June 12, 2021

Report: Trump plans to rally against GOP legislators that voted for impeachment

Former President Trump is reportedly planning a comeback in a big way, now that he’s been acquitted of the sham impeachment charges, and he’s coming for GOP turncoats first.

Though Trump may not be able to get his message out via social media, he can still hit the campaign trail in person — and the Washington Examiner reported that his team confirmed that’s exactly what he’s about to do.

Trump reportedly is already formulating plans to travel to at least 10 districts of House Republicans that voted to approve the impeachment charges against him — Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) being at the top of the list.

He has also reportedly rallied his sons to participate in the “revenge” campaign, targeting Republicans that chose to vote against the wishes of their constituents to attempt to convict Trump.

Details of Trump’s planned rallies have yet to be announced, but if the public reaction to Trump’s surprise appearance at a President’s Day gathering in Palm Beach on Monday is any indication of how future appearances will be received, he’ll have no problem getting his message out.

Top Senate Republican Lindsey Graham (R-SC) pointed out on Sunday that despite the media and Democrats’ best efforts, Donald Trump is still the “most potent force in the Republican Party.”

Graham added that Republicans hoping for success in the 2022 and 2024 elections should keep that in mind, because repudiating Trump has clearly done them no favors with their constituents. “We can’t do it without him,” Graham concluded.

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86 Responses

    1. Hey Stan is correct !!! However NOT revenge at all – the VOTERS can make that Final Decision regarding those Federal Employees of ours wish to — “FIRE.” YES WE CERTAINLY CAN AND WILL. In GA there are a few silly Rino’s that we also need to contend with for sure.

  1. Graham is exactly right. If the Republicans try to win and don’t somehow include Trump in that equation, they will lose big time in 2022. They need to let Trump rally for them. His endorsement will make all the difference as to whether they win or not. Why look a gift horse in the mouth. So, they don’t like him. Who gives a hoot. Take the gift he is offering. Our country and its future depends on it.

    1. OK, when I voted for P Trump, I was not voting for the man but for what he stood for and what he would accomplish for us and America. This nut we have in office now is undoing all the good work that was done and they cannot even realize they are bankrupting the USA. These people need to be voted out, impeached, however to remove will work. Pelosi has lost her mind as all the others have as well. The dem party is no longer trusworthy with the way they have gone so far left. Other dems that are still moderate should be ashamed of themselves to stand with the puppet and the far left. We definitely need P Trump back in office. We also need to get rid of mail in voting. That mail in voting is very much different than absentee ballots and this is why the left was able to do their coup. Very dishonest people and the puppet is selling us back to China and Iran. Shame, shame of them. I’m an ex-military spouse and P Trump’s way of talking never insulted me because I understood where he was coming from. But no matter how he spoke, it was what he was doing for us and running what he did like a business which it is and not political. Go P Trump.

        1. SPOT ON!!!!
          I agree completely. People voted for P TRUMP because he was not a corrupt POLITICIAN who stays in government until they die.

        2. I agree with Aline & Ed and anyone else who recognizes that Pres. Trump was all about America and its citizens. Looking forward to working with him on his next venture. I hope all the Reps that voted against him and didn’t support his policies will get voted out this time around. Nothing like a “fresh” canvas on which to paint. Go Trump.

          1. I wish Trump could be appointed king of presidents for life. That way there would be be no risk of losing the bill of rights or our constitution in it’s entirety from an illegal alien invasion of voters!

      1. I these comments had a agree or disagree options. I agree fully with your comments. To long the people have taken the lazy way out and let ‘the other guy’ speak up or not. When a person is to busy to notice what is happening , you get a dictatorship.

        1. However, many of us HAVE been “speaking up” the last 5 years and they circumvented our voices to cheat at getting control!

        1. We are witness to a very bad time unfolding before us. History in the making that does not belong in America. With so many many freedom loving Americans opposed to this seizure of unbridled power by a scam fueled puppet President loser named Biden, so many may die in confrontation as the final answer!

      2. It was not mail-in voting that lost us the election although it did not help. It was those two voters from Dominion and Smartmatic that really did us in. We will have to get rid of the machines, and the officials that illegally changed the rules in a number of states. Put the rules back the way they were before the election. Then throw the officials in jail that changed the rules. What they did was illegal.

