August 18, 2022

Report: Democrats quietly panicking over potentially losing Senate majority

The Democrats currently have a majority in the House of Representatives and the tie-breaker vote in the Senate. However, that could all change at any moment — and not just because of the Americans fed up with their awful policies.

Democrats are concerned that some in their party are just too old to hang on and fear that it could reverse their tenuous control of the Senate, according to Hot Air. Because the balance is 50-50 with Vice President Kamala Harris the tiebreaker vote, they need all the votes they can get to pass legislation.

“Our ability to make good on Biden’s agenda is pretty much dangling by a thread,” former aide to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) Brian Fallon told the New York Times. “I don’t think it’s uncouth to talk about it. I think it’s a reality that has to inform the urgency with which we approach those issues.”

This Congress is one of the oldest to serve.  The average age in the Senate is 64 while in the House of Representatives it’s 58. This means that illness or death could strike at any moment and the change could favor Republicans.

There have been three deaths in the House since the beginning of this term, the most since 1980. Also troubling Democrats is the history of some of their oldest Senators. In January, 81-year-old Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) was hospitalized. Many have speculated whether Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), 87 is still fit for office, although it seems those worries mostly stemmed from her saying nice things about Republicans.

Even former presidential contender Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) is on shaky ground when it comes to his health. The 79-year-old lawmaker had a heart attack in 2019 during his primary run to be the Democrats’ presidential nominee.

If a lawmaker dies, it’s often up to the governor to appoint someone to serve in the interim. Since nine vulnerable Senators come from states currently run by Republican governors, there’s a chance that their deaths could flip their seats and cost Democrats the much-needed vote.

It’s undeniable that the Democrats have many factors to worry about as they cling to their power. With President Joe Biden also nearing 80, this party is undeniably old and in trouble.


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The Redhawk (@guest_1254766)
1 year ago


Tom (@guest_1254771)
1 year ago

Let it start with Chuck and Nancy.

Tex (@guest_1254781)
1 year ago

I would rather see all the Democrats die or disappear from Earth ! Democrats have never been Americans and never will be. All they are is low life Democrats, so we should be able to force them out of OUR United States of Americans.

Al (@guest_1254842)
Reply to  Tex
1 year ago

I do disagree. I think healthy debate is a good thing in a Constitutional Republic like ours. Note I said healthy debate, not communist/marxist dogma that they indoctrinate children with. If anything we should outlaw the communism that’s running rampant in our country.

p (@guest_1254922)
Reply to  Tex
1 year ago

If you’re serious, encourage them to get 3 vax jabs.

BTeboe (@guest_1255040)
Reply to  p
1 year ago


Richard (@guest_1254942)
Reply to  Tex
1 year ago

Lets not go that far, but vote them out for a century at least. Let the wake up to the real world.

DWB (@guest_1255447)
Reply to  Tex
1 year ago

Tex, Sounds like a good plan to me.

James (@guest_1254786)
1 year ago

Communism will take the demoncrats out before old age,should fear GITMO and traitor to America.

Debbra Hueppchen (@guest_1254789)
1 year ago

I agree 1000%!! If they want to be a damn commy go live in a communist country. Get the fk out of OUR BEAUTIFUL UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!

bonboyl (@guest_1254818)
Reply to  Debbra Hueppchen
1 year ago

Absolutely!!! Our beautiful country is being invaded by human beings running from Communist countries. Why on earth do the Democrat Americans want their country to be like that??? They just seem so crazy!!! All the things Biden had done to damage the country – and Nancy Pelosi smiling and telling us “We’re on a good trip down at the border”. Nuts!!!

Michael C (@guest_1254794)
1 year ago

I think it’s fantastic that many in the Dem party are having to dodge “banana peels” trying to hang on to power. It’s to bad Biden, Pelosi, Sanders, Schumer and any other of the “wretched” in the party don’t just lie down. I know it’s “in-humane” to be thinking that way, but the idiotic Dems have brought out the worst in me. I either mute my TV or change channels every time one of those Communists appear or speak. Please don’t judge me, because being a Veteran, what is being done to ruin this Country, by the Democrats, is what I consider TOTAL INHUMANITY and DESTRUCTION of MILLIONS of AMERICANS!!

