January 24, 2022

Report: Republican election canvassers intimidated into agreeing to certify Michigan results

There’s no doubt that the left does not shy away from bullying people to get what they want. That seems to be exactly what happened in a shocking Michigan election call.

According to Breitbart, two GOP Wayne County Board of Canvassers claimed they were shamed into voting to certify election results despite their misgivings. The pair have since reversed their votes to certify, citing intense bullying from other officials and the public in an affidavit filed Wednesday. Meanwhile, Michigan continues to refuse to bring in its auditors despite promises to do so.

The dramatic tale began with the results of the contentious 2020 presidential election on Nov. 3. Citing a mismatch between voter rolls and ballots cast, Wayne County Board of Canvassers Chairwoman Monica Palmer and William C. Hartmann initially refused to certify election results. The two Republicans were on the county’s four-person election board, creating a 2-2 tie in whether to accept the results, with Palmer and Hartmann voting against it because of the irregularities.

That should have been enough to launch an investigation into the matter. Instead, Palmer and Hartmann faced intense pressure and ultimately changed their votes after enduring personal attacks and even the doxing of Palmer’s kids.

“The Democrats went off the hinges trying to suggest we wanted to suppress the black vote, and that was not the case. Our concern was in Detroit, Livonia, and other communities that had unexplained imbalances,” Palmer said of her refusal to certify the results. “There was not mob rule, but there was a lot of pressure to certify. It was not easy to sit there and listen to all of the threats on the Zoom call and on social media.”

With the promise of a full audit if she switched her vote, Palmer eventually acquiesced in the face of the attacks. Some of those attacks were tweeted by WXYZ-TV news personality Jennifer Ann Wilson, demonstrating the ad hominem attacks that followed their vote.

Democratic Representative-elect for Michigan’s 4th House of Representatives district Abraham Aiyash went further when he shared the name of Palmer’s kids’ school. He blamed her “caucasity” and called her decision “Jim Crowing” in a tirade of vicious personal insults against her. He has since claimed he didn’t maliciously share the kids’ information, saying he “didn’t even know what doxxing was.”

Despite claims Palmer or Hartmann’s decision had anything to do with the color of their skin or the fact that they are Republicans, these officials were bullied for speaking up against voter irregularities. The very people who are ostensibly interested in not disenfranchising black voters are doing just that when they browbeat officials trying to stop election fraud.

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JMichael270 (@guest_1076762)
1 year ago

Each and every worker that used intimidation in any form should be prosecuted and jailed!! We have had ENOUGH !!

Doomed (@guest_1076777)
Reply to  JMichael270
1 year ago

Republicans are all talk and zero action. We are weak and they are strong, vicious and unrelenting. We say we can stand up to these marxists and tgen we lay down instead of fighting our way through leaving a large body count. America is doomed unless all 70+++ million of us adopt their terror tactics but 10 times worse. Americas forefathers made great sacrifices and we are making none but for our lip service. Step up people, hunt these marxists down and do what is called for. We can’t be chickens anymore.

notalibby (@guest_1076785)
Reply to  Doomed
1 year ago

I totally agree with you and know that we the police, military, veterans, border patrol are trained and know how to get the job done quickly and viciously when we need to. The day draws nigh when that will become a reality and the liberal communists and criminal new media will all go out quickly. They will be dragged from their posts and hanged

Sgt. Bambam (@guest_1076790)
Reply to  Doomed
1 year ago

Next time antifa or blm shows up at a peaceful Trump rally making trouble then our large group should locate the main leaders and stealthily follow them back to their homes. Wait until they are resting then set it and them ablaze. Any makes it out then you know what to do, leave none to do it again. Take no prisoner. Consider this your American marching orders fellow freedom supporters.

james (@guest_1076903)
Reply to  Doomed
1 year ago

when the left finely push us into civil war,thay will pay big time.

Donna (@guest_1076780)
Reply to  JMichael270
1 year ago

you said it michael enough is enough…all this crap in this free country is getting out of hand..It must STOP NOW

Atakan (@guest_1076789)
Reply to  JMichael270
1 year ago

I doubt if the one sided, dishonest judges and persecutors will do anything. Many of them are so lopsided that they should be persecuted themselves!

Sgt. Bambam (@guest_1076792)
Reply to  Atakan
1 year ago

They must pay the ultimate price
for their sins today, get r done!

