June 13, 2021

Report: Congress prepares for bitter fight over Biden cabinet nominees

The mainstream media has been laser-focused on the upcoming inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, but the drama could intensify to levels unseen in previous administrations as his Cabinet nominees prepare to face their Senate confirmation hearings.

According to Fox News, on Tuesday, the first round of hearings will begin, with Treasury secretary nominee Janet Yellen, Director of National Intelligence pick Avril Haines and Homeland Security secretary nominee Alejandro Mayork all appearing before the appropriate Senate committees for questioning. 

Other Tuesday hearings including Biden’s pick for secretary of state, Anthony Blinken, and Defense secretary nominee Lloyd J. Austin III will go in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee to make his case.

Transportation secretary nominee Pete Buttigieg will face his first round of hearings on Thursday before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee. He’s expected to have a tough time as Republicans will likely grill him on what exactly his qualifications are for holding such a high-level position.

Some of the nominees have experience in the realm of being grilled by the Senate, while others will be experiencing their first time and will surely meet plenty of opposition from Republican senators — some of which have already gone on the record to indicate that it’ll be a tough sell for many of them.

Sen. Marco Rubio expressed that sentiment back in November, writing in a tweet that he has no interest in reverting America back to how it was under the administration of former President Barack Obama.

Keep in mind that these initial hearings are only in front of relevant committees and according to NPR, it’s unclear when each nominee will move to face hearings on the full Senate floor for a vote.

But after what Trump’s nominees went through as they faced down Democratic senators over the past four years, it’s not a stretch to assume that there will likely be some level of payback from Republicans this time around.

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