Rob Polans (@guest_1254953)
Reply to  Michael C
1 year ago

What’s inhumane? They want us to die, and not a nice death either. I’d like blm to finally see how the dems have been using them and turn. They won’t though because they know where they can make the most money.

elaine marco (@guest_1254800)
1 year ago

My question is about all the illegals that came into our country, that are coming into the borders, not getting tested, going out into our country, having covid, coming around us with no masks cause we’re vaxed, but they say we can still get covid! Nothing is foolproof! Also, we don’t know how long it lasts! Different strains of vaccinations, how do we know how potent it is in preventing covid? We are in a world of unknowns! They don’t have data to show how good they work! The more illegals coming not tested, there’s your spreader, not confined at all, it will be neverending circle!

Sonja (@guest_1254801)
1 year ago

Amazing they’re discussing “age” in relation to Senators & Representatives & yet the DemocRats have no problem with their puppet dementia ridden 78 year old puppet president. Presidents need to be coherent & be able to think & act quickly in a moments notice for all of our American’s safety & security. Atleast Congress has deliberation time. Even the younger VP has no clue. She’s taken how long to “investigate” the issues behind our southern border crisis. While she’s taking her own sweet time trying to figure out the best solution, our borders are being invaded by some that are dangerous to our own health & well being. They are failing to uphold our laws, our Constitution or their own Oaths of office to do so. I have No confidence in the high leadership of our nation to keep me safe.

Wally (@guest_1254803)
1 year ago

Dems are only in power by Fraud and Treason. They didn’t win anything! They cheated and there will be a day of reckoning. Trump 2024!

KEITH C RICHARDSON (@guest_1254846)
1 year ago

I’m just as worried about the Bush/Cheney/Clapper/Brennan club. Read MARY’S MOSAIC and you’ll discover who really runs this country! The CIA.

Rob Polans (@guest_1254959)
1 year ago

Extremely close!!!! I think the cia (I was one for a few months, rank and file are okay same with fbi) was fourth down the triangle.

horntex (@guest_1254864)
1 year ago

I love to see corrupt Democrats dangling by a thread.

Realhuman (@guest_1254872)
1 year ago

Nancy Pelosi herself is way past “OLD” to remain as a God in Congress. Retire her to Venezuela!

Sledge (@guest_1254873)
1 year ago

Ninety four ( 94) plus Americans want President Trump back in the White House as their real President.
Because of the disastrous policies of the current president (aagghh), millions more are added to the 94 million.

Rob Polans (@guest_1254963)
Reply to  Sledge
1 year ago

Much more, 75 million who voted, then they started a Patriot Party for him 85+ million. So together that’s 160+ million. No contest if he runs.

kc (@guest_1255064)
Reply to  Sledge
1 year ago

Thats odd with Biden getting a 63% approval this week. The republicans have no chance in the midterms ,they will most likely lose more seats in both houses because of their denial t of jan.6th as well as trump STILL crying about his lose even though Republicans over saw election boards in many counties he lost

Nannette (@guest_1254965)
1 year ago

Pelosi, Schumer and Biden should all be impeached. Evil, no conscious, love of money, love of power, love of murder, love of evil, love of racism, love of self more than others, lovers of lies, love of sacrifice of those who fight them, lovers of destruction, lovers of chaos, lovers of persecution in their own country, lovers of Nazi’s, lovers of Marxism, lovers of death, haters of Jews, haters of Christians, haters of children, haters of righteousness. Their following of pure unadulterated evilness is being witnessed, recorded for their own trials, they are lovers of brutality, lovers of fear and all of their tears will not save them from their coming judgments against the lambs of God will spare them from their own eternal pain and damnation forever!

Stephanie Cordero (@guest_1254988)
1 year ago

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Katee (@guest_1255174)
1 year ago

If they lose, they can only blame themselves. Grow up!

Lisa Roy66 (@guest_1255224)
1 year ago

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Ken (@guest_1255271)
1 year ago

Age is not their biggest problem. Their biggest problem is they have lost the ability to think clearly and see what terrible damage they are doing to this great country.

answierd (@guest_1255318)
1 year ago

Now is the time for Republicans to start doing some recruiting ,There are very many Democrats in all States that have had enough of Obamas policies

Ace (@guest_1255808)
1 year ago

I guess my earlier post was censored oh well if the truth hurts…

Billy (@guest_1256302)
1 year ago

Poor babies they brought it on themselves. A dictator ship will never work here.



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