August 12, 2022

Report: Biden team in talks with Iran to rejoin nuclear deal

President-elect Joe Biden is ready to reverse President Trump’s sanctions and stance toward Iran when he takes office. Biden’s team is already talking with Iran about a return to the multilateral Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) or the Iran Nuclear Deal, which President Obama joined in 2015.

Other participants in the JCPOA include China, France, Germany, the EU, Russia, Iran, and the UK.

Congressional Republicans opposed the Iran Nuclear Deal then, but Obama went ahead with the deal without congressional approval. $1.7 billion dollars was transferred to Iran, and another $150 billion of Iran’s frozen assets were released to the rogue regime in exchange for promises not to develop nuclear weapons.

In an op-ed piece for The Hill,  former head of Isreal Defense Intelligence, Amos Yadlin, argued with or without the US, the JCPOA is not performing as promised:

The four years that have elapsed since the JCPOA was implemented have shown that key assumptions made by supporters of the agreement were wrong. Iran was not open to dialogue on non-nuclear matters even before the United States withdrew from the agreement, and has not only failed to moderate its hostile conduct but has even intensified it. Billions of dollars that were unfrozen following the agreement have enabled Iran to support Bashar al-Assad’s murderous regime, the Hezbollah terror organization and the Houthis in Yemen, and to deploy military personnel and equipment that threaten Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states from Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen.

President Trump viewed the JCPOA as a bad deal for America and withdrew from it in 2018. America’s withdrawal did not terminate the JCPOA, and Iran is still obligated to observe the terms of the agreement.

Meanwhile, in violation of the JCPOA, Iran announced that they are enriching uranium to 20% purity, which can be used to create nuclear bombs.

Because Iran has repeatedly sworn to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, Israel is nervous about Biden’s promise to rejoin the JCPOA. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that a US return to the accord would trigger a middle eastern arms race.

If we just go back to the JCPOA, what will happen and may already be happening is that many other countries in the Middle East will rush to arm themselves with nuclear weapons. That is a nightmare and that is folly. It should not happen.

Apparently, a Biden administration will not stand in the way of a nuclear Iran, but Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country will: “Israel will not allow Iran to manufacture nuclear weapons.”

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G. Smith (@guest_1107514)
1 year ago

Beijing Joe will always be on his knees in regards to China and Iran.

Gary m (@guest_1107578)
1 year ago

Now is, the time to escape the CNN prison, and get to OANN on ATT 208 or NewsMAX on ATT 220 and safety and freedom and fresh air. Must act quickly before it is to late, and you are brainwashed into believing their nonsense and the constant lies that they spew all day long. It must take a lot of stamina to be able to lie like that, and the endurance to be able to keep coming up with all of this crap all day long. “incredible”. and it is really unbelievably stupid. Run to OANN on ATT 208 or NewsMAX on ATT 220 right a way to save your freedom of speech and thought and beliefs and get some fresh air and honest reporting. It is essential that you do so right now, save your sanity.

Tressie Hi Yall!!! (@guest_1107911)
Reply to  Gary m
1 year ago

I started watching them months ago!! This crazy gov’t is trying to squash all caucasians that support Trump who reflects our values in our own country. With all of this “immigration” that’s been allowed since 1964 by LBJ, our country has been in a serious state of affairs. We are loosing our own country and culture!!!

Billy Wilson (@guest_1107598)
1 year ago

What are you thinking . They will just turn around and stab us in the back as they have called to end the USA. Now you want to hand them nuclear parity . Hope your bunker is really deep.

rm (@guest_1107644)
1 year ago

Dementia Joe forgot about the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, and the most of the hostages are alive to tell about it. Voters don’t forget. The 2020 election was a sham. Saying my prayers daily that the anti-Constitution politicians and their corrupt censoring big tech buddies all suffer ruin and famine the remainder of their days and they shall forever NEVER dwell in the House of the LORD…

Gary m (@guest_1107650)
1 year ago

Texas need to institute its own immigration policy, just as California’s Newson does. Besides with all these states making their own elect laws, I think we should make our own immigration laws. The Supreme Court isn’t going to do any thing any, cause it doesn’t have any standing.

Gary m (@guest_1107675)
1 year ago

When, will Trump be making a trump impeachment coin. I know that you think I am being funny, but it would be a great heirloom, and would really piss Pelosi off, and he could make a mint. At the same time it would rub it in her face, that she tried three times an failed three time, The fact that she did it only amplifies her poor decision making, and her tantrums only put it on display.

Gary m (@guest_1107680)
1 year ago

The thief-in-chief will be swearing out loud in 2 days. He is so scared, like a communist leader that he tanks to protect him from his own SS troops. the Biden SS ( MLB, Antifuka ).

Travis O'Neal (@guest_1108369)
1 year ago

Biden if someone gave you a half of a brain you’d still be a half wit.



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