October 2, 2022

Report: Support for Donald Trump surging within GOP

The Democrats are making a mess of the world, and the Republicans are powerless to do much to stop it. Maybe that’s why Americans are still holding out hope for a proven leader.

A Pew Research Center survey found GOP support for former President Donald Trump continues to grow as he eyes a possible 2024 bid, the Washington Examiner reported. Despite being voted out of office in 2020, the former president is gaining support.

Trump has won over a majority of Republicans who now favor him being a prominent figure in the party by 67%. That’s a 10-point gain from where he was just after the incursion at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 when only 57% answered in the affirmative.

As for whether he should run again, 44% would like to see Trump on the ticket against President Joe Biden in the next presidential election. Though that accounts for less than half of the respondents, it doesn’t detract from his overall popularity.

That fact is evident as 63% of Republicans believe their party should not support other candidates who don’t back Trump. That’s a stark contrast from 57% of Democrats who are okay with others in their party diverging from Biden and his agenda.

Though Trump has not formally announced his candidacy yet, his intentions are hard to deny, the Washington Post reported. Trump has been issuing statements and holding rallies reminiscent of the ones that helped him beat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

β€œHe tacitly keeps the 2024 crowd on notice that nobody can move a major muscle until he decides what he’s doing,” Kellyanne Conway, who served in his 2016 campaign and later as an adviser to Trump, said. “As for 2024, there has been a shift from intention to urgency as he watches in horror the many failings of this administration.”

Trump is a major figure in the Republican Party and no doubt can draw a crowd. However, it might be better for the party and for the country if he used that power to help another strong candidate like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis — but another term with Trump in the White House would be quite the consolation prize.




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