August 14, 2022

Report: White House chief of staff tests positive for COVID-19

For obvious reasons, the mainstream media’s 24/7 news cycle has shifted away from covering the COVID-19 crisis to the 2020 presidential election and the chaos that has since ensued, but a new positive test within the ranks of the White House could soon shift the focus back to the pandemic.

According to the Washington Examiner, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who has recently been with President Donald Trump and countless other White House staff, confirmed on Friday that he tested positive for COVID-19 on the day after election day.

The 61-year-old former Republican lawmaker from North Carolina was reportedly alongside Trump in the days before the election and traveled with the president to his campaign headquarters in Arlington, Virginia on Tuesday, where he reportedly wasn’t donning a face covering most of the time.

Unfortunately, at least four of Meadows’ staff aides have also tested positive for COVID-19, including Nick Trainer, Trump’s campaign director of battleground strategy. As of this writing, it was not reported if the aides who contracted the virus were showing any symptoms.

As the Daily Caller reported, Meadows was uncertain when asked where he believes he contracted the virus.

Given the chief of staff’s close contact with the press, the White House Correspondents’ Association issued a statement in which they stated that no members of their group had been in contact with Meadows or his staff.

“By now I’m sure you’ve seen reports of a case of COVID-19 among the White House senior staff. We are told that all contact-tracing has been completed and that no members of the press corps are considered a ‘close contact’ by the White House Medical Unit. We will continue to provide updates as we have more to share,” the statement read.

Fortunately, Meadows seems to be handling the virus without issue, as a White House official reportedly told Fox News that the former Congressman is “doing well.”

Meadows’ positive test comes in the wake of several days of record-setting new positive cases in the United States, with over 100,000 positive cases recorded on consecutive days. Given his good health and, presumably, access to the same doctors and treatments as his boss, Meadows should be able to weather the diagnosis just fine.

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Karole Conaway (@guest_1071429)
1 year ago

The majority of the Covid tests are FALSE and that has always been the truth!

Sher (@guest_1071516)
Reply to  Karole Conaway
1 year ago

I agree Karole, plus have you heard of any democratic politicians getting Covid -19, why is that. I think its awful fishy either they have an antedote for themselves(from China) or its a bunch of BS from the beginning(which i think is true). This was their last straw to make sure he doesnt become re-elected. Trump isnt stupid and I’m sure he will be re-elected and all those involved should be tried for fraud and Treason. Good Luck President Trump.

Alma Morales (@guest_1071547)
Reply to  Sher
1 year ago

You and I are of the same mindset. I believe the President’s people are being infected with maybe a milder form of the Covid but it smells to high heaven that none of the Democrats have been infected. I do not believe that not one has gotten sick and let’s face it, mask or not….someone is gonna get it.

Tom (@guest_1071564)
Reply to  Sher
1 year ago

Duh – how about because they follow masks and social distancing guidelines. By the way, “it’s” would be proper grammar! He’ goin to need luck alright because his presidency will soon no longer protect him!

Tilla (@guest_1071588)
Reply to  Sher
1 year ago

It is bs. I think it’s one of the common colds. Nothing so serious. Bc it is very strange that it’s only when someone close or at the whitehouse tests positive to keep their narrative going. This is the push for the supposedly second wave of the virus and to interfere with the dems election loss. This is what i think. Maybe not. We will see 🙂

Cecil Burt (@guest_1071574)
Reply to  Karole Conaway
1 year ago

Just because you test positive does not mean that you will become deadly ill. Come-on Man I am going to save the day now…LOL

Alma Morales (@guest_1071544)
1 year ago

Interesting how none of the Biden people have contracted Covid….call me a conspiracy theorist but that smells really bad. Are the President’s people being infected on purpose? I would not put it past the lowlife Democrats. God bless our President and God bless us all because we are gonna need it.

Tom (@guest_1071566)
Reply to  Alma Morales
1 year ago

Yep – they found a dog with the virus and planted it – how stupid are you?

Gilbert Boisvert (@guest_1071545)
1 year ago

Has the little lady with the contaminated virus spray bottle been spreading another bout of the virus?

Alma Morales (@guest_1071556)
Reply to  Gilbert Boisvert
1 year ago

Seems like that she is at it again…laugh if you want to but yeah, she/he is at it again. Somebody spray the other way for a change.

Donna M Hobbs (@guest_1071548)
1 year ago

Maybe if they wore mask they wouldn’t be exposed to the virus. See how many of the Biden staff wear mask.

Tom (@guest_1071567)
Reply to  Donna M Hobbs
1 year ago

Thank you for a ray of intelligence amongst the ignorance!

