December 5, 2020

REPORT: Hunter Biden broke his promise to resign from Chinese company

Joe Biden promised the American people that his family would have no foreign entanglements if he was elected in November. So Americans might be stunned to hear the breaking news about his son Hunter.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Documents show Hunter Biden still controls a stake in a Chinese investment firm despite his promise to resign from the company’s board and a pledge from his father Joe Biden that no one in the family will have foreign business entanglements if he is elected in November.

Here are the details:
The troubled son of Joe Biden, a former vice president who is now the presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, holds a 10% equity stake in the Chinese government-linked Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Company, according to Chinese business records first reported by the Daily Caller.
Through his lawyer, Hunter had promised to leave the board of the Chinese firm by the end of October 2019, but his resignation was only submitted to China’s National Credit Information Publicity System this spring. Two Chinese business websites run by Baidu and Qixin both show updates with Hunter’s name being removed from the BHR board of directors in April, but both also show an LLC owned solely by Hunter — Skaneateles — as still being a “sponsor/shareholder” with 3 million yuan invested in the company, purportedly comprising the 10% stake in the China-based business venture.
The underhanded way that Hunter is trying to make it look as if he left the company, while staying very much committed, is indicative of his utter contempt for voters, and the law itself.
In Biden’s world, corruption and chicanery are a given. If you’re privileged enough to be the son of a corrupt Democrat, you can afford to be sloppy.
Of course, it’s very likely that Hunter will indeed get away with it. Our media won’t want to draw any negative attention to their favorite, Joe Biden.
And if Joe decides to cut China a sweet deal when he’s president, the media will accept it at face value, no matter how much it financially benefits the Biden family.
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84 Responses

  1. Jest like his Queen HELL said she would cease taking bribes to CGI (CLINT Fundament) after her 2016 precedential ($)election ! Joe : Plagiarizing G0BDEM LIAR !

      1. BLM is an arm of the left for democrat donations if you follow the money of this organization the money donated goes to a democrats fund which is run by people who ran Clinton’s money scheme all the money is going to democrats candidates this way they get around donation laws so far as of may biden has received about 200,000 in political donations from BLM funny people donating to BLM is supporting the same people how were the creators of the KKK and are responsible for the suppression of African Americans for decades and BLM always pops up every four years think about the dems keep their mouths shut due to the fact they get political donations to keep quite BLM matter is also run by Marxist Bernie Sanders people remember from project veritas where Bernie Sanders supports said America will burn every city looks like they are keeping promise while Bernie and Biden keep their mouths shut Biden says he is going to transform the US that because he is going to put in new green deal and socialism by the time they are done looting we the people the US will be a shell of its former self and bankrupt do vote red in November save America Trump 2020 God Bless all!!!!!

        1. BLM is supported by Progressive owner Soros. He rules with his gold.If Americans don’t want to end up a COMMUNIST country, they need to to vote red all the way in the November elections. BLM is headed up by two trained Marxists. Check it out! The Democratic /Communist party supports their agenda. Vote all RED in November

      2. BLM short for Burn, Loot, Murder.
        Little children, burn their home, steal in the name of justice.
        If this is justice I shutter to think what criminal is.

  2. And American People you want this Crook who is a goof Ball to be your President please get off the Kool Aid….and open your eyes.
    We would be in so much trouble and living in a Socialistic Depression.

  3. addicted to that CCP dirty money, I hope his greed, turns on him and BITES him and is OLD MAN hard on the BUTTCHEEKS and draws green greed blood.

  4. Why should anyone follow the rule of law. The Clintons, Biden’s and most other in government don’t. We are getting screwed. I better start seeing somebody going to jail.

  5. Surprise Biden breaks his word. How does the saying go ” like Father Like Son” we now have a sample of what it will be like should Joe actually win. Criticize Trump over China and at the same time have a family member knee deep in China investments. This is dirty pool even for a democrat. Keep Democrats out of any power vote Trump 2020

      1. If Trump doesn’t get elected there will be major destruction in this country. BLM and chop will look small time when the conservatives start destroying things. It’s coming one way or the other. Be prepared.

        1. If Trump wins, and he will, the Dems will be the ones rioting. Either way it goes there is going to be a civil war.

          1. What do you mean, who do you think is rioting, it is Pelosi Schumer and their communist Party, and their proxies, Anti-Fa and BLM.

  6. Democrats must think that if they snuggle up to communist regimes they would be treated as family should the NWO/OWG become factual? I guess they did not read their “contract” to see the part what happens to former communist “allies”.

    1. The first thing that happens, which Dems forget is that Commies have a purge, to get rid of the old guard. yes that means you to Pelosi and Schumer, the rest of you old communists party idiots.

      1. Democrats are so dirty, everything they say about Trump is what they are doing. apolitical tactic. Country needs to read Horowitz’ short book, BLITZ. Trump has no agenda except anything that is for the people, every American. Dems are racists, Trump has never been. I have complete faith in,Trump, smart negotiated in all things. He is bucking the Deep Swamp & all the Dems. They are upset & doubledown w/lies at every turn. Biden, in my opinion, is not a nice man & definitely is not for America.

  7. Well, well,well.. another deception by the Biden’s . They are making so much money off their China connections they can’t let go . They lied AGAIN . What do you think Joe Biden will do. I’ll tell you … give us away again. Haven’t we had enough of the Bidens, the Clintons and the Obama’s .

