May 14, 2021

Report: California redistricting threatens to retire Nancy Pelosi for good

Redistricting of congressional districts in California could ultimately end up terminating House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) career as House Speaker, as well as several other key seats in the 2022 midterm elections, the Daily Wire reported. 

The California Citizens Redistricting Commission will redraw some congressional district boundaries this year based on 2020 census updates. The new congressional map will likely divide the state’s 45th district, currently held by Democratic Rep. Katie Porter.

Though Pelosi’s home district is unlikely to change significantly, the redrawn district lines could easily result in a few changes in the Golden State’s House leadership. House Democrats currently only hold a slim 218-212 lead, meaning a slight change could “retire” Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

The district changes also impact the U.S. Senate. Democrats have strongly argued for the removal of the filibuster since Biden took office and Democrats achieved a 50-50 tie with Vice President Kamala Harris as the tie-breaking vote.

Most Senate legislation requires a 60-vote supermajority to pass. Democrats have argued to remove it, which would allow the left to push through a sweeping agenda of changes through the House and Senate to President Joe Biden’s desk.

“I want our colleagues to imagine a world where every single task, every one of them, requires a physical quorum — which by the way, the vice president does not count in determining a quorum,” McConnell said in a March Senate speech.

“Everything that Democratic Senates did to Presidents Bush and Trump … everything the Republican Senate did to President Obama … would be child’s play compared to the disaster that Democrats would create for their own priorities if they break the Senate.”

California has greatly influenced the nation through its Democrat leaders in recent elections. Redrawing district lines may have the opposite effect, allowing conservatives a newfound advantage in the 2022 midterms.

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61 Responses

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    1. Whatever it takes. Redistricting….voting her butt out….maybe I will read in the paper Nancy Pelosi got term limited permanently by a good heart attack, stroke, cirrhosis of the liver, etc.

      1. I am not willing to wish that kind of ill on ANYONE; I just want to see her and the Biden/Harris administration voted out and (just maybe) tried for treason!

  2. I think the moderate Democrats can’t possibly like what Nancy is doing to California. Hopefully, they have awakened to Nancy treacherous ways and will VOTE her OUT! Many Californians are really upset what has happened to their state. Nice areas have homeless everywhere, camped out and doing drugs and defecating on the streets of many cities. California is a beautiful state that has become a chithole! I’m betting people want changes, including Newsom!

      1. Davy, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOJ) closed at 26,925 on NOVEMBER 1,2020 which was 2 days before loser donny,lost the presidential election to creepy,dopey joe biden.
        Today, April 26,2021 the DOJ closed at 34,043. YOU AND YOUR RIGHT WING
        buddies may be able to subtract the little number from the big number but if
        not…….the business capitalists of the WORLD, INCLUDING AMERICA, believe in the current economic environment during the leadership of a real president and not one who pretended to do anything for America. Oh, the market has increased 7,118
        points since creepy,dopey joey became THE REAL PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA……a 26.4% increase…..go figure….81 million Americans vote for joe joe and the business world LOVES HIM

    1. Nothing will be done about this until a national ID and verification by signature and address when voting. It is no secret that as much as one million votes there are illegal and likely almost twice this. When Bill Clinton was elected the first time, there were one million illegal votes. Think how the illegal population has increased since then and you know they are even encouraging illegals to vote in your State.
      You see the DOJ and the Supreme Court refuse to even look into the illegal voting so this has to become a reality. California may do the same thing as Arizona did in five counties by refusing to reveal the true vote count but the fraud will be exposed and just maybe there will a judge who goes after them like what happened in Arizona.

    2. I don’t understand how Maxine Watters is allowed to live in a 6 million dollar house outside her district!!!!!! Everyone knows this but it has gone on for years. This has to be against the rules and the law. Get her out of office also!!!!!!!

    3. newsome aunt is nancy pelosi. yes yes. the people in california has a petition to get rid of newson.they should had a petition to get rid of nancy piglosi also.there both corrupt.need to be expelled.

  3. Anyway we can get rid of her, we will take it. It will also be a generous way for her to retire with grace, to say she was ‘redistricted out’ rather than ‘voted out’. She raped America of every dime she could while in office. When does she plan on enjoying the wealth? She’ll crumble of old age before that money is of any use to her. Biden will tax the H out of it anyway.

  4. Should have redistricted years ago. She’s tooooo old toooo senile and new ideas and positive growth is in order. ABOUT TIME CALIFORNIA. Now sites should be focused on Maxine Waters

  5. Removal of Pelosi would be a blessing for America and I would also hope Schiff would go with her. There are other rotten eggs in both House and Senate I hope can be eliminated at least by 2022.

  6. I just saw a film on Pelosi’s district. Don’t representatives HAVE TO LIVE in the district they represent?? Her Cali. district is HORRIBLY INHUMANE !! AND, it is such a health hazard the health Dept should step in and refuse any one from living there. That would get rid of Pelosi: she would have no one living in that district any more.
    Instead of, “I left my heart in San Fransisco” the words will change to, “I lost my life in San Fransisco” because of rampant disease.
    But, hey!! Pelosi is your Rep., You live with it, in it, OR get rid of her and THEN, clean it up.

