June 19, 2021

Report: Trump lost one-third of wealth during presidency

Politicians hold themselves out as lowly public servants yet leave office more wealthy. However, one great man sacrificed his wealth to serve America and paid dearly in many ways: former President Donald Trump.

Trump lost as much as $1.1 billion dollars of his wealth while serving his country as Commander in Chief, the Daily Caller reported. Still, Trump said he would do it again “in an instant.”

Forbes was on the highest end of the estimates. According to the publication, the former president lost one-third of his wealth and would have been better off selling off his investments and funneling it all into a “conflict-free fund tracking the S&P 500” at the beginning of his term, even with the highest capital gains tax considerations.

Two of the major losses come from New York City properties, which may partly be explained by the disaster that is New York Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio. Trump lost over $400 million on those properties alone.

In 2019, Trump had said he was between $2 billion and $5 billion poorer after taking office. Combining the amount Forbes estimated he lost with what earnings the publication also figured he missed out on, it seems Trump was in the ballpark.

Bloomberg more conservatively egged his losses at $700 million. The publication found that he suffered most from lost licensing deals with his name now sullied thanks to the media onslaught against him. He’s also experienced a devaluing of his non-commercial properties.

Aside from the made-up faults the media has used to club Trump, it’s fair to say he has a habit of self-aggrandizing. However, that is even questionable considering how he humbled himself and his fortune in order to serve his country. “If I had it to do it again I would do it in an instant, because who cares, if you can afford it, what difference does it make?” he told Reuters.

Trump was a great leader who served this nation well, especially in light of the disaster his successor is predictably turning out to be. Trump may have lost money while in office, but it was surely worth it to the people who knew their president was worth his weight in gold.


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41 Responses

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    1. I would just wish that curse only on the “top” dumbocraps,,,after their despicable treatment of their own jobs, (constant and hateful and lack of concern for their sworn jobs) namely to SERVE THE UNITED STATES TO THE BEST OF THEIR ABILITIES! (MAYBE THAT IS THE BEST THEY CAN DO)!! I guess that we cannot expect anything better from people that only have ONE GOAL in mind, and that is to become the “LIVING SYMBOL” of their party!! You know which one that is,, I HOPE!!

    2. Yes..they should. President Trump was the best …
      He always did good for the American people!

  2. President Trump served our country well,
    Donated his earnings . Loved our country.
    None other recent presidents have done what he has. and now look at the mess we are in with the Biden.

    1. Yes, I agree that the Biden presidency is a MESS! My question is why do the American people have to deal with it? If the man is incompetent then he should voluntarily step down or be removed from office! What if he makes a disastrous decision of some kind? However, the next-in-line is also a disaster waiting to happen, and Pelosi would be a dictator waiting to happen. So, I guess having a dolt for a President is better than the others. What a MESS we’re in! Also, since everyone knows the election was stolen, there should be a faster and more efficient way to prove it and have the Biden team removed in favor of the real winner- Mr. Trump (my President!). It is ridiculous that these fake imbeciles are in office making the USA a laughing stock throughout the world! We can and should do better than this!!!

  3. On top of losing 2 to 5 billion dollars on his investments and businesses, Donald Trump served this country for four years and never took one cent of his pay. Each quarter, he gave his income as President away. Can anyone think of any other human that would work their fanny off for four years and not earn one cent while losing a third of the income he had when he became President?

  4. All the needs to be said for Trump is this: Thank you, Mr. President, for your willingness to serve, even at such a great cost to you.
    Daniel Pruitt

    1. Thank you Mr Trump . I’m grateful and fearful we won’t see the likes of you again. Take great care of yourself and your family. 🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻❤️

  5. Biden needs to be removed from office for major destruction of a sovereign country!!!! THIS ONE!!! Put him in prison with the Obamas, Clintons, and the rest of his cronies!!

        1. I have said the same thing many times except with a toothpick as their life raft and throw bloody raw meat overboard to feed them

    1. Music to my ears! Why do these Democrats get away with so much? They are all representative of the worst Presidents to serve and will go down in history as such….

