July 31, 2021

Report: Jill Biden to undergo mysterious medical procedure

First Lady Jill Biden will undergo a “common medical procedure” on Wednesday, according to the White House, though further details about the nature of the diagnosis have not been disclosed. 

President Joe Biden will accompany his wife for the appointment at an outpatient center in Washington, D.C. The procedure is not expected to interrupt the Bidens from their normal schedule.

“Tomorrow morning, the President will accompany the First Lady to an appointment for a common medical procedure at an outpatient center in Washington, DC.” a White House official said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Afterward, the President and the First Lady will return to the White House to resume their normal schedule,” it added.

Dr. Jill Biden has been an educator for more than three decades. The first lady has taught English at a community college in Delaware, at a public high school and at a psychiatric hospital for adolescents.

Dr. Biden earned her Doctorate in Education from the University of Delaware in January 2007. She also holds two Master’s degrees.

The president is expected to speak about his strategy to withdrawal U.S. troops from Afghanistan later in the day.

Biden will then visit Arlington National Cemetery to pay respects to those who have lost their lives in Afghanistan.

Details of the medical procedure were not shared with the public.

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