August 9, 2022

Report: Special counsel John Durham expanding probe

U.S. Attorney John Durham, who was tasked by U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr prior to the 2020 election to investigate the players and agencies involved in the Trump-Russia probe, could be on the verge of making big moves.

According to Fox News, Durham, now holding the title of “special counsel,” recently added several prosecutors to his team, with a federal law enforcement official telling the news outlet that Durham is making “excellent progress” in his expanding investigation. 

Barr appointed Durham to look into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe in early 2019. Durham’s report on the matter was widely expected — even by President Donald Trump — to hit the news wires prior to the 2020 election. Ultimately, it didn’t come to fruition and Durham was repeatedly slammed by the president and his supporters for failing to come through.

However, a silver lining emerged when Barr commented on the progress of the investigation, saying that he fully expected Durham to have completed his work by the summer of 2020, only to find out that because of new discoveries, the case would be elevated to a new level.

“In advance of the presidential election, I decided to appoint Mr. Durham as a Special Counsel to provide him and his team with the assurance that they could complete their work, without regard to the outcome of the election,” Barr said recently, while admitting that he gave Durham the special counsel title in October of this year, but kept it quiet.

It’s not clear who the special prosecutors are that were added recently to Durham’s team, although some have speculated that they could be other U.S. Attorneys who were initially tasked with assisting Durham’s investigation.

According to the Washington Examiner, Durham has already notched a victory in his investigation after a man by the name of Kevin Clinesmith pleaded guilty to falsifying an application for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant in order to spy on former Trump adviser Carter Page.

Durham’s special counsel designation should afford him some protections as former Vice President Joe Biden takes office in January and appoints a U.S. Attorney General, but it remains to be seen whether or not Biden and his new AG will play fair, especially as the investigation heats up.

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nicholas vaughn (@guest_1089078)
1 year ago

A Forensic Audit should be done in every state thus proving the true outcome of the election. This will show that President Trump won in a landslide. Why this is not being done is strange. Let the truth come out.

william hopkins (@guest_1089261)
Reply to  nicholas vaughn
1 year ago

. . I agree that it would bring many things to light, which is precisely why the “bought and paid for” governors and election board will NOT let that happen. . . They merely cite that they see nothing that would require such action and try to humor us with a recount, when a recount means absolutely nothing but to reinforce their numbers. . .SCOTUS could have ruled that there was evidence (there was) and that ALL states “have standing” (they do), and we could have gotten to the bottom of the matter and the truth come out. . .Maybe SCOTUS justices were threatened with the Antonin Scalia treatment, for I feel quite sure he was killed.

susie matney (@guest_1089290)
Reply to  nicholas vaughn
1 year ago

I agree

Bob (@guest_1089935)
Reply to  nicholas vaughn
1 year ago

I agree. However, with every court (mostly Democrat and RINO controlled) unwilling to allow the evidence to be seen, what do you thing is going to happen? I say nothing because even the supreme court is afraid and unwilling to go against the swamp. Everyone is greatly disappointed with the 3 justices put on the court by President Trump. I say because they are left-leaning justices, we need to change their lifetime appointment to maybe a 6-year appointment. The Roberts court are all corrupt swamp creatures except Thomas and Alito; who wanted to hear the case brought by Texas and all those states, but were out voted by all the liberals.

l (@guest_1089104)
1 year ago

It sounds like a exact copy of the Mueller investigation. Time time time, money, money, money and nothing to show it all. Just wait, I’m afraid Mr. Durham won’t do anything other useless indictments of lowly people…

Bob (@guest_1089937)
Reply to  l
1 year ago

You are correct. Durham does not impress me because we kept hearing any day now he was going to release his report. We may never get any satisfaction from the swamp trying to take the president down.

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1090231)
Reply to  l
1 year ago

This is complete rubbish! EVERYONE MUST REALIZE DURHAM IS MORE DEEP STATE STALLING! When did it become necessary to take YEARS AND YEARS for every investigation! BIDEN will just cancel the investigation as soon as he is installed! DURHAM NEEDS TO COME OUT NOW, WITH WHAT HE HAS BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW THE DEMS WILL SHUT HIM DOWN IN THE FIRST WEEK OF A BIDEN PRESIDENCY! TRUMP NEEDS TO HAVE HIM GIVE A PRELIMINARY REPORT NOW! THAT will make it public enough that Biden can’t simply CANCEL IT, in the name of “healing”. Sorry Biden, you are a disgrace, a TRAITOR, and I for one WILL NEVER FORGET AND WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOUR GANG OF TRAITORS FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO MY COUNTRY!

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1090237)
1 year ago

The author notes that “it remains to be seen whether BIDEN will PLAY FAIR”! The sleezy DEMS have not “played fair” in YEARS, and their loophole schemes to make SCOTUS a “BLUE” court forever, bring in the disaster of Puerto Rico, so they can bribe all the residents to become DEM RADICALS, every “dirty trick” of Congress was developed and implemented by the NEW DEM COMMUNIST PARTY! NEVER FORGET THAT DEM CONGRESS MEMBERS AND OBAMA CHANGED THE LAWS SO OUR SAVINGS AND 401KS ARE NO LONGER SECURE!

