July 1, 2022

Report: White House prepares for election night violence

The lead up to the 2020 General election is unlike any election in modern American history, as businesses and law-abiding American citizens prepare to deal with the possibility of widespread civil unrest following Tuesday night’s results.

According to The Blaze, federal officials in charge of White House security began constructing an emergency non-scalable fence around the White House complex, including the Ellipse and Lafayette Square in anticipation of election night attacks. In addition, 250 National Guard soldiers are on standby if White House security needs backup.

NBC News White House correspondent Geoff Bennett tweeted the report on Sunday that the White House was bolstering security for Tuesday night’s election results.

CNN reported that the special non-scalable fence is the same type that the White House temporarily erected over the summer as hordes of demonstrators surrounded the White House complex in the wake of several police-involved shootings which sparked riots around the country.

DC’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency spokesperson Chris Rodriguez indicated to reporters that “we don’t have any specific or credible threats for [around] the election.” However, Rodriguez said that roughly six groups had requested permits to hold “First Amendment activities” on Tuesday.

As protocol dictates, the U.S. Secret Service declined to comment on the added security measures for election day, as they typically do not comment on security measures when it involves the president or the White House.

The Washington D.C. Metro Police Department has reportedly been working behind the scenes for nearly a year in preparation for unrest following the election, including working with agencies to deal with any air-based threats.

“If there’s no winner, you will see significant deployments of officers at all levels across the capital,” said Patrick Burke, executive director of the Washington, DC, Police Foundation. “Officers will get cancellations of days off, extensions of shifts and full deployments of officers across the city.”

Though many expect unrest if President Donald Trump wins on Tuesday night, it would still likely be a better outcome from a security standpoint to have a clear winner, as many expect that the levels of unrest could be unprecedented if America goes without a clear-cut winner for any length of time.

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Tom (@guest_1069793)
1 year ago

It is the job of the military to protect the President. He is the Commander and Chief. If there is a problem get him out of there. Same goes for the VP.

old seadog (@guest_1069824)
Reply to  Tom
1 year ago

just hope no shooting and killing starts but what if they start it then they asked to get shot hope its peaceful for sure enough have been killed but we should fight fire with fire they get what they ask for bang

SGT Preston (@guest_1069875)
Reply to  old seadog
1 year ago

For the sake of the far left Liberal rioters who would congregate with the intent and purpose of violating the law, I would call the situation, as far as the conservatives are concerned, a “target rich environment”

Bill (@guest_1070059)
Reply to  SGT Preston
1 year ago

My thoughts exactly sir!

flashy0ne (@guest_1069799)
1 year ago

This is an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE. In America we have OPEN elections — may the better man/woman win. This riotous fanaticism is a mark of the insanity encouraged by the left. This “win at all (any) cost is self defeating.

Paul E (@guest_1069800)
Reply to  flashy0ne
1 year ago

It all started when Soros got Obama elected .

Dolores (@guest_1069848)
Reply to  Paul E
1 year ago

Soros needs to be deported. He is a very evil man. Didn’t knowit was Soros that got obama
elected. I used to be a democrat, hate to admit it. When Obama was campaigning and he said he wanted to fundamentally change American, I didn’t know what he meant and I didn’t like it, so I switched parties. Wish I had done it years ago. Obama wanted to ruin this country. He should never have been elected in the first
place. This election will take quite awhile now to decide who will be president and I sure PRAY it will be President Trump!!!!

SGT Preston (@guest_1069876)
Reply to  Dolores
1 year ago

Totally agree.

Rodzzz (@guest_1069801)
1 year ago

I hope they don’t get timid about using deadly force to protect America at all costs.

Mark Smith (@guest_1069809)
Reply to  Rodzzz
1 year ago

I’m not Timid about protecting America at ANY const.

Robin Andrews (@guest_1069814)
Reply to  Rodzzz
1 year ago

Shot on spot. No need for a court case or waste time on these idiots. Business owners boarding up doors n windows in many major cities. They have a right to protect their property. It’s got to stop the quicker the better. They’ll realize it’s not getting them anywhere but shot n prison.