  7. PLEASE make this happen this woman is a horrible creature she has been the worst political figure our beautiful Nation has had to ever deal with. Her legacy would be that she was satan with a gavel!!!! Let her never rest in peace hopefully she will live to 100 in misery.

    1. You all that I’ve read have it nailed. It is a disgrace to our America that we have all those self serving persons sitting in seats governing our lives. Whatever it takes … take a chance you who have the power to do so. Save our Country. Most of us have children. What about their lives to come?

  8. Nancy Pelosi needs to be gone, maybe a nursing home would suit her just fine. She is a disgrace to our country and the things that she has done to President Trump are unthinkable. We all know her goal is to declare Biden incompetent to hold office and move Harris into first place and her in second of command. This would be such a disaster for our country. I can’t even fathom how bad that would be. God Bless America, Trump back in and them OUT!!!!!

    1. she has gotten so rich off her husband’s insider trading (from info from her) and off our tax dollars that she will have several live in nurses if she doesn’t already. Terms limits already. Its past time since the San Francisco idiots keep voting for her.

  9. Let’s be fair here Peolsi is an old lady she needs to retire give a younger person a chance hopefully someone with good ideas for the people of America as well as for the State of Calif.

  10. I can only say, Thank You Jesus!
    Her rein of terror will end. America will be better with more Republicans in office.

  11. We can only hope and pray that she gets ousted, we’ve had enough of her and her democratic nonsense, she needs to be GONE!

  12. This is the BEST news I have read in years, Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace. It would be even better if BIDEN & HARRIS were removed. Since taking office on January 20, 2021 they have done MORE harm than good.

  13. Wait until you see the results of the 2022 election after Pelosi and the democrat top dogs get through stuffing the ballot boxes.

    1. true all of the people in office in cal are very crooked lets get voter I> D> and the trash like that bunch will be gone do not forget maxine waters she stops bird crap on its way down dumb ugly scum !!!!!!

  14. The country should be so lucky. Pelosi needs to go anyway, she
    has gotten fat enough off the American people. Time to cut the
    funnel and cap the bank account. Hopefully she would be replaced
    with someone with some integrity, ethics and honor. However, those
    characteristics seem to be in short supply especially in California.

  15. If Pelosi loses her seat in the Senate after Calif. goes through re-districting, all I can say is: “THE DAYS OF MIRACLES HAVE NOT ENDED!!”

  16. It is a desolate turn of affairs since Madame Pelosi , her cohorts , family and the unfortunate (CRATER) of a city whence her family succeeded in quasi turning into worthless rubble’s once known as (Baltimore) city of pleasure and tourism. Her poignant attitude and permissiveness has cost the State of California its once most desired State of pleasure , tourism – etc. etc. etc. – I must speak for myself rather than the whole world. Most certainly abandoned in my mind the mere thought of even stopping over those once wonderful cities in the once desired State of California. PEACE is all that I can wish for our great State which that energumen who calls herself a politician who would do much for others. On that note since a most unfortunate coincidence wills that she , many others and myself share only one thing in common : (i.e.) being of Italian origin . As we all know there is greatness and extreme unwanted shallowness in all races , & nationalities. I personally would embrace any and all humanity , nationalities etc. etc,. so long as they might NOT bring shame to their human heritage. Rather than carrying on in such a putrid manner in league with her darling cohorts who would ONLY find solace in destroying what ALL of our forefathers , and more so making certain that the inclusive term forefathers be respected with all nationalities and NOT excluding any and all races whose sacrifice of being human beings of various gender be brought in positive reason. The term of SPEAKER of the house HAS BEEN mutilated by this unhappy MADAME who shows so much LOATHE & CONTEMPT for a former President. I personally am not nor have ever been a politician nor ever sought such office , but indeed open minded to the point of being NON-PARTISAN in the political stage. DEMOCRAT – REPUBLICAN – or whatever be just and worthy of respect by the people and for the people (MEANING EVERYONE) . Rather than trying to destroy why NOT try to build by just means of greatness rather than such venomous comportment. Having most probably exceeded in what might be considered verbosity and just maybe excessive mental linguistics , I shall continue expressing my respect for ONE of the most worthy nations in the world. ” GOD BLESS AND SAVE THE U.S.A. “

  17. Nancy PIGLOSI needs to go ASAP she’s only in it for the money…she can go use her 4 inch heels on the corner

    1. Someone would have to be pretty desperate to want to get it on with an old wrinkled coot as Piglousy is. But you never know!!! I would just like to see her and her cronies gone…. all of them!!

  18. Well getting rid of her would be a start along with a few others but I don’t see where you politicians got the balls to do it

  19. The old sow should have been retired years ago. They also should make her pay back the millions of tax payers dollars she squandered on her anti Trump witch hunts, and confiscate the money she made on insider trading, then put her in prison where she belongs

  20. Maybe that Wuhan virus lab could create Covid version that would only affect Left Wing Politicians.

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  22. This Satanic POS. needed dumped a long time ago !! Better make positive no voter fraud involved !!! She should’ve been ousted for bribery many morons ago !!!

  23. Hope it works and removes the Dictator from office permantly good bye Nancy then go after all monies earned while in office for insider tradeing.

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