June 19, 2021

Report: Matt Gaetz considering retiring from Congress to join Newsmax

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has reportedly announced he is considering retiring from Congress to work for Newsmax, according to an Axios report.

Gaetz has told sources he may not run for a third term in 2022. He has already reportedly initiated discussions with Newsmax about joining the conservative network as a host or commentator.

Newsmax has quickly grown following the 2020 presidential election. Many conservatives sought an alternative to Fox News, claiming the network was leaving its values to appease mainstream viewers.

The growing conservative network has actively recruited other Trump allies in recent months. Andrew Guiliani, an adviser to former President Donald Trump and son of Trump attorney Rudy Guiliani, joined Newsmax earlier in March.

Sean Spicer, former White House press secretary for Trump, also joined Newsmax in 2020.

Gaetz has been known for his support of the former president. The Congressman also led the Republican effort to remove Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) after she voted to impeach Trump in January.

The report comes as Gaetz released a statement denying sexual misconduct allegations.

The Congressman will face many difficult decisions in the days ahead. In addition to deciding whether to run for reelection or to join Newsmax, other reports have suggested Gaetz may even move to Alabama in preparation for a future Senate run.

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39 Responses

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  2. I think Gaetz would be a wonderful addition to Newsmax. I did see Laura Trump with Hannity tonight and she was absolutely awesome. Praying for change and strength in pursuing freedom and liberty.

    1. Newsmax is an extra fee where I live, that’s with Spectrum, I am on Social Security and just simply can’t afford to get the channel…….

      1. I quit cable because of their rising rates every year and started streaming. I joined Amazon Prime, bought a fire stick and i get all kinds of shows including YouTube that shows Newsmax, with censored pictures of course.

      2. Lynn if you have a way to stream channels Newsmax streams free on spectrum or it does here I live in NC. Hope that helps you get
        one of the honest news channels

    2. Yes, but we need Gaetz in Congress or better yet, the Senate, more than we need him on Newsmax.

  3. Could you please wait until we have a President in the Oval Office who loves the USA?????❤️🙏🇺🇸😢

  4. I think Congressman Gaetz would be a great addition to Newsmax. However, I would hate to see him leave Congress because he is one of the strongest supporters of the republican party. I truly don’t understand what he and his family are going through right now with the DOJ extortion issue. Seems like that the only people that get investigated are the Conservatives. Look at Hunter Biden. The DOJ and FBI knows Hunter illegally purchased a handgun and yet they refuse to do anything to Hunter. Double standard hypocrites.

    1. Not to mention ALL the video’s and information on Hunter’s Laptop! Don’t hear anything about that either! ONLY Conservatives!! BIDEN crime family is alive and well……..well “alive” is another issue isn’t it?

  5. Matt Gael’s: Although I really like Newsmax and would like to see you on that channel, please stay in Congress. We Republicans need someone like you to keep the Conservatives’ fires burning!

  6. HOW SAD it is that congressman Gaetz must consider leaving congress because of extortion. What is next? Once you get “guns out of Americans hands” will you start firing on congressmen? O WAIT YOU DID THAT ALREADY. What needs fixed is mentally ill system and prevention of allowing disturbed people purchasing GUND> It is not NRA members doing this you know

  7. where is my comment ,I am leaving your filthy ,communist site as this always happens to me F -you you commie bastards

  8. Democrats are the party that started slavery ,and the same party that started the KKK ,and to constantly yell racism means they are the real racists , sad but true ,they will probably censor my post again L/cpl P.F. Murphy USMC 79-82

  9. It is time for all Federal law agencies to come to the rescue of the country ,no more sitting on the side lines; protect the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Not a party.

  10. Gaetz should stay right where he is at ,where he is needed the most ,I like NEWSMAX but he should stay in congress period

    1. Gaetz is wonderful we need him
      in Congress! He would be great with Newsmax. But so much better in our Congress! He stands up for the truth! We love you Matt. We know the lies the Democratic’s tell!

  11. Yet another leak to the Times about an investigation going on for a year? An anonymous tipster source? Gaetz called the Feds in? Jesus H. Christ! A Republican? A conservative? Where’s Hunter!!?? More crap from the Left to take the heat off the border? AOC playing the race card again? Biden not telling the truth AGAIN by not telling the truth about his latest infrastructure plans . Taxes on taxes on taxes. What a legacy! Heil Biden!

  12. What the hell is going on??? Anytime the “Republicans” get an anti-commie in the Legislature, they bail out! Gaetz is one of the few conservatives you could count on to tell people what was really going on. Hell, with this kind of turnover, we may as well just cash in our chips! One step closer to civil war.

  13. We need to wake up before those two idiots Biden and kamala. Completely destroy our country impeach the treasonous jerks. Before it’s too late why are we letting them do what their doing. We need gates. In congress

  14. Yes, we need Gaetz in Congress. I only watch Fox News. I was afraid I would have to give them up but they have hired Mrs Trump,Pres. Trump’s daughter in law, so I will be staying with them.
    I live in Maine. We will not give up our gun(s). Just try to take them away from us. The LAW around here say they won’t. Try to take guns away from those guys and girls from the Western States. They are like Mainers.

  15. Sure hate loosing Gaetz he,s # 3 now that’s called it quites! The damn DemaRats just keep getting meaner by the day, it’s got to be frustrating to try and try to do the right thing and end up getting kicked in the family jeweles every time.

  16. We need Gaetz to stay in Congress and fight like hell for we the people. He and some others are our last hope of defeating the evil democrapic dung beetles.

  17. your not real,,,,,,,,, persuading when you’ve been hacked , and it keeps publishing before everyone else. You should fix your issues.

  18. Why don’t they investigate Hunter? Just another diversion! Just someone trying to ruin Gaetz anyway they can.

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