May 17, 2022

Report: Leftist Sen. Tammy Duckworth caught evading property taxes

Illinois Democratic Sen. Tammy Duckworth has reportedly not paid taxes on her home since 2015.

Duckworth reportedly has used one of the state’s tax breaks for disabled veteran to avoid paying $42,000 in Cook County property taxes.

The senator was injured during her service in Iraq with the Army National Guard in 2004.

Some believe the exemption based on special status regardless of income is unfair. The senator is one of many in Illinois who have escaped the tax payments due to special conditions.

Others argue her service to the nation is certainly worth rewarding in any way possible.

Vote Vets tweeted, “Let’s get something CLEAR: @TammyDuckworth proudly served our country, lost her legs, and EARNED that benefit.”

Duckworth’s spokesman said the senator ““has always believed that everyone should pay their fair share in taxes and that those who served this nation in uniform deserve and should claim the benefits they earned.”

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