May 12, 2021

Report: President Trump pushes back against plan to prioritize White House staffers in vaccine distribution

As President Donald Trump and his administration celebrate the unbelievable and unprecedented fast rollout of a viable COVID-19 vaccine to American citizens in record time, the president made a surprise announcement over the weekend about his intentions as far as taking the vaccine.

According to The Hill, Trump announced that he and others working in the White House should not have top priority in receiving the vaccine, saying that he’s requested that they be bumped down on the list in favor of vaccinating others first. 

“People working in the White House should receive the vaccine somewhat later in the program, unless specifically necessary. I have asked that this adjustment be made. I am not scheduled to take the vaccine, but look forward to doing so at the appropriate time. Thank you!” Trump tweeted on Sunday.

The president’s order contrasted a report from The New York Times earlier on Sunday which suggested that White House workers and those closest to the president would be among the first to receive the vaccine.

While some members of the White House staff were eager to receive the vaccines, others suggested that it could be seen as “hopping the line” in front of those who need it the most, like frontline healthcare workers and the elderly.

Trump, along with countless members of the White House staff at all levels, have already had COVID-19 and recovered, which presumably was part of Trump’s decision to delay the vaccine from going to the White House first, although no official explanation was provided as to why he made that decision.

In a statement to The Hill, National Security Council spokesman John Ullyot indicated that senior officials across major branches of U.S. government would be receiving the vaccine.

“Senior officials across all three branches of government will receive vaccinations pursuant to the continuity of government protocols established in executive policy,” Ullyot said.

Whether or not Trump and his closest White House staffers receive the vaccine ahead of others remains to be seen, but Trump’s statement clearly shows that he has a much greater interest in protecting the lives of American healthcare workers so that the country can begin to wind down from the chaos created by the pandemic this year.

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39 Responses

  1. I am going to miss President Trump if Biden really does take white house in January. I’m still praying that Trump gets his second term.

    1. Join us as the magnificent Donald J. Trump starts the 3rd major political party with the name MAGA (Make America Great Again). We will dominate the elections through sheer force of will and votes!

      1. Only if you control the election process. DemonicRats must be banned from the process. Voting machines, tabulators and software must be USA made and certified.

        1. Move the election servers to the U.S. and do away with the fraudulent mail-in votes. Stop the ballot harvesting. Democrat crooks will do everything in their power to place election rules in their favor to stack the deck. Morality means nothing to them. As we have seen, they are masters at cheating and being vindictive.

      2. There will not be another election if the demonrats win this CHEAT. They will pack the court, add more seats and America will die.

        1. What good are the courts anyway because they are all dominated by Democrats and RINOs? We have seen what good it did to put pure constitutionalists on the supreme court; no good because they are all swamp creatures. I still remember seeing Kavanaugh crying because the Democrats did a number on his character during the hearings to put him on the court. Evidently it worked because he does the will of the Democrat establishment now. Also, so much for Gorsuch and Amy being the saviors of our constitutional form of Republic. They are nothing but swamp creatures.

      3. President Trump doing what he did best “put the American people first”( enjoy)you will not see this with Biden/Harris!!!
        I will be happy to join the new Donald J Trump 3rd party!

    2. You will get a war! Watch! Liberal will try to disarm us! So China and Russia can land at our border without a fight! ANTIFA and BLM will be a thing in the past! China will finish these dumb people off! And Biden will benefit from it! All will happen after Biden cut the military force down to a national guard type!

      1. Biden didn’t allow the blm morans on his recent civil rights phone call last week and then berated the black leaders that were on the line. Democrats were and still are the party of slavery. Lincoln was a Republican and freed the slaves. Maybe now they will figure out Trump was the best thing for all people of all colors AND America too.

      2. Wyatt I guess you saw that Kamala has already spoken it’s in her heart , top of her list that they take our guns away. Of course that is so we have no way to defend ourselves against the commies!

  2. President Trump won his second term. Demonrats knew they couldn’t win. Why is no one talking about biden’s statement about them “creating the the most extensive and inclusive voting fraud system ever…”?

    1. It takes a media presence to disseminate information and the liberals, chinese and soros control the media. So the truth does not get presented to the people that count – all americans.

      1. Don’t mention Soros. Melissa A. Frances won’t like it. It took two days for Fox News to recover from apologizing for Frances and Harf censoring Newt Gingrich for mentioning his name. But now Missy seems to be gone. Maybe she’ll do a revival of LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE.

    1. I really hope there is an alternative Media, that could rise up and just care about distributing the truth to the American People, but alas we are being taken over by Billionaires who don’t give a damn about “The Little People”.. We are heading full steam back to the “Dark Ages” where money and privilege rule the Land.. The time is coming when even votes won’t matter, the Elites will just hold their power over the “little people” anyway! We will only be useful to fight their Wars for them! Is there anyway to stop the madness that is happening in America, even as we speak, we are left on our own, since God has not been welcomed into our lives and heart’s, we stand alone, and Satan has won!! The last boat has sailed…

    2. That will be great. Except, being able to broadcast to a customer. In the last couple weeks, FOX has had several pre-recorded videos covering sensitive subjects where the audio was skipping or breaking up. It didn’t matter what program. I do not think it was an accident. Or, FOX has had numerous experienced tech professionals quit.

  3. Maybe a person who has had COVID will have antibodies detected by an antibody titer. If the antibody titer shows their level to be at a protested level, they would not need the vaccine and it could go to someone who needs it.

  4. Trump is still President till 1-20-2021 or till all things are settled,President Trump has refused to give in and those who have stood behind him are still there. This was a rigged election and the Supreme Court is a total disappointment,as three supreme court justices refused to vote. What part of the Constitution did they not follow and what part of the Constitution is President Trump not following ?

  5. I would expect nothing less from a man who worked for 4 years (despite being ridiculed and criticized) and gave his paycheck away!

  6. Angelo & Sharon, don’t feel too special. My comments were kicked off 3 times in a row. Free Speech?????

  7. The Democrats are the war people,bossy, know it alls? Another words HItlers friends! There will always be the ones that have the last say that criticize because their the boss! It is disgusting! Republicans are the hard workers with little credit! Over the past four years ugly PElosi did that and her awful friends. But friends like that turn on one another and God’s is not on her side! Mark my words traitors are not for the USA. A true friend is PRESIDENT TRUMP! He even over looks traitors like Bill Barr and I do Guess HOriwiz is no patriot either and yet the President worked hard to better this country after Obama and .Biden destroyed our country that our forefathers gave blood and sweat and many died to make our land great and along comes a Kenya greedy man who wants power and many hard working Americans gave him a chance ! They trusted him! Slick talking drug man!

  8. Well, let’s see, if Biden gets in the White house, he and Harris will take away guns, keep businesses closed, lie to the American people, which they are very good at doing, screw the seniors, and care less if seniors die and probably will take away those rights. Sorry, but I don’t trust Biden/Harris any farther than I can toss a bull by the tail. The whole Democratic party is totally corrupt, but they have been for years and the American people have allowed it to happen. You won’t see Biden or Harris giving up their paychecks, no way, no how. They will reduce our military and play patticake with Russia and China while all the time filling their personal pockets. Screw the American people anyway they can. Of course, Biden will be kicked out of office within a year and Harris will become Prez and just what we need, huh?

  9. A potential gigantic error in the front line Doctors & nurses taking the vaccine first. What if, in four or five months a serious side effect takes place and all the Doctors & nurses are in wheel chairs across the country. ??


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