May 26, 2022

Report: Biden’s Russia sanctions will hurt Americans more than Russians

President Joe Biden’s sanctions against Russia will hurt Americans more than Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to a new report.

Jesse Watters shared the remarks during his Fox News “Jesse Watters Primetime” program on Wednesday.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, but now you’re paying the price,” he said. “Doesn’t sound fair, right? Well, that’s what’s going on in Eastern Europe.”

“Halfway across the world, Russia and Ukraine have started to brawl. But instead of breaking a lamp, they’re going to break the economy. And like the responsible older brother, the American people are going to get punished for it.”

Forbes added, “the potential sanction on Russia will hurt America and EU countries more because Russia is also a major supplier of gas to EU countries.”

Biden’s policies will actually cause more harm to his already disastrous economic policies in the U.S., raising gas prices and increasing inflation.

The new sanctions may seek to show Russia that the U.S. opposes its military force against Ukraine but will end up being a force against itself in the process.

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