Old Ed (@guest_1089131)
1 year ago

You can bet that fair play is unknown in the Democrat Party. Biden will cancel everything Trump has done if it will make him look good to his peers regardless of how it effects our country.

Sandra cohen (@guest_1089139)
1 year ago

Want to know how much. Money you’ve been paid because there have been no results.

I haven’t seen one dem go to prison. Will that ever happen? How many years will this take?

Cecelia Henderson (@guest_1089151)
1 year ago

I’m sorry, but the only man in trouble plead guilty months ago. How is that a “victory”? Face it, we’ve seen absolutely nothing from Durham and his report was supposed to be out before the election. When it didn’t come out, Durham started whining about potential “repercussions” and we thought that the report was dead, because he was afraid. Now, we’re talking about a “summer” release? Good gravy, I know justice is blind, but I didn’t know she could possibly be this slow. People are going to start dying of old age before anyone hears the truth.

gary (@guest_1089252)
Reply to  Cecelia Henderson
1 year ago

I agree a Forensic Audit in every state. Including Washington State. But will it be legit?

Michael O'Connor (@guest_1089158)
1 year ago

The whole thing just stinks.

James Yarrison (@guest_1089163)
1 year ago

Barr and Durham have slow-walked this whole sham investigation, just as DOJ, the FBI, and State have slow-walked the release of Hillary and Obamagate documents and investigations. Lessons: 1) the swamp/deep state are winning big time; 2) there are at least two different standards of justice, one for us and one for the “special “ people. How are we not now a banana republic?

harold r caton (@guest_1089209)
1 year ago


Faith Matsuoka (@guest_1090633)
Reply to  harold r caton
1 year ago

Amen! It’s really only God that can help us. And I guess it depends on whether He has it in His plan. He wants us to pray and trust though, so that’s what I am trying to do.

Grandma in Florida (@guest_1089216)
1 year ago


Vickie (@guest_1089234)
1 year ago

Dont rely on this guy he is part of the problem .Barr is a traitor just like all the rest.put in Ken Star get it done.we want results ASAP not drag it on .dont trust Durham at all.the supreme court judges have failed this country they have been bought just like all the rest.and Amy was and has ben a disappoint all ready no surprise.i say fight to the end .the Democrats thought they could slid on by with out any one questioning their fraud, crimes in this election.its not about Trump as much as the peoples rightful votes.and they will fight for them as Long as it takes thats our right.


Vickie (@guest_1089241)
1 year ago

Take the Biden family down and put them where they should be in prison .every time Joe Biden comes out in public to spit out his lies i hope all the ask him is about the millions of dollars and crimes his family has sold this country for. and while he was stil in office .sick of these Democrats getting away with doing crimes that any one else would pay a big price for.clintons obamas,Bidens,Pelosi and others.shut them all down.

Linda (@guest_1089242)
1 year ago

all i know is we can Pray to God to save our country! Seriously pray.

Brenda (@guest_1089249)
1 year ago

Should have appointed a special prosecutor and already have indictments on these treasonous criminals and before the election. This is a travesty. God let President Trump stay in office and save our Great Republic.

Gary Kitchens (@guest_1089453)
Reply to  Brenda
1 year ago

God is NOT through just yet.. Have faith. “If you believe in me, ask what you will and I will do it” to glorify God.

VERNE (@guest_1089573)
1 year ago

I notice when people get wound up in politics they seem to loose their common sense. They forget one must have proof before anything can be done and there has been NO proof what so ever of fraud voting, none, do any of you have proof other than I heard the machines would swap votes from Trump Biden, that in it self is highly unlikely, even if it did there is a paper trail which would show the vote was for Trump but if it had been switched it would not add up. Just stop and think a little are these things possible, it all seems crazy that one party could be that smart and get so much done without being detected and leaving a trail for anyone to follow to the fraud. If you all remember in 2016 Trump said there was over 2 million votes by aliens yet, never proved, and quite frankly I am more concerned with the Russians gaining entrance to all government areas and again we hear nothing from Donald J Trump current President.

Chuck earl McCain (@guest_1090203)
Reply to  VERNE
1 year ago


Faith Matsuoka (@guest_1090635)
Reply to  VERNE
1 year ago

There has been enough evidence shown of this having been planned for years. It’s not just “happenstance”. It started back in 2015 when the Democrats thought for sure they had it “fixed” for Hillary to win. This time they really did their best to make sure Trump didn’t win, and look where we are. Look up ET Bottorf . He tells it all. Look hi up on FB, though probably you can find him elsewhere too.

Michael (@guest_1089578)
1 year ago

Must be a scam, 18 months and no results…..only one prosecution that not he even found while investigating, delays, delays, delays, and more excuses. More pure B. S. pullled/orchestrated by the “deep state”, against President Trump

Edna Kelley (@guest_1090007)
1 year ago

Truth will prevail. God is TRUTH and HE will put Trump n office not man. God’s Glory will b seen around the world. What was done n secret will b exposed n the LIGHT. DO NOT GIVE UP, GOD DOESN’T GIVE UP. Have Faith.

Faith Matsuoka (@guest_1090636)
Reply to  Edna Kelley
1 year ago

Amen to Edna! I agree!

Chuck earl McCain (@guest_1090207)
1 year ago


Javiernop (@guest_1247278)
1 year ago

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