Erleebird (@guest_1071550)
1 year ago

What now? It feels like the world is crashing down upon us! Any intelligent person (dem or rep) can see Joe Biden is being used as a Trojan horse. For the first time in my long life, I fear this is the end of the America we know and love!

Tom (@guest_1071570)
Reply to  Erleebird
1 year ago

President Elect Biden gets to straighten out the mess created by President Trump which is an overwhelming job!

Carol (@guest_1071551)
1 year ago

While I wish you were right I don’t see how that will happen. Have they found enough fraud to make that a reality?
Remember Biden said before election that he had the best fraud in place to insure his win. So far it looks like he did. Hopefully, Trump will challenge and enough fraud will be found to change the outcome of this.

I have the picture of Biden saying it but pictures won’t post on here.

Tom (@guest_1071572)
1 year ago

Sure, Carol. Sounds like an old song.

Connie Lynn Phillips (@guest_1071575)
1 year ago

Biden made the comment that he had the best fraud in place to insure his victory . I can’t believe Biden would say something like that . Democrats can’t be trusted . When is Hunter Biden and his father Joe going to be in court for what they did with money laundering with China , Russia and Ukraine . And Hunterbeing a pedophile. This so bad for American people we look like fools. Same way with what Hillary Clinton and the FBI tried to have President Trump impeached for working with Russia but come to find out it was Hillary Clinton and FBI with Russian .

Mary (@guest_1071578)
1 year ago

I agree with Karole. Most of the Covid testing is false. There have not been as many cases as the democrats have claimed there was. The records have been falsified by the corrupt democrats. They magnified the Covid @ better than 90% more than what it really has been. They scared the Americans to death. We all know why they have done this too. We are not dummies. The democrats are so crooked that when they die, the undertakers can screw them in the ground for their burial. Don’t waste money a coffin for them, their not worth. I am still praying for President Trump. He has not been treated fairly in this election and it was a corrupt plot by the corrupt democrats. They think that they will get by with it but there is a higher power, the almighty God that is seeing all of the wrong that they are doing and have done. There will be a pay day and they will well remember the wrong corrupt things that they have said and done. The Holy Bible tells us how they will be taken care of. May God Bless our Great President (Trump) & Vice President (Pence). May Gods hand be upon the United States of America & our Constituation.

Dale Dorsett (@guest_1071736)
1 year ago

You cut out my whole writing and I can’t edit it.

Dale Dorsett (@guest_1071740)
1 year ago

My message of truth is being blocked.

Joel Tan (@guest_1071772)
1 year ago

I cannot believed that USA (U for United) was divided by just politics. I came to this country many years ago because it is the greatest country in the world. I believed that our Constitution that was framed by our founding fathers will make this country great and will not ruled by a dictator leader or president. But for 4 years now with Trump trampled our constitution and run it like a third world country, we become a banana republic, and it’s a fact…just ask our allied countries and they will honestly answer you the grim truth. Also about 30 percent of our population does not believed that COVID-19 is real…over million deaths all over the world and still they blindly listen to Trump that he ended or rounding the corner of this deadly pandemic. I thought my fellow Americans were smart, intelligent and educated because we are a in a modern nation in this modern world. Ignorance in science is a big mistake, you will spread the virus…the real virus and the ignorance virus. Please read Science 101.

johnny mac brown (@guest_1071778)
1 year ago


johnny mac brown (@guest_1071779)
1 year ago

Someone said a long time ago,,The day is going to come when the people will be begging for martial law…Now I understand..There is so much corruption in this country that it is easy to predict what’s going to happen. The sad part is that so many people are ok with it..

Avatar666 (@guest_1071789)
1 year ago

“If you think exploiting the U.S. Justice Department to target political opponents isn’t troubling enough – and a salvo against our nation’s two-party system – the mainstream media, saturated with political activists masquerading as journalists, was in on the Russia hoax, gleefully disseminating fictitious lies and conspiracy theories in an attempt to take down a duly elected president. It is becoming increasingly obvious to millions of Americans that the Democratic Party, aided and guided by the so-called “mainstream” media, is out to destroy the presidency of a legitimately elected candidate – Donald J. Trump – and they are willing to take the entire country down if it means they can regain power. Mueller was part of the team. The evidence is clear: Barack H. Obama, John O. Brennan, James R. Clapper, Hillary R. Clinton, John D. Podesta, Michael J. Morrell, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Jim Rybicki, Andrew McCabe, Jim Baker, Michael Kortan, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, Bruce & Nellie Ohr, Susan Rice, Ciaramella and other US officials and Democratic Party operatives colluded to prevent a victory and conspired to commit sedition and an attempted coup.”



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