May 17, 2021

Report: Ghislaine Maxwell attempted to flee

A bombshell new report indicates that disgraced socialite Ghislaine Maxwell tried to flee before being apprehended by the FBI.

With Maxwell potentially requesting bail due to coronavirus risk at her upcoming arraignment, this is highly relevant information.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Ghislaine Maxwell, an associate of the late financier Jeffrey Epstein, tried to flee from the FBI during a raid at her home in New Hampshire earlier this month, according to prosecutors.

Maxwell, 58, refused to open the door when law enforcement officers raided her home, prosecutors said in a court filing in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan on Monday. Prosecutors also said she had a cellphone wrapped in tin foil, which they claimed was a “seemingly misguided effort to evade detection” by law enforcement.

“Through a window, the agents saw the defendant ignore the direction to open the door and, instead, try to flee to another room in the house, quickly shutting a door behind her,” the filing said. “Agents were ultimately forced to breach the door in order to enter the house to arrest the defendant, who was found in an interior room in the house.”

You can read the full story here.

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22 Responses

  1. She knew that the FBI and US Marshal’s will not protect her from the Killery, Obumer, Muslim, Soros, Crime families and the Communists Party of DEMOCRATES, all Traitors all Perverts. The Pelosi, Newsome Crime family of San Fran.

    1. She knows too much on all of them, they want to shut her up! She will be lucky to survive long enough to testify.

    2. Need to protect her and have her spill everything and everybody.sure Clintons on back room the DOJ gave all the corupt FBI axx holes that tried to take trump down..let em retire, then make millions writing a book..

  2. They ALL want to shut her up! She knows too much on all of them! She will be lucky if she survives to give testimony. If something bad happens to her( suicide?) they will have gotten to her. Pay attention to what is bieng said, you will know.


    1. Redhawk! Good post! I see some of my name’s of DEMOCRUD Sunni beeches show up in your post !thanks. Semper. Fi

  4. If she wanted to hide, she could have gone to France. No extradition treaty. As an American Guantanamo bay may be the safest place for her. Too many big wheels want her to join Jeffery

  5. She’ll never make it/survive to testify in court or grand jury let alone before congress. The Clintons will see to that, remember the White Water scandal ?? Nobody testified and survivors, “The Clinton’s” ?? Ghost, knows to much, to many involved people, places. It’s a shame she’ll turn up missing or suicude, the suicude note found of course won’t be in her hand writing ?? Keep a close eyes on the Clintons. Dead women (Ghiz) walking.

  6. get her to talk on tape stating what and who happened. TIME DATE NAMES , lots of names. And the ones named will try and run, so that will pretty much put a GUILTY verdict on them self by themselves. But get her on tape talking about the nasty goings on, and on a video saying it. Just incase she get the clinton flu like her buddy jeffery did.

    1. Good idea Roger. Best have 4 cameras and recorders and operators just so the defense can’t claim false evidence, when they go after the hollyweird and big shots in politics and big biz! Take one copy of each and lock into a safe deposited vault under video survailance for good measure!
      Semper. Fiç

  7. I wonder if she will say anything at all. While she certainly knows everything, will she tell the FBI? She needs to be very careful about what she says to whom-the FBI is corrupt as well-so she may be toast anyway. I do not know who I would trust in her shoes-if she makes a deal and walks, she is as good as dead, I am sure. If she doesn’t make a deal and spills her guts, she is also probably as good as dead-you do not know who in the FBI can be trusted, if anyone. Might be wise for her to ask to speak on national media, live, so that the word is out, and there is no percentage in murdering her-everything is out in the open as it is, though they may still try to kill her for talking. She is in a very dangerous place right now.

  8. She will “quickly” come down with Kung-Fu 19 and be silenced forever. All books and names will quickly disappear and the “Royal Scum” will continue to enjoy the cash they’ve stolen from “We The People”.

  9. i can not deny to myself that she has insurance to help her live. there must be information that will be released if she suffers a slim contract on life……..she is a smart cookie and she is not going down without others. she does know where the bodies are buried so to speak…………news will be ever changed.

  10. No one has survived going against the Clinton Clan. I doubt she would be the 1st. Hillary and Pals are in this together, they hae the money to get access to her just like with Epstein. I hope names are spilled quickly , even if deals are made. I want those power hungry sick people that are hurting our country, our citizens, our children to be caught & jailed. Stop the trafficking now !

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