July 27, 2021

Report: Kamala Harris aides resign abruptly ahead of border visit

Vice President Kamala Harris just suffered the loss of two travel aides who resigned abruptly ahead of her visit to El Paso, Texas. Harris’s director of advance Karly Satkowiak and deputy director of advance Gabrielle DeFranceschi both informed Harris they would be leaving soon.

These resignations come at a time when the Harris travel team is already shorthanded. While Satkowiak and DeFranceschi are looking for replacements, the timing of these resignations is terrible.

Vice President Harris has been under a lot of fire lately for taking so long to visit the southern border. Her attempts to stay away from the border made her the target.

The target that Kamala Harris put on her own aides surely created a lot of pressure. Anyone qualified to work for Harris is qualified to work for someone who isn’t creating tons of issues.

Kamala Harris took nearly three months to visit the southern border, and even with her visit, the criticism hasn’t stopped. Kamala Harris hasn’t actually visited the border.

These resignations could be the first of many as Harris continues to make her case as one of the worst Vice Presidents in recent history.

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