May 24, 2022

Report confirms BLM organization used donor dollars to purchase $6 million LA mansion

Black Lives Matter reached its pinnacle of political clout in 2020. However, news about the way the organization misused funds could wipe that all away.

A bombshell report released Monday revealed that the national BLM organization used donor dollars to purchase a $6 million Los Angeles mansion, according to the Washington Examiner. Moreover, they tried to hide this purchase from the public eye.

BLM Global Network Foundation had Dyane Pascall, BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors’ business associate, make the cash purchase in October 2020 after a donor windfall of more than $66 million. It was then turned over to an LLC named after the property address to further obscure ownership.

The property was supposed to be a “safe house” for leaders who felt they needed to hide from the public eye due to threats. However, that narrative falls short, considering Cullors posted a video of herself making a peach cobbler from inside the mansions’ kitchen in April 2021.

She had also posted a video talking about the one-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd filmed on the house’s back patio. Both venues matched the house’s listing and therefore compromised that alleged purpose.

Despite the optics and clear conflict, BLM leader Melina Abdullah objected to the scrutiny. “I think they’ve attempted to cancel us, but they have not been successful in canceling us,” Abdullah said.

Abdullah rejected the very idea that her critics would be examining the issue at all. “Who the f— are you? You ain’t done s—,” Abdullah said. “I don’t need to be accountable to you. … I don’t know what accountability looks like with people that I don’t know and have never talked to.”

The Black Lives Matter organization has attempted to cash in on racial strife while doing precious little to help the situation. Now it appears they are misusing funds — and their donors deserve answers.

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cozycalico (@guest_1285494)
1 month ago

Who the hell gave them the money to do so??? They are responsible.

DonRS (@guest_1285497)
1 month ago

The BLM is and always has been an organization of HOODLUMS, THUGS and CHARLATANS! Foolish liberals, the vast majority of whom were Democrats, jumped on the bandwagon and showered them with money, with little if any trace of where and how it was spent.

Their “protests” were transformed into RIOTS of LOOTING, DESTRUCTION and KILLINGS, while far left Democrat (are there any other kind) “leaders” DID NOTHING and hindered the police from doing their jobs. The voters couldn’t complain, if fact they denied what we were all seeing with our very own eyes, as they VOTED for these IRRATIONAL, MINDLESS Governors, Mayors and City Council members!

Millennials, GenYers, GenZers, Educrats and Liberals will rue their actions, when the REALITY of the results of their actions SINK IN!



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