John (@guest_1076897)
Reply to  Atakan
1 year ago

Lets face it. The city involved here has a century long history of corruption. Given the Party preference of most of the voters, they are carrying the history of corruption right up to the seats of Congress. I am not blaming the CommieCrat Party but the Sheeppul who vote without thinking, the same as my State until we woke up and smelled the foul aroma. If I could find one single Democrat running for an office in my HOME state I would give them a real hard look; misfortunate like I have yet to find one single Democrat alive and well.
To misuse an old song; where have all the Democrats gone,gone to commiecrat everyone, when will they every learn, when will they ever learn.
P.S. Skin tone should NEVER determine which Party or Candidate you vote for. The Quality of the Person
P.P.S. I make a distinction between a True Democrat and one that leans so far LEFT they cannot walk upright;
thus the my use of the term CommieCrat.

Kathy (@guest_1076887)
Reply to  JMichael270
1 year ago

If our government cannot protect its decent citizens, WHY DO WE HAVE A GOVERNMENT? Why don’t we simply toss our “government” into a cess pool where it truly belongs and that would solve all of the problems WE have been tolerating for FAR TOO LONG. Without a government, we may be murdered, but before that we could teach some leftoids what humanity IS, or WAS until the left turned animalistic as opposed to humans.

MANDAGUEVOS (@guest_1076888)
Reply to  JMichael270
1 year ago


Cynthia France (@guest_1076763)
1 year ago

If the board members are being threatened, then there must be something wrong and they democrats are again trying to cover it up

Bidencheated (@guest_1076773)
Reply to  Cynthia France
1 year ago

Agree 100% Democrats have something to hide

Now is the time (@guest_1076793)
Reply to  Cynthia France
1 year ago

To the gallows!

Dan (@guest_1076765)
1 year ago

Doxx the doxing Dems right back, every time! All’s fair in hate and war!

Cliff (@guest_1076766)
1 year ago

The two who were intimidated… fire them and get new ones with backbone… they broke the process…they under no circumstances should have ever given in to the intimidation..they are failures as representatives of their party.

Kay (@guest_1076778)
Reply to  Cliff
1 year ago

And if it were your children’s lives being put on the line by insane democrats giving out how to locate them what would you do? It’s for sure the police and the governor are not doing anything to protect these children nor arrest the people putting their lives at risk. I will never vote for another democrat no matter how good they might be.

Russ (@guest_1076782)
Reply to  Kay
1 year ago

If you threaten my kids or grandkids, the last you would have to worry about is the police.

Donna (@guest_1076786)
Reply to  Russ
1 year ago

you got that right………………………….

wilbert clarence Jennings Jr. (@guest_1076823)
Reply to  Russ
1 year ago

ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!! By the way there are millions of us (Republicans) that have shown much restraint so as to not give the dictators any thing to throw into the mix on their so called news medias. If It goes south after proving the crimes the Democrats did with rigging the election, you will see what proud defenders of our Democratic Republic are doing.

Donna (@guest_1076784)
Reply to  Kay
1 year ago

never ever would I vote for a democrat the rest of my life……SHAMEFUL ANIMALS…..KARMA they will get theres

Now is the time (@guest_1076795)
Reply to  Kay
1 year ago

Get those scums names and kids names and addresses of hones snd schools and take care of business!
No more turning the other cheek,
no more mercy, it is hammertime!

Just do it now (@guest_1076796)
Reply to  Now is the time
1 year ago

Amen, reap what they sow!

Isabell (@guest_1077132)
Reply to  Cliff
1 year ago

No We should commend them for coming back and stepping up to the plate. How many people have resigned since specific, yet not proven, just bc Trump got A little too close for comfort. Miraculously, evidence has been submitted but to whom is the question! If that is not evidence he’s on the right track nothing is…

Angelika Griffin (@guest_1076769)
1 year ago

A “FREE and FAIR” election…???? N O T….!!!

Clint Eastwood (@guest_1076802)
Reply to  Angelika Griffin
1 year ago

There can never be a fair election as long as the Dems are in control and we say “yes masters, sorry masters”. Time to do what has needed to be done for decades.
Clint Eastwood style “do you feel lucky punks? Well do ya? Bam, bam, bam!

Cecelia Henderson (@guest_1076772)
1 year ago

I don’t care if he doesn’t know the latest “buzz word” for bullying, but I’m reasonably sure he knew that putting someone’s children in harms way is not civil or honest. He deserves to be thrown out of his position immediately.

Robert E Lee (@guest_1076805)
Reply to  Cecelia Henderson
1 year ago

We have an answer for his kind here in
the Deep South, neckties and daisies!

