August 16, 2022

Report: Establishment fears Kamala Harris’s chances at the presidency are being thwarted by bad press

Vice President Kamala Harris is not likable. Rather than admitting that fact, the legacy media is looking to pin the blame on just about anything else.

Many in the establishment media worry that the poor press coverage Harris is receiving will hurt her chances at the presidency, Breitbart reported. As she struggles with her failures at dealing with illegal immigration while pushing wildly unpopular legislation, her political capital is quickly diminishing.

Harris’s ill-fated first international trip to Latin America spotlighted her greatest vulnerability: her unlikeability. Axios reported that the blunders “during her first foreign trip have rekindled the debate from her presidential campaign about whether she — and not her staff — is to blame.”

The vice president’s own failed presidential bid was a mess of missteps, but now she has no excuse for them. “Harris also is in a tough spot managing two issues — immigration and voting rights, the latter of which she’s reported to have chosen herself — that have little upside and huge downside,” the news outlet continued.

Slate also warned about the uphill climb Harris faces dealing with both illegal immigration and pushing the unpopular federal power grab for control of elections that the left claims is about overcoming supposed voter suppression. These two issues are divisive as it is, and Harris is not a skilled politician despite her high-profile position.

The problem is that she can’t make the case for either, but it’s how she not-so-skillfully dodged questions about her unwillingness to visit the border that has highlighted her incompetence. “It’s hard to know what to call her job, why she’s being saddled with the tasks she’s been saddled with, and what this may portend for her future political prospects,” Slate mused.

President Joe Biden picked Harris based on her skin color and sex. “I am not committed to naming any but the people I’ve named, and among them there are four black women,” Joe Biden pledged in July 2020. “It is important that my administration, I promise you, will look like America.”

Unfortunately, choosing someone like Harris based on those superficial traits doesn’t translate to actual skill for the job ahead. It now seems the more the public gets of Harris, the less they like her independent of how the media try to cover for her.

Harris left the presidential primary race early because she couldn’t rally enough support for her candidacy. While she may end up sliding into the presidency if President Joe Biden’s health fails, it’s difficult to imagine a scenario where Americans willingly pull the lever for her.

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