May 12, 2021

Report: Steve Bannon believe Trump had early-stage dementia, floated 25th amendment removal

Former 60 Minutes producer Ira Rosen is releasing a new book entitled Ticking Clock: Behind the Scenes at “60 Minutes,” and claims that former Donald Trump confidant Steve Bannon pushed him to write about significant health concerns Bannon had about Trump at the time.

During an interview published on Tuesday, Rosen claimed that Bannon told him that Trump was suffering from early-stage dementia and that he was facing potential removal under the 25th amendment.

Rosen wrote in an excerpt of his book that “[Bannon’s] criticism of Trump privately to me took on a different tone … He believed Trump was suffering from early-stage dementia and that there was a real possibility that he would be removed from office by the 25th Amendment.”

Rosen claimed that Bannon believed Trump may be experiencing dementia because “Trump was repeating the same stories over and over again,” referring back to a New York Times piece in 2017 that echoed claims of that a group of GOP Senators noticed similar patterns, observing “a president so repetitive and rambling, some thought he might be suffering from early Alzheimer’s.

“Bannon kept saying this,” Rosen claimed. “And he wanted to do something about it.” Rosen added that Bannon pushed him to add the story in his book, even going so far as to text Rosen personally: “You need to do the 25th Amendment piece. By the way, brother, I never steer you wrong.”

Bannon himself, who has not been in Trump’s inner circle since 2017, recently pushed back against Rosen’s claims in an episode of his podcast, War Room. Bannon claimed that Rosen’s assertions about Trump’s mental health and Bannon’s characterization of it were “total fantasy” and a “total lie.”

Rumors about Trump’s mental health rose again during the 2020 election cycle as Democrats looked to deflect attention from the cognitive gaps in Joe Biden’s presentation onto Donald Trump. As it currently stands, any rumors about Trump’s mental health have been entirely unsubstantiated by those asserting a decline.

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85 Responses

  1. I have never seen so many people so jealous of one man in my 75 years! It just proves how sick the Politicians of America are mentally!

    1. Your absolutely correct. He stood up to the opposition and they went after him. He had so much evidence, they would not even look at it including the supreme court.

    2. Yes, a lot of people repeat stories because they can’t remember the person or persons they said it to before.

      1. This is absolute BS. If President Trump is in the early stages of dementia, them President biden is well deep into the final stages

    3. The reason that he is so popular is simple, he is not a politician, he wasn’t an establishment fixture, That’s why he remains popular.

    4. They’ll do anything to try to discredit him. Trump little a lot for us, and he sure didn’t have dementia when he did it.

        1. Why did they ever abolish capital punishment for treason? Every traitor received it in Henry Vlll’s day for much less,bring it back for certain people opposed to the Constitution

          1. They wont because they would have to excute king Joe Biden who does not represent the values of the people.

    5. They are liers all of them,I never saw Trump that he remembered all the names of every people he knew,what they say about him is a total lie,

      1. Bannon is a total jerk. He’s not happy because trump let him go. Bannon was shooting his mouth off and acting like he was important. He seems to be low life rubbing elbows with the rich. A true “wanna be”

    6. I really don’t think it’s Jealousy, I think they’re Afraid to death of him and what he can do to them politically, He’s a very smart man and probably has a little something on all of them !

      1. I agree with you and he went after the swamp creatures and he couldn’t be paid off. Biden is paid of by China other foreign countries and now doing the radicals biding.

    7. Some people “repeat” what they have said and its not because of Dementia, and since when did Bannon get his doctors license? Sometimes “I” believe that Trump repeats what he has said because it is HIS way of driving a point home! To make a POINT when he thinks you may not be getting what he is trying to tell you.

      1. If Trump repeating himself is a sign of dementia, then everyone in the MSM must have dementia. They just keep repeating the same lies all the time.

