June 12, 2021

Report: White House press corps is furious at Biden administration’s ‘extra control’ of coverage

The White House Press Corps is reportedly on the verge of mutiny over a Biden administration requirement that all quotes used in press pieces receive approval before publication, according to Politico.

The outlet noted, “The Biden White House isn’t the first to employ the practice. Many reporters say it’s reminiscent of the tightly controlled Obama White House. The Trump White House used it, too.”

The New York Post explained, “The information from the interview can be used in a story, but for a reporter to be able to attach a name to the quote, ​the reporter must transcribe the comments and send them to the communications team.”

The New York Times wrote on this issue in 2012, nearly a decade ago. “The practice risks giving readers a mistaken impression that we are ceding too much control over a story to our sources.

“In its most extreme form, it invites meddling by press aides and others that goes far beyond the traditional negotiations between reporter and source over the terms of an interview.”

However, the Biden administration has allegedly expanded a more controlled version of the practice. The concept of “background with quote approval” has become a way for White House officials to better dictate news.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki continued to support the practice. She noted the communications team “would welcome any outlet banning the use of anonymous background quotes that attack people personally or speak to internal processes from people who don’t even work in the Administration.”

The desire for accuracy is commendable; the level of control is not.

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54 Responses

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  2. Hey Media U elected him day 1, U lose
    Its on YOU, U didnt want Trump, Reap what U sow, sad thing is were in the dark 2

      1. Its just getting started…………….
        The election wasn’t fixed ????????????
        Not to worry,we only have three and a half
        years of biden left……..

        1. The election was outright friggin stolen by the scummiest people on the earth 🤮 they are lower than whale 💩

    1. BUT has anyone WAKED UP BIDEN to KNOW what is going on ?>> or he can only say “I HAVE NO COMMENTS” to anything NOT SCRIPTED??

        1. He don’t know 💩 from shinola. He’s the biggest stinking liar in the history of politics. He’s just a stupid girly little drama QUEEN 👸

  3. Sure, while I do not care for Biden at all, I can understand them wanting to keep the PRESS honest. Of course, isn’t that like the blind leading the blind – I kind of think so.

    1. I agree, and he needs to be arrested since a third term for a president is not legal. obama has always been anti- American and he was not born in Hawaii. He was born in Kenya.

  4. These next four years cannot go by fast enough!! Why is no one impeaching the whole crew? It’s a shame what they are doing to our country! God Bless America!

    1. You simply cannot just impeach the devil.
      “There are no devils in hell, they’re all here.” Shakespeare.”

        1. How can that be? Were told the election was completely legal…..There must
          be some mistake………….

    2. It is now time for all States to make laws to combat the new federal laws.
      State laws trump federal law.
      Our country has turned into a cesspool of hate and violence , some States just need to be banned and borders closed to them. Sorry, but time has run out.
      Texas, close your border off, send the feds and ice home.
      Good luck to all States in trying to Survive.

    3. The system was set up to be self policing, as the original framers designed it, “BUT” the politicians, both those elected and those who pay for them to be elected, and then dictate policy from behind the money, though basically, staying out of site. There have always been and always will be evil powers who want to rule the world and run it their way. They can be fought, but not until recognized, and the current crop of “the elected” are totally subject to the money and power people, with perhaps no exceptions!

  5. So now they are censoring their minions. Lets just say circle back where it all began Now maybe the news media will see why we the people were so frustrated with them and their one side news. That is why we quit reading and watching them. Time they get their ducks in a row and start writing the truth on both sides and giving facts instead of made up sensationalism

    1. They can’t do that because sensationism is what gets taught in college. Facts are not part of the equation any more. It is ‘how do you feel about a topic’ and can you write well enough to get others to believe it? Colleges have gone full leftist and damn anyone else.

  6. Yes this is the same as lying, coverup, dishonesty to the American people. This will start a revolt against Joe Biden cartel and the outcome will be bad. AMERICANS are getting tired real fast.

    1. Bobby,
      You ain’t seen nothing yet………..Wait until the wars start popping
      up….due to the complete lack of respect the world has for the U.S.
      since the left wingers took over…..

  7. The news needs to be unbiased.
    Giving both sides of a story or interview without their personnel opinions getting in the way or others telling them that they may only print what the governing body wants them to print.
    What do you want newspeople?

  8. This is what you get when the will of the people is ignored and retards are appointed to jobs that they are incompetent to do !!!! GET THE DAM LIBERAL IDIOTS OUT OF OUR BUSINESS !!!

  9. While I don’t think that the White House or anyone should be able to “control” the press (because then we are no better than China or Russia), the press brought this on themselves. By never actually verifying a source, quote or story they have born the era of fake news. At this point, I don’t believe a word that comes from the msm (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CBC, BBC to name the most egregious offenders of fake news). So they can cry and moan all they want but this is ultimately their fault!

  10. “what distinguished the Third Reich from all previous dictatorships was its use of all the means of communication to sustain itself and to deprive its objects of the power of independent thought.” – Albert Speer. The Progressives cannot afford to lose their grip on this. Like the Jonestown flood, once the water starts going over the top of the dam… And boy, do they have a lot of sandbagging to do!

  11. Does anyone else know how communism works ?? If you achieve complete control of the media you are over half way to complete control . The MSM is an enemy of the USA .They do not publish news but a lots of propaganda .If someone has cable and watch the news You are paying them some money to keep them publishing lies and propaganda . I do not watch any news on Cable TV .

  12. sounds like freedom of press and speech has gone away ,,,truth is no more people need to remember Germany and what happened there … does it not sound the same????????????????????????

  13. The sooner we can get RID of the news media including NBC, CBS, ABC and CCN, the better off we will be and the faster our recovery to a sane and prosperous nation once again.

    If you do not turn off and IGNORE the media propaganda, they will prolong our country’s down fall. THEY are MOST of the problem. They can’t report the news honestly or objectively. Why put up with the lying horribly OVER PAID scum.

  14. Why in hell are they pretending to be surpised?? They have know all along all Biden’s press confrdences have been scriptrd. From who he would choose to ask a scriped question to the scripted answer. FOX NEWS WAS ALWAYS LEFT OUT!!

  15. Tell Biden thus is America, not the soviet union. His ideas are going from bad, to worse, to horrifying. Impeach him!

  16. Why are they letting people advertise things on here this is repulsive. This is not a place to advertise is a place to have discussions. We are discussing the incompetence of the Biden the Administration and the Democrats. The Democrats actions are communist control.

  17. Get rid of joe and the ho, ILLEGAL administration………how does it feel media jerks when you get censered……and Trump didn’t do this …….only hussein obama and ooooold joe.

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  19. Remaining silent and ignoring the lie emboldens the liar. I will not participate in that.” But that is exactly what Cheney is doing by backing the DNC, and Media claims, that there was no election fraud. Cheney is a part of the deep state comprised of Rhinos and Dinos that have formed a cabal within the government, that seeks to overthrow the government to turn this country into a [email protected] slave state.

  20. Biden/Harris/Pelosi can not keep up with all the lies they tell so the next best thing is to keep news people at bay. I can’t understand why Dems. get mad when some one calls them names, funny cause they have been calling Republicans & Trump voters names for over 5 years now!!! If you don’t like it you Dems. shouldn’t have started it!!!

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