  6. Time for politicians to loose their ability to do inside trading. Puglosi has already bought stock based on slimy Biden’s green new deal to rebuilding road and bridges. Only about 16% is going to roads and bridges. Our Congress and senate need to be held accountable.

    All overseas bank accounts needs to be taxed at 50% per year. That way our slimy Biden won’t try to hide money off shore.

  7. well i guess he is not going to go out and buy three houses amounting to millions of dollars. now is he…………not a lucky one like the obamas…………..we will see what the bidens ill be able to do after his reign..

    1. No I don’t believe that God will bless Biden. He is evil and God doesn’t bless evil people. What he has is from I’ll gotten gains

  8. Thank you for your service Mr. President. You were more than generous not taking a salary after this horrible government did nothing but destroy for their own greed! I truly believe their day is coming. The bigger they are ? The harder they fall from grace!

  9. GOD Bless President Trump and his family. He did more for We the Ppl than any other. Democrats want power and control and I’m afraid they will get it. We need GOD more than ever. Pray

  10. Now there is a man that puts his country before his wallet. How many politicians can say that. NONE! It’s money before all else for them and they should not be allowed to make a career out of politics because they only follow their own agenda and to hell with the people of this great country. Just look at Biden and Piglosi. They don’t give a damn about the citizens only their own agenda and their wallets.

  11. of one other president who came out of his term as president not a wealthy man was PRESIDENT TRUMAN and the other was PRESIDENT TRUMP, A WEALTHY MAN GOING INTO OFFICE but came out with a third of his wealth GONE. EVEN NOT TAKING A SALARY now liberals tell me other truman as a democrat came out not making a fortune.

  12. Tis far better to elect a politician that is already rich than to elect one who wants the job to get rich. How did Billy Clinton go from Gov of Arkansas to a net worth of many 10’s of millions of $ in 8 years. How did Obama go from
    broke to 40 odd million in 8 years. We know two facts from these records Trump was honest and the other two were not!

  13. Unlike Biden, President Trump will always have tens of millions of admirers and the treasure that goes with it.

    “The man that knows no strangers can move mountains”.

    This will never change and it cannot be purchased.

  14. If the Whitehouse is the peoples’ house, then why can we not force Biden and his crew out of our house and put our President back where he belongs. Everybody knows that the election was rigged and it is being proven time and again by the findings of the audits being done by individual firms. It’s been proven in PA, GA, AZ, MI, and some other states. Georgia alone has found over 400,000 votes that were miscounted in favor of Trump. Also, the machines that were used have been found to be faulty because they could be changed by using a cell phone or other electronic device to take votes away from Trump and given it to Biden. This all needs to be corrected and our legitimate President placed in the office where he belongs!

  15. There is at least one comparison to Trump losing money
    while President that is Brain dead Biden lost his mind long
    before becoming a Presidential Impersonator.
    Now Trump can Earn his money back with the help of his
    family but Bidens mind is gone forever and it’s “Not” coming
    back, Ever.!

  16. Thank you Mr. President all the work that you did for the United States of America. You donated your salary and you put up with so much garbage You still work for the people that did not deter you. These idiots now are power hungry and money hungry none of them will donate their salaries for anything they want to take more and more from the hard working Americans. When our time comes I just hope the republicans remember this and do to them what day did to us. And we need to get nasty very nasty. I keep hoping that God will step in and change this mess because I don’t think we can last for 2 years And definitely not 4. Best president ever

  17. I thought this web is real but I can see that my comments are not even published! Wow… looks like more don’t like the truth!!!

  18. The best thing that can be done is for the news media to
    just stop pointing the camera at the loser Biden and he
    will eventually get the message that nobody gives a damn
    what he lies about or what he is promising to do..

  19. I love President Trump for all that he did for us. He even sacrificed a third of his wealth serving
    our country. Come back Mr. President. Make America great Again. See you 2024.

  20. In future history books, President Donald J Trump will be PROVEN one of our greatest Presidents For America, beyond a shadow of doubt! Thank you Mr President!

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