      1. Don Abrams ,
        I remember those years. I was young then but I remember the Truman years. I remember the men coming back from Korea in bits and pieces ! I remember the I LIKE IKE years. Good years and no war ! I met Ike while I was in the U.S. Navy in 1960. I was very impressed by him. Here he was , a former top general and then president , and he was a very nice man. Not what I was expecting at all . Ike warned us did he not , about the military / industrial complex ? And then , and then , the Democrats were back in control ! And we were embroiled in a nasty , dirty war once again. The Democrats just seem to relish violence .
        I voted for Nixon also. And he did get us out of Vietnam. I still don’t know how he was dumb enough to get sucked into the Watergate thing. Do you suppose that he may have been setup ?

    8. We have one in the White House now who doesn’t know what planet he is on but that is OK because he is a Democrat. There is no low the Dems won’t go to.

      1. Or condone for themselves, but not for anyone else. See the pattern? Joe’s a communist, and surely in bed with Xinping.

      2. Your talking about sleepy Joe, Because my mother had dementia and I know what it looks like and pediphile Joe is the one,with demantia. its sad that so many people or adults are jelous of this man

    9. Amazing how he got up in front of millions of supporters and gave great speeches, did wonders for this Country, and gave us an amazing economy. Want to see Dementia, watch Biden. How many of us repeat things as we get older. Bannon must have forgotten who pardoned him.

    10. This is a perfect example why I hate Steve Bannon. He acted in such a destructive fashion when he worked at the White House. At exactly the moment Trump needed to build alliances, Bannon was so threatened by “sharing” access to Trump that he sabotaged fellow staffers. He leaked negative stories about other White House staffers, & poisoned opportunities to build alliances in Congress. That had the effect of isolating Trump when he faced a steep learning curve for how to move policy. Very like Senator Cruz and Graham would have helped Trump avoid Comey’s entrapment scheme. But Bannon cut off positive interactions. To a degree, those first 6 months of Bannon’s interference set the tone that President Trump could never recover from.

  2. Amazing, we now have a President who is in the stages of dementia, yet we had a President who gave speeches, press conferences and rallies and seemed to fine, but our current President can’t do any of these. The dumbocratic media is a joke.

  3. You realize how many people Trump had to keep track of who he had said what to. I have to repeat myself to my kids and clients because they don’t listen or can’t understand the concept especially when what I have to say is in conflict with what they generally believe. Then after a while, when they see the error of their ways, they generally say, why didn’t you warn me. But you see, I keep my old emails and can send the comment where I told them, back to them. Customers and clients don’t like that. But after a few times, some of them will stop listening to the common knowledge and listen to what I say. Just because Trump had to repeat himself, doesn’t necessitate he had anything wrong. There are professional test to make a determination instead of someone’s opinion. What is that person’s expertise.

  4. they cant be serious.
    If they were floating the 25th against President Trump, who could talk for 3 hours straight at his rallys and make sense all the way through, Yet refuse to say anything about mashed potato brains biden, who cant say more than 8 words in a row.
    make that make sense
    I watch Bannon alot, and have never heard him say a word about any of this.
    I agree. It is made up. just like everything else the left claims

    1. I agree with you Robert. We all repeat ourself from time to time. The Democrats will say and do anything and everything to make MY PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP look like something is wrong with him. WE THE PEOPLE know he is in good health and was the best President we have ever had. Trump 2024.

  5. Biden can’t talk for 1 minute without a teleprompter Trump can go on for hours days at a time three campaign events in one day. With his campaign schedule its impossible not to repeat your self.

    1. Now Bec biden is unable to hold two thoughts together, now President Trump has a problem l0l I want the WH to tell us, please, why the cackle hen is calling the Heads of States, which is China Joe’s duty?

  6. Trump is as sharp as a tack! Biden is the one with Dementia! The left is as blind as a bat, if they cannot see just how sick Bien is!

  7. The name is incorrect … it’s Biden ……! What people will do to perpetuate their ‘hatred’ of an individual, a President who did Make America Great … once Again.
    Biden isn’t doing that … He’s destroying America, but people are feeding him what to say and what to do and how to do it.