Lewis Powe (@guest_1076775)
1 year ago

we can’t let any thing less than perfection on the election we are talking about servers to the united States and the peoples choice and that takes the highest priority.. voter fraud should not happen. counters should be vetted for honesty. I have seen too much to say blame something else or what ever.

Do it (@guest_1076797)
Reply to  Lewis Powe
1 year ago

If they suffer a huge body count of themselves and their family they will learn, nothing short of that will work with dedicated marxists, ask Venezuela, Cuba, China, Korea, etc.
No more excuses, time is now!

Rich Bach (@guest_1076791)
1 year ago

Why is it that these folks that dox people and are democrats and when they get called on it, they say that they didn’t know they were doxing children. Those folks need to keep their damn mouths shut. Everytime they open their mouths they stick their foot in it.

Dems are marxists (@guest_1076799)
Reply to  Rich Bach
1 year ago

Make them and their entire family disappear, they will learn by experience.

RodneyD Waters (@guest_1076798)
1 year ago

Yes it’s very plain to see !! Corruption all the way !!! Ian’s we the people know now the democratic’s are trying to hide something big it involves other countries in with the Biden’s and the democratic’s !!! One thing that I really have a hard time understanding is why did we the people have to have a foreign country have to count we the people’s votes here in the Great USA ????? If that isn’t against our constitution than hello ????? I never read or was taught in my history where our forefathers relied on foreign countries for a count and tally of the votes !!! And the democratic’s fully knew these machines were designed to be rigged and to retaliate votes !! Mainstream media is going down the tubes as well !!! Now come on u liberals with u democratic’s get real !!! Under god we the people trust !!!!

Elmer Fudd (@guest_1076806)
Reply to  RodneyD Waters
1 year ago

God n guns, that is the American way.
Time to hunt us some wabbits!

Dems are marxists (@guest_1076800)
1 year ago

Democrats are rabid dogs, marxists haters of America. What do you do
with a rabid dog? Anybody?
Let us start right now!!!

RodneyD Waters (@guest_1076803)
1 year ago

I thing I would like for all of we the people ! Trump is the one who got a vaccine for we the people !! But I know the democratic’s and we know how they think !!! Down the road they are governor to say they did it not trump !!! Mark my word !!! And another thing I see that’s so strange u don’t hear of any democratic or liberal getting the corona virus ie: the higher all mighty ones !!! Makes me wonder ????? Strange isn’t it Dr F gave them the vaccine !

Piro AK (@guest_1076810)
1 year ago

Violence is an answer, it is the only answer! Like the above said, follow them home, wait til night then burn them out and pluck them chickens! No more turning the other cheek ever again.

KaKaKaBOOM (@guest_1076811)
Reply to  Piro AK
1 year ago


Lord commands you (@guest_1076816)
Reply to  KaKaKaBOOM
1 year ago

I am with you 100%!

Auntcon (@guest_1076817)
1 year ago

Bullying? I think not…they were asked to be honest and do what is right and fair…so far lots of corruption.

Do not be so naive (@guest_1076827)
Reply to  Auntcon
1 year ago

Ah, I see you have been indoctrinated comrade. Putin is proud, you have
served the marxist revolution well.

john fudacz (@guest_1076832)
1 year ago

we the pweople need to take back this country from liberal democraps and our useless congress! they let blm and antifa destroy things,,we wont destroy things , we just eliminate the causes of destruction of our nation.since the laws dont work eliminate the constatution destroyers democrats and blm antifa, hollywood comunist!

Newell Dimen (@guest_1076833)
1 year ago

Republicans / Conservstives: It is time to push back really hard. Bring out the loaded AR-14s & AK-47s and other guns and get rid of the demonic Democrats. Send them to Hell.

Looking for an Honest Election (@guest_1076883)
1 year ago

Rep elect Abraham A, a race-baiting hate thug and a black supremacist from Michigan’s 4th district, out to abuse a hard working election official and threaten her kids and family. Where is the outrage? Is the 4th district so corrupt that it can’t stand an honest individual looking out for their district’s best interests?
And where are all the women’s support groups, supposedly out to protect and support each other from all this job abuse and hostile work environments? This guy Abraham needs to be benched like Al Franken, removed from public office. He hasn’t earned the public’s trust. It is up to the voters to impeach this steaming pile of illegitimate offal.

Javiernop (@guest_1252579)
8 months ago

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