    2. Susan, I can’t even imagine why they don’t like him.He’s the best that’s ever been in the White House and has done much more for the Americans than anyone ever has. My prayers are for Donald Trump and his family. God is in control and the demons that are out to get him. Let’s all keep praying for our country. Prayers go a long way and we need God’s
      protection against the evil people.

      1. There is no statute of limitations on voter fraud and treason! I approve of his rally plans ,but think he should be concentrating on Georgia, Pennsylvania and the other battleground states. By generating enthusiasm for full forensic investigations into the fall election as well as enthusiasm for holding those responsible for their actions he can do more to restore faith in government than anyone else can.

        1. You and I no those states had the most voter ground and nobody is going to do anything about it so Trump please start a new political party

      2. Just to add a bit, when President Trump is back in the White House and he will be !!! things will be different and all those that survived the swamp draining and prosecution Last time, Will go down this time and our Great President Trump will be seen by all as the one pick by the God to deliver America from evil and back to greatness and God’s Glory

    3. Who ever said that politicians had to like anyone, they have a job to do, and if they base it on a popularity contest, they don’t need the job.

    1. Ditto thousands of times re keeping President Trump with the decent people instead of the leftist nut the left is putting into office, one who knows diddly and whose character is lousy from all I have read.

  2. Pissa.
    President Trump has earned 8 more years.
    Keep up the Court Challenges about the vote stealing also. Don’t let it slide.
    Don’t get mad, get even.

  3. Too bad in Michigan our Republican party are cowards. Dictatorship in the governor office. Lockdown still going on. If the masks worked no one would die.. It’s a control and fear to the sheep who won’t live their lives. Michigan is destroyed. Don’t bother coming to Michigan. Our government is useless to the people. Why hasn’t the reporters call the governor out of the deaths in the nursing homes? Because they are all deep state brain dead gutter rats.

    1. yep…came close YEARS ago to taking a “job” in flint ,after I retired from the “corp” (USMC) So glad i chose to go elsewhere. Now quite happy in the GREAT state of Florida >

  4. This country is lost with you President Trump. The weeks without you have been dismal, with nobody in the establishment looking out for us and putting America First. You will always be our President!

  5. The greatest “Custodian” We’ve ever had. However I’m betting most Americans don’t understand
    what I just said and its not their fault. I grew up in a different America and DJT was saving it.

    1. Got ya Rick. He has also guarded the constitution with his life. He loves America and its people. Thats why the demonrats want to tear him down. He has so much strength unlike the weak cowardly sponge they have sitting there now.. Aline, Ed and those who agree with President Trump, you are great people. It is such a pleasure to be an American with the rest of you. We can all help our President for 2022 and 2024 and I pray he runs for President again or we could get another illegal election and they could put Killery out there. We can’t go that route. This is going to be the highest votes for President Trump, even with Trumps last numbers. It could be 80mil or even more. 😤😤😤

  6. President Trump remains my president! It also appears many agree with me. This article and video made me very happy and hopeful…..

  7. Its going to be a tough road but if any body can do it its Trump…..The message is the main point….They will still come after him with everything they got….But Trump has the people behind him and he knows it…

  8. twitter thought they could silence President Trump…they were wrong, and by banning him, they lost millions of people who used to use their service; but, not anymore.
    We don’t need anyone that tries to silence us; including FOX news…I’m tired of my comments being put on hold until the conversation has moved on by 30 minutes, or more.

  9. I Am a very proud black man a strong conservative who will vote for PRESIDENT TRUMP whatever he does and whenever he does it! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  10. I sure wish president Trump the best of everything he so deserves it after all the democrats put him through and he still
    Stands tall.
    Not many men would have survived what the democrats did to him,I think he deserves another 8 years as our president.

    Trump forever.!!!!

    1. RECALL, The ONLY president ,(to my knowledge) who did NOT take his “salary” ! And still put up with all the trash from the commie left !

  11. The people need to bring a referendum of the people to decide this, it should not be left to a demented illegal thief in chief, that appears to be on a course to destroy the country. Since the congress wont act to rein him in then the people must act to protect the country. someone in the congress, maybe a republican in the senate could start referendum and get a court order to stop him. Or perhaps one of the peoples right groups, that has an organization to start collecting signatures. In the interim the border should be close to all but commerce.

