July 4, 2022

Report: New Durham indictment implicates Hillary Clinton

Former President Donald Trump was harassed for years about the phony Russia collusion charge. New evidence now vindicates him — and implicates his political opponent.

Evidence suggests the Hillary Clinton campaign concocted the Russia collusion hoax to influence the 2016 election, JustTheNews reported. This information comes from a new indictment from Special Counsel John Durham.

In legal filings Thursday, Durham revealed that Clinton’s attorney Michael Sussmann was involved in cooking up the whole Russiagate scandal. The indictment alleges that Sussman crafted the memo and documents used to kick off the witch hunt and handed it over to the FBI.

Sussman brought his so-called evidence to then-FBI General Counsel James Baker. It supposedly revealed how Trump and Russian President Vladamir Putin were using Alpha Bank in Russia as a communications conduit through to Trump tower so the two could collude to steal the 2016 election.

Even at the time, computer experts called it a “red-herring” but it nevertheless gained traction. It was delivered to the FBI in September 2016 just ahead of the election that Clinton ultimately lost.

However, Sussman failed to disclose that he had a connection to the Clinton campaign at the time, something that would have caused the questionable evidence to be disregarded completley. In fact, Sussman even filtered his expenses through the Clinton campaign — including the meeting with Baker where he handed off his evidence claiming to be a disinterested technology expert.

“In truth, and in fact, and as Sussmann well knew, Sussmann had acted on behalf of and in coordination with two specific clients of the law firm: tech executive 1 and the Clinton campaign in assembling and conveying these allegations,” the indictment concludes. “Sussman’s false statement to the FBI general counsel was material to that investigation because among other reasons it was relevant to the FBI whether the conveyor of these allegations was providing them as an ordinary citizen merely passing along information or whether he was instead doing so as a paid advocate for clients with a political or business agenda.”

It now seems pretty conclusive that the Russia collusion hoax was created and funded by the Clinton campaign. The only question that remains is whether those involved will ever be brought to justice — but this is a really good start.

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