September 30, 2022

Report outlines massive costs of ‘unchecked migration’ under Biden

Not only is the Biden administration’s commitment to open borders a national security nightmare as well as an utter affront to the rule of law, it is, according to an analysis provided exclusively to Breitbart News, extraordinarily expensive, running American taxpayers upwards of $6.6 billion per year.

A report produced by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) examined the data underlying President Joe Biden’s first year in office, at a time when his dedication to rolling back border policies put in place by former President Donald Trump resulted in record-shattering border apprehensions.

Dan Stein, president of FAIR, opined that while large numbers of Americans are rightly very concerned about what has been going on throughout 2021, it is equally important that they receive the necessary information to grasp exactly why it has been happening.

Stein’s group delineated what it called the “litany of incentives” the Biden administration has instituted it says has driven mass migration to the country’s southern border and also emphasized the increasingly lax enforcement taking place, whether due to directives from D.C. or a basic lack of staffing with which to conduct it.

Startlingly, as the report notes, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sent 285,000 migrants into the country’s interior with a Notice to Appear for adjudication in immigration court at some date in the future and released another 50,000 without such documentation, with the analysis suggesting that possibly hundreds of thousands more have also been turned loose into the country, perhaps never to leave again.

Those figures stand in dramatic contrast to the final year of Trump’s term in office when a mere 14,000 border crossers were released into the nation’s interior, and according to Stein, “ongoing mass illegal immigration is the policy of the Biden administration and every action that has been taken since January 20 demonstrates that unchecked migration is their objective.”

The cost of the Biden administration’s attitude toward immigration is, according to FAIR, a tremendously expensive one, with the entire bill to be paid by U.S. taxpayers rising to no less than $6.6 billion on a yearly basis, on top of the overall expense of illegal immigration.

Underscoring the frustrations of those working on the frontlines of this crisis, Mustafa Joseph, a longtime Border Patrol agent, recently resigned from his post and explained that the job he was being asked to do became “unrecognizable” from the one with which he began his career, as the Washington Examiner recently reported.

As Joseph lamented, “the undocumented have gone from a fear of infringing the law to brazenly inquiring about what’s taking so long with their right to unconditional assimilation.” Unfortunately, it has become increasingly apparent that this outcome is being achieved by this administration’s disgraceful design.




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