  12. The current election is not over. We keep talking like it is. President Trump has not lost the 2020 election, it was stolen from him. The Supreme court is supposed to be looking at three cases this week. If they decide that they have a case, this makes a difference. A huge difference in the outcome. I would rather focus on him coming back and taking his rightful place than waiting until 2024. It would be too late as Biden and Harris would have destroyed this country by then. If the Supreme Court does not rule in favor, then the American people are left with two choices. Accept the status quo, or fight like hell to take back our country. That was not an insurrection at all. The Capital riot was a staged event by the Democrats to try and pin something on President Trump. The Democrat leaders try to be so smart. At the impeachment trial, they alter evidence and submit it as factual. How dumb do they think we are? Really?

    1. The insurrectionist is in the dark house, it will take months to fumigate.
      With Rhino judges on the Supreme Court, I would not hold out any hope.

  13. Thank you President Trump for standing strong for the Americans across this great nation who believe in the Constitution, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the protection of our safety and freedoms!

  14. President Trump has been the best president in my lifetime. He has the courage of a lion. Out of all 16 people that ran against him in 2016, he is the only one that I think could have withstood all the outrage that the Democrats laid on him and still accomplish all the things that he said he would do. Can you only imagine if he hadn’t had to go through all that how much more he could have accomplished. He stands tall and proud and I am behind him 100%.

  15. You will be labeled a racist, lose your business or your job, and need to apologize publicly if you dare say something out loud.

    Well if that is what it takes then I guess that I will be a racist. No I wont apologize for wanting to protect my country. Unlike our thief in chief who seems to hate this country. I don’t think that someone who hates this country should be in in charge of it. That does not make any sense. Where is Pelosi on this, does she stand with the country, or does she stand with her Chinese spy on the intelligence committee???

  16. Satan is in our government so as Republicans we have to pray to God and stand up and fight Satan to get our country back. We are the people and we know the election was stolen from us. The government is trying to make our country like China as a dictatorship. It will ruin us. God bless America.

  17. Trump is by far the best President in my life time. I believe he would still be in office if the pandemic had not come. I don’t think the democrats could have taken the election without it. Why would ANY American not want border control. Why would any American not want to stand up to China and have more equity in trade, why would any American not want to pay less for fuel and not be dependent on the Middle East that hates us. Why would any American not want a strong military? The ones that don’t are democrats. Democrats do not care about our country that they are destroying, they care about their power and their pockets. We need to stand together to get more Republicans in the house and Senate in 2022. Any later and I believe it will be over. Biden is a continuation of Obama, who nearly destroyed our beautiful country. I heard Obama give a speech, Pryor to being elected to the senate and he said he was going to bring America to its knees. He almost did.

  18. Wonder what would happen if everyone stopped paying taxes at the same time and we shutdown the government. How fast politicians would lose their jobs, and then we can make up stories about giving them stimulus checks lmfao 😷

  19. President Donald Trump is by far the greatest president of our time . No president could endure what he has dealt with from the democraps . The only plan sliden hiden Biden has is to dismantle everything Trump has accomplished. Great plan you a— s h— e . They have no idea what 75 million plus true Americans can do . They are lucky we aren’t rioting because they couldn’t handle that fight. True Americans will always prevail and we will drain this corrupt dc swamp for ever. Have faith and the love of god and you will see that Trump is not the only one that will stand tall and crush the democraps virus that they injected into our government. They are the virus , they are the cancer that must be cut out , period! We Will Not Let Them Give Away Our Country, and we will fight to the death like so many Americans before us .

  20. Please cancel my subscription to your issue. The ads keep popping up I can’t even read one article they’re so rampant.

  21. Do you think the media should spend more time reporting on the news rather than attacking conservatives?
    It would be a breath fresh air, but the Chinese News Network would rather you choked on their methane.

  22. Democrats think that a white person having a white baby is racist, They also think that a black women having a black baby is racist.
    They also think that a white women having a black baby is racist, and they think that a black women having a white baby is racist.
    This get real confusing, can somebody straighten it out???

  23. The one thing all of us have to do is make sure that the votes are NEVER tampered with. Does anyone know if our votes are staying as they are after we’ve voted. I’m still suspecting that they are being changed AFTER the fact. And I’m damn sure that the election was stolen from our chosen President. I almost choked when an image of Biden & wife showed up on the big screen at Superbowl 55 telling everyone to wear a mask and keep distance from other people. I have never in my life ever seen such a blatant act of disregard for our freedom.

  24. I agree with Mr. Trump, and furthermore, Peloci needs to be fired from office for what she did to Trump, no matter what she wants, it’s about the United States as a hole, not the democratic agenda and their feelings!

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