October 6, 2022

Report: Pelosi considers awarding two closely contested House seats to Democrats

In what may be despicable but not a crime, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is considering awarding two House seats that Republicans narrowly won to the Democrat contenders.

Two House races came down to a tiny margin. In Iowa’s 2nd congressional district, the race between Democrat Rita Hart and Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks, Meeks won by 6 votes, and the results were certified. According to PJ Media: “Hart is asking the House to allow an additional 22 ballots to be counted, which she alleges were legally cast but not counted in the initial canvass or recount. If she is successful, she will pull ahead by 18 votes.

Miller-Meeks commented on Hart’s appeal to Pelosi: Hart wants Washington politicians to override the will of Iowa voters and disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of Iowa voters. Instead of choosing to follow the law, Rita Hart is seeking partisan power play.”

In New York’s 22nd district, the House race came down to 12 votes between Republican Claudia Tenney and Democrat Rep. Anthony Brindisi. With such a small margin, Pelosi sent House Administration Committee lawyers to the district to observe the counting of the contested ballots.

Tenney told Fox News that the “observers” were aggressive: “What’s happening now is it’s so close that Nancy Pelosi, the current House speaker, has sent lawyers who are supposed to be from the House Administration. And they’re supposed to be in an observing role. Not anything more than that.”

Two weeks ago, Pelosi indicated that she was willing to make a decision in the House on District 22’s election: “W]e’ll see what happens in the court. That may end up in the House. I don’t know, but the court will decide which votes will be counted.”

Pelosi announced that she would provisionally seat Miller-Meeks on Sunday, January 3rd. Neither Brindisi nor Tenney will be seated pending a judicial review, which is paused until January 4th.

Apparently, questioning and verifying election results that affect Nancy Pelosi’s majority in the House is legitimate, but it is illegitimate for the president of the United States to question election results that affect his race. Don’t expect the mainstream media to make that connection.


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