July 3, 2022

Report: Liz Cheney caught using White House rhetoric as basis for amnesty doc

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) was already having a hard time in her party.  Now her latest antics add fuel to the fire for those calling for her ouster.

Cheney circulated a document about President Joe Biden’s immigration overhaul that lifted many passages nearly verbatim from the White House website, Breitbart reported in an exclusive. This is just the latest in a string of incidents that have alienated her from her party. 

The document was sent to the House GOP conference in February and was meant to help Republicans strategize against Biden’s amnesty proposal. Instead, it was just a repackaging of the Biden administration policies with many paragraphs almost entirely taken from the White House’s  “Fact Sheet” on its website.

“I would push back on idea that it was ‘plagiarism,’ for starters,” Cheney spokesperson Jeremy Adler told the news outlet. “If you’ve seen the email, it specifically says the points about the proposal came from the White House. We were not taking the information and passing it off as our own or anything like that.”

However, the similarities between her document and the website are stunning. In one point about illegal immigrants applying for a green card changes the word “allows” to “will allow” while leaving the rest of the statement the same. Another passage substitutes the word “undergo” for “suffer” while leaving the rest intact. Many others don’t even bother changing a single word.

Many in Cheney’s party were angered when she sided with Democrats to impeach former President Donald Trump for his supposed role in the Jan. 6 incursion at the U.S. Capitol, according to The Hill. She survived a vote months ago to get her ousted from her leadership position, but Trump has already promised to back her opponent in the 2022 primary for her seat.

“It’s at a boiling point,” one unnamed Republican lawmaker told the outlet. “This isn’t about Liz Cheney wanting to impeach Donald Trump; this isn’t about Donald Trump at all. It’s about Liz Cheney being completely out of synch with the majority of our conference.”

That lawmaker said “she is focused on the past and proving a point” rather than trying to move forward as the rest of the Republicans. “She is alienating herself from the conference, and I have to imagine if she doesn’t resign there will be a new vote in the near future and the result will be lopsided in the opposite direction of what it was before.”

It seems Cheney may have miscalculated how many are still loyal to Trump. These Republican politicians forget how transformational and unifying Trump was because the left has done such a good job tearing it all down after the fact. However, Republican voters won’t forget.

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Terry Bell (@guest_1241372)
1 year ago


robert w sanders (@guest_1242339)
Reply to  Terry Bell
1 year ago

agreed, chaney is a POS

Patricia (@guest_1243842)
Reply to  Terry Bell
1 year ago

She is a traitor!

ds (@guest_1241486)
1 year ago

Her father and her family PROFITED off of the middle east war … Sickening.

Terry Bell (@guest_1241991)
Reply to  ds
1 year ago

She is just a scumbag !

robert adams (@guest_1241506)
1 year ago

What is the sense in leaving a comment when it won’t be posted?

American (@guest_1242037)
Reply to  robert adams
1 year ago

Yes they like doing that so they can direct what they want them to see. If you speak the truth you are wrong . and they won’t post it . It is part of that communist crap.

jerry d. bresee (@guest_1241512)
1 year ago

Robert no sense leaving a comment if it won’t be published!
Let’s see about this one!

Barb Anderson (@guest_1241641)
Reply to  jerry d. bresee
1 year ago

Yep, see what you mean and this happens to me pretty darn often.

bobbie (@guest_1241514)
1 year ago

Run Liz Cheney out of office!!!

Terry A. Bell (@guest_1241989)
Reply to  bobbie
1 year ago


American (@guest_1242043)
Reply to  bobbie
1 year ago

Yep I strengthen run OBAMA biden HILLARY peelousi and tje rest of the swamp and RHINOS right out of our country

Doug Litchfield (@guest_1241534)
1 year ago

Was she in the film ‘Return of the Buffoonomatic”? I think uncle Mitty was in the original flick.

Marlene (@guest_1241540)
1 year ago

Her TDS obsession is affected her job performance. Maybe she should resign before she has a psychotic episode.

Billy (@guest_1241563)
1 year ago

Resign traitor to the state go back to DC where you belong as a democrat.

Paul E (@guest_1241576)
1 year ago

Anybody want to place beys on when she comes out and says she’s switching parties?

Paul E (@guest_1241578)
Reply to  Paul E
1 year ago

Sorry that was supposed to say anyone wat to place bets!

Pyara Chauhan (@guest_1241645)
1 year ago

I have always admired Liz Cheney. But after these latest incidents, it is hard to trust her as a true republican.

Jaroslaw Sawka (@guest_1241677)
1 year ago

Her father was a great Man! Courageous for America and even Ukraine -he went there during their two revolutions against PUTIN…you don’t think that takes guts?!!! The trouble with Liz is that she can’t forgive Trump for attacking her father-Trump would have preferred that her father die in action rather than be captured and tortured as a POW – he never regained full use of his shoulders! What did Trump do heroic during our unfortunate loss of Viet Nam?
Wouldn’t you stick up for your heroic father if Trump smeared and ridiculed him -for NO good reason? How would you react? I agree she should be removed because of her resentful baggage but don’t judge her as bad.

Gomer Pyle (@guest_1241793)
Reply to  Jaroslaw Sawka
1 year ago

Could you possibly be referring to John McCain?

Charles (@guest_1241824)
Reply to  Jaroslaw Sawka
1 year ago

Do you have any, and I mean ANY connection to reality? This broad’s name is Liz Cheney…not “Liz McCain.” Go to eBay, enter the word “Clue” in the search field…and BUY one!

Leo Hamke (@guest_1242331)
Reply to  Jaroslaw Sawka
1 year ago

You are talking about Songbird McCain, captured in Vietnam, when his plane was shot down. Taken to the prison camp, known as the Hanoi Hilton. There he ratted on the other American prisoners that were captured . They tortured them so bad, they begged the Vietcong to kill them.Thus his name “Songbird”. He also was showing off on his carrier and destroyed a number of other fighter jets, that they had to dump in the ocean.

Mary Wooldridge (@guest_1242388)
Reply to  Jaroslaw Sawka
1 year ago

I think you’re talking about John McCain, who was a traitor….not a patriot. Research it.

Michael S Dowling (@guest_1241706)
1 year ago

The republicans have to get their act together if they want to end the corruption that is in the woke house now. They will not succede with who is in charge not.. chaney, mitt, mcconell. The two face stance of each is crazy.. if you want to be a democrap please leave and head to the dark side.. i guess the democraps need some republican/ democraps to get their crazed ideas through the system.. or they can just get king biden to whip out the pens again.. all this is the unity projected by the dems.. king biden says get in line or cancel time,jail,jobs lost.. back the lez chumpy

Don (@guest_1241958)
1 year ago

Not soon enough.

Yeah me (@guest_1242101)
1 year ago

These rhinos along with the DNC are taking on water faster than the sewage bilge pumps can Pump It Out

Mad as Hell (@guest_1242400)
1 year ago

You have to get a grip Liz, you have back stabbed republicans to many times. You need to go play for the other lying, haters called the Democrats!

Cecelia Henderson (@guest_1242596)
1 year ago

It doesn’t matter if it was “plagiarism” or not, she was endorsing and supporting Democrat’s goals and objectives. The woman has forgotten what Party she’s in. This is just more evidence that she’s gone South and needs to declare as a Democrat and leave us alone.

Jennifer (@guest_1243271)
1 year ago

I need not say what I am thinking because the sentiments above take mine right out of my mouth – verbatim.



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