October 3, 2022

Report: Trump in talks to launch new political party

As President Donald Trump wound down his final hours in the White House, many speculated on his next moves and whether or not he’ll remain an active participant in Republican politics.

According to the Daily Wire, reports emerged that not only does it appear that Trump could well remain involved in American politics, but that he might disrupt the system once again by forming a third-party filled with his millions of supporters, which could be named the “Patriot Party.” 

The report indicated that he floated the idea to several of his closest associates over the past several days, though some believe that even if he’s serious about forming a new party, the chances of its success are slim.

Those same allies of the president warned that forming a third party would not only take immense resources but said that it could also cause an irreparable rift in American politics and only serve to take votes away from Republican candidates, as third parties tend to do in some elections.

Because of that likely outcome, a number of Democrats and critics of the president cheered on the idea on social media accounts.

The idea of a Patriot Party gained popularity on social media from Trump’s supporters, who have repeatedly expressed their displeasure with the actions of the Republican party in the final months and weeks of Trump’s presidency, often being accused of reverting back to their “establishment” status.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Trump reportedly felt abandoned by Congressional Republicans, especially those he considered allies and helped get re-elected, toward the end of his presidency. That feeling apparently prompted the idea of forming his own base of loyal supporters.

The idea that he could reemerge as the leader of a newly-formed political party once again gained traction on Wednesday as he departed from the White House and from Joint Base Andrews for the last time, telling the small crowd gathered for the send-off that “We will be back in some form.”


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