June 11, 2021

Report: Kamala Harris is ruining Democrats’ chances in 2024

A new report has revealed Vice President Kamala Harris has ranked as highly unpopular among Democrats as a presidential candidate, even polling below President Joe Biden as a 2024 candidate.

The new YouGov poll found that 49 percent of voters chose Biden as favorable, compared to 43 percent who found him unfavorable. Harris held a 41 percent favorability, and 48 percent unfavorable.

A top concern was Harris’ ranking in her own party. One in 5 Democrats polled selected her as unfavorable.

The percentage ranked slightly lower than former Vice President Mike Pence. His approval rating in May 2017 stood at 42.7 percent.

Many have questioned whether Biden will run for reelection in 2024. Already the oldest president elected, he would be in his 80s by the time he runs again.

Harris would serve as the most likely person to run if Biden does not. However, her ranking in this new poll may have Democrats rethinking their strategy.

As Trump continues to tease a 2024 run, she would have her hands full against the full weight of a conservative comeback. Even if the former president does not run, she would face strong opposition from another Republican, such as former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Florida Sen. Mark Rubio or perhaps Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

It’s still early, but early signs point out a Harris run would end in disaster for the left.

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40 Responses

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    1. what does this have to do with Kamel-Toe Harris If Yahoo was doing their job, this crap wouldn’t be here

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    2. Hey Linda, are you really that stupid, or did your mama drop you on your head when you were a baby? The posts on this feed are about Kamala Harris, no working from home. Or, haven’t you heard?

      1. I agre wholeheartedly! I see the same damn job recruiting ad everytime I look @ comments on different topics. If she can’t read, maybe she should be cut off from commenting. AND now, I’m seeing comments from others that have NOTHING to do with the topic. Is this a social commenting site or a job recruiting site?

        1. chinese spammers – attempting to divert attention from their bought and paid for U.S. politicians.


  2. Dems have proven themselves to be poison for this country, and people are now starting to figure that out. Keep going Biden, Harris, your reign will be over before you know it, and Donald Trump will once again be in the cat bird seat.

    1. Bruce, remember 50% of the American Voters were ignorant November 2020,
      and they will be just as ignorant in November 2022 & November 2024.

      1. 50% of the population did NOT vote for demonrats and none of them will get more than a few votes since Americans are aware of just what the cheating demonrats are doing to ruin this country. Thw demonbrat party nees to be done away with completely.

  3. Pompeo or DeSantis, but not Rubio, he used to work for Soros. What’s to say he won’t still if the money was right?

  4. Nothing matters about these people…
    Our Lady of Fatima warned us of losing our souls if the world doesn’t go BACK to the Lord and his Holy Eucharist. Time is short now and getting shorter. LOOK at the world today. Start praying the ROSARY for the souls that are in danger of losing their souls to hell. Heaven is REAL and so is HELL. Watch the last interview from Lucia, the oldest of the Children of Fatima that has left this message to the entire world from the Blessed Virgin, the mother of God. https://youtu.be/jc6k7lf5xL8

    1. This is very true! However this post is about Kamala Harris and her job performance and her (lack of) popularity. I really respect your religious beliefs, but as Jesus himself said “render unto Caesar (politics) that which is Caesar s and to God (self explanatory) that which is God’s”. Don’t mix religion and politics, in the vernacular.

  5. One hundred forty nine billion to date on illegals Time too Defund the Democrats .The Democrats are spending your tax dollars while taxes increase along with food and energy cost, remember this at election time. Biden’s border crisis spells out end game for democrats in 2022, throw in the keystone pipeline decision, Biden’s funding of Palestine and Hamas also Kerry’s/Biden’s love affair with the Iranian towelheads, who have sworn the total destruction of the US and Israel. Biden’s corruption is well known on a world scale” pay to play” but he and his entire family will forever be acknowledge, as the family who made their money selling off the trust of the American tax payor with abuse of power and accepting bribes. Democrats can’t govern tax and spend, spend and tax.

  6. People DIDN’T like her when she was running for President, why would they like her now? She is horrible at her job, & we DON’T like her as a person!!! I DON’T believe the poll is right!! I think it’s more likely to be only 15-20% likeability for both of them!! Even Dems aren’t happy with their policies … they are ruining AMERICA!!! Why else would they be committing voter fraud & trying to change elections to be controlled by the fed gov’t? Because they plan on more fraud .. including ILLEGAL ALIENS voting!!! Boy do I miss PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!


  7. the only way Harris can be popular is….if there is enough room for her to kneel inside a podium…gross thought, but maybe that’s why Biden keeps losing his train of thought!!!!….LOL. She was a Pig-Crap AG in Ca, and she is certainly NO BETTER as a VP….HA,HA,HA,HA,…sickening!

    1. I don’t like the woman, and the thought of her doing WHAT??? to Biden makes me want to puke, but I’m too busy laughing!

  8. Between Harris, Pelosi & Waters, we now have 3 trying to take the “Wicked Witch of the West” throne. Can’t decide who’s the worst, they keep coming up with more ignorant actions to take the top spot. The DemoRAT Party has become overrun with so many witches, warlocks and extremely EVIL & CORRUPT political, liers, thieves, diciples of the Devil, that it’s hard to determine which is a bigger threat to this country. Time to line ’em all up for impeachment, recall or criminal prosecution! 2022 or 2024 may be too late to vote them out. Let’s start wih the ENTIRE Biden/Harris administration NOW!!!

    1. The Queen of Giggles, the Drunk with a Facelift and The Mouth of the Century. Sure will be tough deciding who wins this contest!!!

  9. can’t believe anyone would consider any democrat at this point

    guess you can’t fix stupid is more than a saying

  10. Biden will be in a mental ward soon. Ho harris is very unpopular with all. The dems have really screwed over Americans.

  11. If democrats had a clue, they would don the cone of silence instead of the dunce cap. The tapered end should fit nicely on pointed skulls.

  12. God is in charge and He will punish those that try to take away our liberties and freedoms. But until He does, we need to do all we can to protect our Constitution. The Dems are going to pay for their traitorous deeds.

    1. Frankly, I don’t know if we can survive the 2 years until we gain control of both houses of Congress and kick those two out. We are likely to be attacked by China, Russia, Tehran and Al Queda because they see how weak this president is. What you saw with the attack on that pipeline is nothing compared to what an attack on our Electrical Grid will do. That would be HUGE and a lot of Americans will die. Something has to be done about these loonies!

      1. When you “kick those two out”, remember who’s next in line and think about her being president. OUCH!!

  13. She is just waiting for Old Joe todie in office then the left of communism will get their chance to keep destroying the nation in a war.

  14. None of your posts will mean anything if Pelosi gets her way and HR 1 becomes law. They will steal all the elections and the news media will let them because the media is behind them all the way. We all need to stop watching any of the networks, and get our news from good conservative voices like News Max and the Epoch Times. We need to be vocal and send all of those Gadiantons to prison–including Mitt Romney. Have a good day.

  15. There’s still A LOT of dems that say Biden is doing a GREAT job, must be living in a dank hole…

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  17. It’s great to see these numbers … the looming question is, when is ” Kammie ” going to start acting like a Vice President, and ditch her gung-ho, self imagined nationwide tour across the United States ? Seems I recollect that the phony biden told her to get her butt to the south Border and return with a plan. All she’s done to date is make a short, non-productive trip south of the border, then go her own way — dazzling 8-15 rabid fans at each stop ….

    Note to Kammie: We all know you are a failure as VP .., and guess what ?? … NOBODY LIKES YOU, GIRL !!

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