MSPS (@guest_1069804)
1 year ago

Did anybody else see that there is some kind of a plot going on on You Tube of a bunch of insiders, tech people, that one guy who is supposed to be the anonymous insider whistle blower, groups of police to patrol and so forth and so on to take over the entire White House and take over a large part of the government including congress tonight?
It sounds as if they are pretty sophisticated in pulling off a coup. I read this on one of the newsletters I get.

Ronda (@guest_1069817)
Reply to  MSPS
1 year ago

I saw the same

Fran Shacxkelford (@guest_1069805)
1 year ago

Our President needs to be protected by ALL MEANS!!! I can’t believe this is America!!!

David Harrell (@guest_1069806)
1 year ago

The left is willing to destroy the USA to get the office of the President of America.

Tom Streets (@guest_1069810)
1 year ago

The President of the United States is the Commander-IN-Chief, meaning the degree of being above every level of anyone else’s “command.” To say “Commander AND Chief” is a redundant statement, with the second title (“Chief”) being unnecessary. “ Commander In Chief” simply means that the degree of authority by the person holding that title is Superior to all other leaders (of whatever titles) within that organization. Our American military services are ALL subservient to the Commander In Chief of our military services. Our military services’ Commander In Chief is a civilian, the President of the United States, the Chief Executive Officer of the United States, rather than an active duty member of our American military services -who serve as the agency of enforcement of our American military actions involving nations outside of our own nation ( not a part of the USA.)

Robin Andrews (@guest_1069811)
1 year ago

Shoot on spot. Don’t need a court case or nothing after that. All the major cities have boarded up windows n doors. Detroit Denver New York n many others. This has to be stopped n now. Business owners have a right to protect their own. No sense in this to keep happening.

Bemused Berserker (@guest_1069813)
1 year ago

Say the word Mr. President, and Patriotic Americans will answer the call to defend our Constitution, and our Republic from all enemies foreign or domestic. Many of us took an oath to do so, and that oath is still in force.

LadyPyro1 (@guest_1069816)
Reply to  Bemused Berserker
1 year ago

I’m right there with you. Spent the afternoon cleaning my gun…

Jefferson D Atkerson (@guest_1069833)
Reply to  Bemused Berserker
1 year ago

Right with you. My oath still stands.

Daniel (@guest_1069825)
1 year ago

If you threaten the President or to take over the White House, the use of deadly force becomes the only option. It is sad to see what America”s left has become. Power seems to be the only driving force to keep their TDS going. Wicked, wicked, just WICKED.

FrankAboutIt (@guest_1069826)
1 year ago


None of these people are worth saving, and none of them are recyclable.
They have nothing to contribute to a civilized American Society, nor
Are they of any value, or use to a civilized American Society.
Have a large supply of body bags ready, and: Eradicate them. Annihilate them.

Michael OConnor (@guest_1069827)
1 year ago

Anyone advancing on the White House with the intent to do harm should be shot onsite.

jaybird (@guest_1069830)
1 year ago

So much corruption going on – PA is not letting Repub. Poll watches in and a guy handing out campaign pamphlets inside (I wonder if money is inside of it), also OR. Dear God the President was cleaning up corruption and now we see so much more.

Project Veritas is asking for evidence of corruption at the polls. They have a website with calling information.

Felix (@guest_1069837)
1 year ago

Looking at the election results so far and it is a shame that Trump is behind on the count for electoral vote. How can the American people let the evil Dems brain washed and vote for a criminal Joe Biden, who all he did for 47 years was to sell out America to the Chinese, the Rusians and the Iranees?

Dee (@guest_1069840)
1 year ago

Stupid is as stupid does. Don’t like AMERICA,
then get the hell out! We are one fantastic
country and will continue to be. Go elsewhere
and enjoy the corruption!Leave our country alone!

Elizabeth A Bullard (@guest_1069871)
1 year ago

I saw that too. One would think that if this were true- they would all be in jail already. And yet here we are with Hillary and the other traitors in office running around free~ I am so fed up, so disgusted! I fear the fall of our nation.



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