June 25, 2021

Report: White House orders FDA comissioner to authorize vaccine or resign

A last-minute holdup in the COVID-19 vaccine approval process has thrown the White House into chaos, according to the Washington Examiner, and FDA chief Dr. Stephen Hahn has reportedly been ordered to approve the vaccine immediately or resign from his post.

A vaccine developed by pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and BioNTech was given the go-ahead by FDA’s panel of outside advisers on Thursday, but the final emergency authorization has yet to be granted.

The White House’s Operation Warp Speed has worked to develop a vaccine faster than any other in history, and President Trump has reportedly lost patience with last-minute holdups in the process.

The Washington Post first reported that White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was the one responsible for calling upon Hahn to resign if the vaccine is not approved by end of day on Friday.

According to the Examiner:

A senior official said Hahn had already offered assurances that he would meet the target.

“Hahn has been telling people for days that he would have approval and make the announcement by Friday evening,” said the official, who added that the first vaccinations were likely to be given on Monday.

For his part, Hahn said the conversation with Meadows had been mischaracterized.

“This is an untrue representation of the phone call with the chief of staff,” he said. “The FDA was encouraged to continue working expeditiously on Pfizer-BioNTech’s EUA request. FDA is committed to issuing this authorization quickly, as we noted in our statement this morning.”

President Trump tweeted on Friday morning, “Get the d*** vaccines out NOW, Dr. Hahn,” he said. “Stop playing games and start saving lives.”

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48 Responses

    1. You get the vacine and you may die…you will though, have your face numbed. The volenteers that took the shot lost ALL control of their face, some up to 20 days. DON’T GET THE VACCINE….PLEEEEESE !!!!!!

    2. Well a whole lot more will probably die after getting the vaccine! There has never been a cure for anything coming out of pharmaceutical companies and vaccines have never been safe!

  1. The FDA and the CDC are part of the coup against the President, in my opinion! Many lives could have been saved if they would have let doctors use hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

    1. Of course they are!!! They are well known by the general medical community.They are slugs like the rest of them.Faucci is famous. Read his record during the HIV epidemic. He is responsible for thousands of young men lives and deaths. He is still looking for an HIV vaccine!!!!! Can you imagine if we had waited for his vaccine? And drs were using hydroxychloroquine and invermectin and saving lives. And America voted the democrats in……….What are we going to do?????? And the whore of Pelosi has been holding the help back….until now that there is a democrat president………how much more are we going to tolerate??//////until China knocks on our door??????

    2. Yes, I totally agree, there was no reason to denigrate hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, especially since they worked!

    3. That’s the word i got from a neurological surgeon and a nurse, as well as online before it was all taken down, hydroxycloroquin works, for COVID
      There is just no money to be made by the pharmaceutical companies with the old drugs and zinc and z pack. Shame on the drug companies and on the government and media with all the lies and over reach with lock downs and KILLING our economy.
      Trust the government?

  2. My mom was just diagnosed with Wuhan, and I’m wondering how long it’ll be before people like her can get the vaccine?
    Yes I said Wuhan, because it came from freaking China from freaking Wuhan China, not Peelosees underwear. underwear.

    1. Obama sent that lab 3+million dollars, what’s that tell you. I think it was all put up and it got away from them, and because they fly the world ,it spread like wild fire.. They wanted to defeat Trump any way they could.

      1. I believe COVID was intentionally released to take down President Trump and the infect the world for them, the Chinese, to get more clout and take control of more countries and places like Hong Kong.

    2. Are you sure Pelosi didn’t smuggle it into the country from china in her underwear? She is a very awful person that would do anything to get rid of President Trump.

    3. Do you really want her to take the vaccine? I POTUS45 but I dont trust the pharmaceutical companies or FDA. All the hate towards a man who has given up so much for this country while DemonRats and RINOS have put road blocks up and phony impeachment. Swalwell literally sleeping with the enemy. Biden in cahoots with China.
      Dems arent the sharpest tools in the shed just EVIL

  3. Why is president letting mitch mcconnel make important decisions when he does nothing but play with Americans lives he must just sighn to help the Americans people can you please just do that before you leave office sighn the stimulus yourself your the president inn charge still help us i think mcconnel is a heartless and very cold person…maybe even senile you must get him out he dont care about the american people suffering.

    1. No money for California,New York,Washington or Oregon. The rest of the country does not have to keep paying for the ones that are selling the country!!!!!

  4. We can thank Hillary Clinton for this. She was in bed with Big Pharma. She is the reason big pharmaceutical companies have such high price tags on their drugs. It all started with Hillary!

    1. And she is knee deep in whats going on today.She has never got over losing the 2016 election to President Trump..!!

  5. Big mistake to force it upon the public. Go ahead and let Biden take “credit” for it, a lot of people are going to have terrible side effects from it. Let it be Biden’s fault (oh, of course, he would then disclaim it and put the blame on Trump, it’s what democRATS do.)

  6. I agree with Mr. Meadows and I agree with Mr. Trump, I would have lost my patients too over something like this, and furthermore, we need to get back to our normal lives, lives without the stupid retarted masks. we’re not bank roberts!

  7. I am so depleted, depressed at the realisation that Pres.Trump was a victim of the Doj.,even of Barr, and the people.The Democrats are too indifferent even “possessed”? Must take one day at a time! no hope for JUSTICE since it is corrupt! I guess that they deserve a third world country So sad!!

  8. Many people have had the virus with no symptoms. The real death rate is thus lower than reported. Open up and get back to work.

  9. Fake news just cannot grow a heart, or a conscience, or morals. The Democrat outlook for our nation sucks and everyone knows it. The election was stolen. Everyone knows it and those who were involved will pay the price for torpedoing our nation.

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