAO

Jps (@guest_1209944)
1 year ago

FDA big shot has stock in the other two vaccines but J & J was cutting into the profit so lets slow down the respond to the one shot vaccine so they had to stop it. Its all for the money. To many folks were choosing J&J so FDA and CDC had to stop it.

Jeffery Hindsley (@guest_1209957)
1 year ago

6 cases and 1 death linked to J&J yet I see the media says nothing about the several hundred deaths or the severe reactions caused by the 2nd dose of the other vaccines. Makes you think.

Kenn (@guest_1209964)
1 year ago

I like this comment John. It’s true.

Linda (@guest_1210003)
1 year ago

Yep! Follow the money…………..As always the Dems. don’t give a dam about you ans me. They are making bank
on the other 2. Check out the California Gov. only allowing particular vaccines. Probably has to get ok from
Polisi, she’s the one running the Democrats.

Katydid (@guest_1210015)
1 year ago

They didn’t inform him because he would have vetoed it because he might think that Trump would approve of it.

David L Druif (@guest_1210175)
1 year ago

According the statistics I have seen Your have twice the chance of getting hit by lighting as of that of dying from J&J vaccine.

flashy0ne (@guest_1210197)
1 year ago

It’s sad to see these programs brought to a halt with such flimsy data. While the prophets of gloom spin their tales of woe, it’s instructive to note that your chance of being hit by LIGHTNING is greater than your risk from this injection. So far, the COVID ‘vaccines’ seem to be doing a GOOD job. While our pseudo experts refuse to approve an ‘open season’ for those protected by injection, I have yet to hear of any “large scale” (or any!) break-down” in COVID immunity. It would appear that the vaccine has been a welcome success.

Doug Litchfield (@guest_1210900)
1 year ago

If you flip the pencil whipping crisis pencil over it will miraculously skew big pharma success with this new panacea. The inoculated will continue to have more issues and be more contagious as time elapses.

Pollty (@guest_1211219)
1 year ago

This was a hoax to bring in the NWO



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