June 29, 2022

Report: Kamala Harris hires crisis experts with an eye towards future political prospects

Amid months of sinking poll numbers and heavy criticism over her handling of a number of administration crises, Vice President Kamala Harris has, according to the Washington Post, taken the dramatic step of hiring a pair of public relations experts to help her begin the process of repairing her image and salvaging her political future.

The outlet noted that the two new additions to the vice president’s team are Lorraine Voles and Adam Frankel, both professionals who served in roles on Harris’ transition team, and who will be charged with working on matters of “organizational development, strategic communications and long-term planning.”

Voles is touted as a “marketing and rebranding” and “crisis management” expert whose experience includes work for Fannie Mae during the mortgage meltdown of 2008 as well as time spent as an aide in the administration of former President Bill Clinton, as Breitbart notes.

Frankel has previous experience as a speechwriter for former President Barack Obama and is also notably the sister-in-law of Jen Psaki, current White House press secretary, as the Daily Mail added.

The vice president has suffered several months of declining approval among the electorate, much of which was due to what many viewed as her inaction on the crisis at the southern border, despite having been tapped by President Joe Biden to serve as his point person on the issue.

Things grew decidedly worse for Harris in the month of August, when a Rasmussen Reports survey found that a shocking 55% of likely American voters expressed the belief that she was either “not at all qualified” or “not qualified” to serve as president.

Matters did not improve much for the vice president when yet another crisis at the border began taking shape, namely, the amassing of thousands of Haitian immigrants in Del Rio, Texas, and she offered little in the way of insight besides doubling down on erroneous accusations that Border Patrol agents used whips to control migrants.

Given Biden’s advanced age and Harris’ status as his second in command, the vice president has naturally been perceived as the Democrat Party’s heir apparent, and while some doubt as to whether she can live up to those expectations has developed in recent months, a new Gallup poll suggests that she is currently enjoying something of a resurgence in popularity.

Whether Harris’ new hires will be successful in bolstering their client’s faltering public image and furthering her Oval Office aspirations remains to be seen, but as Biden’s own approval rating continues to nosedive, their help may not be enough to stop the bleeding.

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