  8. I can’t believe anybody could cast a vote for anything that has the name BIDEN attached to it !!! RIDICULOUS
    If we don’t cast our vote for Trump this country will be the laughing stock of the world !!!!!

    1. If Trump doesn’t get re-elected this country is GONE! BUT, don’t vote for Democrats for Congress either! They will do NOTHING but be obstructionists, as all they do now! We’ve been warned! They aren’t hiding their true motives anymore!!

    2. You mean we are not, thanks to Dr. Fauci, who insists that we follow the china model. It did not work for china, so why should we follow it. He is helping the Dems to keep everyone under house arrest so they can’t work, to destroy the economy, put everyone welfare, to make everyone obedient to the government. ( SLAVERY ) ( COMMUNISM ) ( NAZISM ) ( GTLCISM ) ( SOCIALISM )

    3. You mean we are not, with Fauci pushing the china model, that didn’t in china. Why should we follow the china model. The rest of the world is laughing their excrement orifices’ off. They think how stupid can Americans be.

  9. Just VOTE REPUBLICANin November.
    And let’s end the DEMOCRATS GOALS!

  10. A vote for a demonRat is a vote against America and it’s people. Marxist communists have taken over the DNC and state governments. The lock down revealed their true tyrannical selves.

  11. ALL THE DEMS ACCUSE OUR AWESOME POTUS of the things that they are GUILTY OF. Trump is the best POTUS these UNITED STATES has ever had. He keeps his promises. DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!! We all knew they wouldn’t go down without a fight. PRISON IS WHERE THEY DESERVE TO GO!!!!!!

  12. Democrats are Corrupt using these Riots and Blm. If Democrats get elected this Country is going to Hell. VOTE TRUMP save this Country.

    1. The Dems are dirty lying communist pigs, that will use what ever underhanded means they can to get their slaves back, and more. Dem voters don’t realize that, that means them too.


  14. He is no different from any other Democrat whose family has power. He learned well at his daddy’s knee. Don’t expect anything but corruption, deception, arrogance, above the law attitude from Democrats.

  15. All the Biden family are crooks and the crooks will play ever field possible if Biden becomes president. It is in their blood line.

  16. I live in the Communist Star of Illinois. Just three examples of what they have done. 1 raised the motor fuel tax from 19 cents to 38 cent and wanting to raise it again. 2 The license plate sticker for my two wheel trailer I put my lawn on was $18.00 last year. This year, it was raised to $118.00. 3 They now want to go to a graduated State Income tax from a flat State Income tax. They say it will make the wealth pay more. Just remember, they can come back and tax the poor just as easily.

      1. Vote these Dems out of office. if you are smart enough too. You keep electing people that screw you.
        don’t you think that it is about time you wised up.

  17. Why is this not main stream news? Hunter Biden is not troubled, he is absolutley corrupt along with his father, Joe Biden. Joe Biden must not win the Presidential election, Joe might sell the White House to the China. Sound ridiculous? China ties with Joe Biden is this strong and corrupt.

    1. The main stream does not understand, that when the communists take over, they will be out of a job. There will be a central new agency, that will censor all content. It will not need all of the editors, and reporters, so called journalist. They will be out of a job.

      1. They will likely be in a rice paddy, eating grubs off the rice, can’t eat the rice as that is needed to feed the soldiers, that would be subversive.

  18. President Trump needs to sign a order that states mandatory drug and alcohol testing for all members of the house and senate every two weeks and by doing this it will show the American people that they are not above the law.

    1. Trump can’t do that, only Peelosi can, but she would have to get it through the Senate Dems, who are usually stone so you see where that will go.

  19. This certainly explains why the Obama adminstration was so close to China. Praise by Hillary Clinton for China’s Health Program, funding the Wuhan Viral Lab in 2015, allowing China to purchase 8 American industries and 145,000 farm acres from 2012-2016. The BLM are communist terrorists, so did they order the truck with 10,800 weapons from China for a revoltution?? Fortunately, one truck was recently confiscated. Obama recently called the terrorist actions, a revolution, which is how they get things done. Please stand with President Trump, if you want America to survive. More people need to be informed.

  20. Not surprising! The Biden’s obviously cannot be honest! It is in their DNA to lie, cheat, and be subversive! But, they are supported by the Democrats like Schumer and Pelosi! Pelosi calls herself a “good Catholic”, but she obviously doesn’t know God, otherwise she would not want to divide this nation as she is! Matthew 12:25 says, “A family or a nation divided against itself will fall.” This nation is horribly divided! If Biden is elected, this nation will go down! I don’t say so, God does!

  21. Does anyone besides my-self see the insane pending disaster created by implementation of the following two plans?
    A. Require every one outside of their house to wear a facemask.
    B. Defund and dismantle all the police forces.

    Such stupidity could only come from the minds of liberal Democrats!

  22. Defund the Police: Hope that means no security for Politicians, but I doubt that will happen,especially if you are a democrat. Pelosi and Waters would not be happy at all. Both should have been long gone by now. That have had a good run living high off our tax dollars. By the way, where is old Maxine. I have not seen her shouting her mouth off for over a month. it is about looking after the homeless in there state. Do something useful for a change.

  23. I am a former Demo. Everyone out there support the red ticket. The low life Demo’s are raising cash to pull all their corrupt money together to try and rig the election. They forgot they have a inept old man with stinky, sticky fingers as their leader placed on their counterfeit mail order tickets!

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