May 23, 2022

Report: Ukraine’s Zelenskyy has survived three assassination attempts

Russia invaded Ukraine just over a week ago. As the aggression continues, top officials are in grave danger.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has successfully avoided three separate assassination attempts, Fox News reported. He has been able to skirt these plots on his life due to intelligence from Russian informants.

The Secretary of National Security and Defense for Ukraine said the information came from people in Russia’s Federal Security Service “who did not want to take part in this bloody war.” Because of their willingness to share the details of the plots against him, Zelenskyy has been able to escape with his life thus far.

“They would be going in there with a very high-profile mission, something that the Russians would want to be deniable — a decapitation of a head of state is a huge mission,” an unnamed diplomatic source reportedly said. Two of the attempts were from the Russian Wagner Group which has no official affiliation with the government.

The European Union had sought to sanction the Wagner Group which operates as a paramilitary and some say criminal organization. Its associates allegedly committed human rights violations like executions, torture, and schemes to destabilize other nations and even parts of Ukraine.

U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had supported the measure against the group as well at the time. However, now it seems likely that the Wagner Group has been in Kyiv feeding intelligence back to the Kremlin for months.

Still, Zelensky remains resolute in fighting for his nation. “Ukrainians, we know exactly what we are defending,” the Ukrainian president said as he stood his ground in Kyiv amidst a military bombardment. “We will definitely win. Glory to each of our soldiers. Glory to Ukraine.”

The ongoing war in Ukraine has the eyes of the world on that nation and Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is a dangerous situation with the potential to cause instability, destruction, and death. So far, at least the Ukrainian leader has remained alive to fight another day.

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