  8. Trump will go down in history as one of the greatest president ever! He is sharp as a tack and you know who is not.

  9. Trump probably repeats to try to get info to sink into liberals’ skulls ; that are always so profoundly stupid , they never understand logical common sense ! I try to explain to liberals myself but they always have a hopeless mentality , mostly infantile level of understanding .

  10. I know one thing and that is Trump has this thing about saying things twice in his speeches which is unusual but I do not believe he is even close to dementia issues. My wife had vascular dementia so I know the signs.
    Trump, in fact, has an incredible memory. He can run off names without using a teleprompter like so many others do. Biden can’t even read his and get it right and yes, I see signs he, in fact, is in the early stages of dementia in my opinion.

    1. A person that repeats everything is telling the truth! One that changes their story everytime, is lying! They can’t recall what they said! Ask any interrigater!!

  11. Sure is another FAKE NEWS, the one with dementia is the PUPPET in the white house, they’re just to STUPID to figure it out. The LEFT are just full of hate for President Trump and the American people. Please God deliver us from EVIL

  12. Biden is the one with Dementia. Wait untill he gets to the point of talking his clothes off!! Childrens book, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

  13. folks that was Trumps style… he always repeated things to get a point across and if it pertained to another thou
    ght.. Normal …most people do this… he was not a orater… we did not care,. he loved the USA and is a smart , and bests potus of a long, long time… That is why the left hates him

  14. Since when is Steve Bannon a professional doctor? He knows nothing of the disease and furthermore President Trump had a cognitive test done, unlike Biden who refuses as we all know why. I can not believe this idiot who is considering a run in 2024 for President would stoop so low as to say these things.. Becare Bannon you could be facing slander charges.

  15. Steve Bannon has not recovered from being fired. He did not understand that Trump was President and not himself. Bannon is the one with early dementia. Ira Rosen is just looking for any excuse to get a little more press attention out of Trump bashing. Ira Rosen is just an inconsequential blip on the public attention meter. This entire thing is of zero consequence. Neither Bannon nor Rosen have the slightest credibility here.

  16. Dementia, my Dutch butt, lol. a other JEALOUS BIAS STORY, Maybe a mistake by senile biden, TRUMP The WORLD LEADER. World is waiting for Him. SIMPLY THE BEST .

  17. Just another smear against Trump. Put anyone of those Democrats against him one on one with no moderator and he will bury them. The reason Trump repeats a lot of stories is he picks the ones that irritate the Liberals and keeps driving the wooden stake into their Hearts.

  18. Trump mind is good and clear, Biden has a problem and the Democrats just used him to temporarily use him as president. I believe they will take him out, so that Harris can take over and that will be a disaster.

  19. American Digest SHAME ON YOU FOR THIS CLICKBAIT TITLE! It really pisses me off because now all of these deranged liberals (who won’t bother to read your full article) will now start spreading more untrue rumors about Trump. I can’t tell you how ticked off I am!

  20. What??!! You have Biden in the office of President of the USA who can’t hardly put a sentence together & tries to sniff small children & women, lies on a regular basis, plagiarizes constantly, has either dementia or alzheimers or his brain isn’t working right after his operation of taking the top of his head off to repair his brain bleeds, bought & paid for by China, is a trader, allowing illegals in our country without any care about spreading Covid, not to mention we do not have enough jobs for our own people & look at all the homeless men, woman & children going hungry, retired not being able to make ends meet with the pittance they give them, shutting down jobs that should not be shut down, making agreements with countries that will stab us in the back as soon as possible, letting his family make a profit on their personnel business, which is illegal, shall I go on! HE is a CRIMINAL trying to be a DICTATOR out to DESTROY the USA & YOU STEVE BANNON have the NERVE to say TRUMP has dementia, YOU SIR ARE A PIECE OF CRAP & NEED TO BE FLUSHED!!!

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