December 2, 2021

Report: Biden plans to name Russia collusion proponent of Secretary of State

Before the post-election legal dust begins to settle even a little bit, former Vice President Joe Biden and his transition team are already filling out their fantasy Cabinet roster, including eyeing up a potential secretary of state who was actively involved in pushing “Russia collusion” narratives in 2017.

According to Breitbart, Biden is reportedly looking closely at his longtime adviser and dedicated swamp creature, Tony Blinken, as his selection to take the helm of the coveted Secretary of State cabinet position. The news comes as the country is still unsure of who might be in the White House, come January 20.

Blinken has a polished resume and has served in a variety of high-level roles, including former deputy secretary of state and deputy national security adviser under former President Barack Obama’s watch.

He has also served as a “global affairs analyst” for CNN, in which he actively pushed the “Russia collusion” narrative during appearances on the network — accusations that would later be rendered unfounded or otherwise unproven in a report released by Special Counsel Robert Mueller following his investigation.

During one CNN appearance, Blinken said: “The president’s ongoing collusion with Russia’s plans is really striking, intentional or not.” Blinken’s allegation at the time, like everyone else’s in his camp, was flimsy and not based on real evidence.

According to Fox News, Blinken is already forming a game plan for what needs to happen if Biden is handed the keys to the White House, saying that COVID-19 is the very first issue the incoming team will tackle.

“There is an urgent leadership requirement internationally with regard to COVID-19. The first thing we have to do is deal with, domestically as well as internationally, is working to get out from under the COVID-19 rock,” Blinken said.

Biden is expected to name a bulk of his incoming Cabinet on Tuesday, which will also likely include former Hillary Clinton aide Jake Sullivan for national security adviser and longtime diplomat Linda Thomas-Greenfield for the UN ambassadorship.

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BDS (@guest_1078631)
1 year ago

Come on ppl why r u surprised – Basement Biden isn’t choosing cabinet members he’s just a puppet – doing what he’s told to do!!!
Stolen election – Dems have now proven it can be done
Same results in 2024
We r now a 1 party nation!!! Good job all u voters that put this imbecile in office!

Joni (@guest_1078635)
Reply to  BDS
1 year ago

You get what you voted for.

BDS (@guest_1078644)
Reply to  Joni
1 year ago

Exactly!!!! Why the surprise Basement Biden can’t even construe a complete sentence!!!

Carol Ann Taylor (@guest_1078720)
Reply to  Joni
1 year ago

You mean what the Deep State wanted who are all in bed with China God Help America!

photojoe (@guest_1078826)
Reply to  Joni
1 year ago

No, we get what millions of dead people voted for.

Pat (@guest_1078642)
Reply to  BDS
1 year ago

Amen to that!! God Bless America!!🙏🙏🙏

Norman Caudle (@guest_1078646)
Reply to  BDS
1 year ago


JB (@guest_1078649)
Reply to  BDS
1 year ago

do you really think all those millions of people actually voted for that shell of a man who thought he was running for the Senate and never knew where he was LOL, the only truth biden said was that they the dems had the worlds best voter fraud team in the world, no wonder they didnt have him campaigning, they had the fix in from the getgo

Nicki D. Riley (@guest_1078669)
Reply to  JB
1 year ago

Actually, what he really said was, “We have the most inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of the United States”. I dare say, it is out there on the web, and I wonder if any of President Trump’s legal team have that video to take into court with them? I believe it is true evidence that could help their case. Anyone with me???

Sammy (@guest_1078689)
Reply to  Nicki D. Riley
1 year ago

You bet! Biden shouldn’t have even been able to run for President! Bald face Corruption at its highest!

Rosemary (@guest_1078710)
Reply to  JB
1 year ago

H—l no, they did’nt, this is a travesty to our country. Fake votes counted. Biden won’t run our country, Obama & his gang will.

Sandra Lambert (@guest_1078726)
Reply to  Rosemary
1 year ago

Not just Obama. They all take their orders from George Soros. He has brought down several countries and all because he wants a one world organization he can run. He is doing a pretty good job here in the US. Sad!!!

Jack (@guest_1079113)
Reply to  JB
1 year ago

Damn straight they did and if everything Soros is not eliminated, you ain’t seen shyt unless you are willing to take it back !!!!

Faith Matsuoka (@guest_1078654)
Reply to  BDS
1 year ago

Amen – God help us. We are well on our way to a One World Government. That’s what the Democrats want.

sandra Kramer (@guest_1078813)
Reply to  Faith Matsuoka
1 year ago

Faith, you are absolutely right – we are on the way to a One World Government – it is prophesied on the bible that it will happen. This is only the start. With the dems and Soros in charge it will happen. Just Watch!!! God is watching and will come down upon their heads when He feels the time is right. Their time is temporary. We as Christians need to stand up and fight this evil empire!!!

Sandra Lambert (@guest_1078724)
Reply to  BDS
1 year ago

Amen! Never in my 86 years have I been so disgusted with Congress and the election. Despicable!

sally oster (@guest_1078750)
Reply to  Sandra Lambert
1 year ago

You are not alone. I never thought that I’d see fraud like this. Here in Detroit, Mi it was sickening. Praying for our Pres. Hill Liar y has shown once again the swamp needs draining!

Elvis (@guest_1078741)
Reply to  BDS
1 year ago

Biden, is not and will never be the president.
He is a figure head and a puppet for the deep state handlers. What a sorry position this nation is in, no leaders at the helm, just behind the scenes political hacks calling the shots and
Avoiding any media exposure or criticism.

D Bent (@guest_1083972)
Reply to  BDS
11 months ago

Yep! Connect the dots ppl. The cabinet choices are the who’s who of the [email protected] and those who colluded in the collusion. This “placement” is their reward, regardless of which damn dem got in, just as long as 1 got in. That’s the point. It’s the same playbook in every coup throughout history.

Bob (@guest_1078633)
1 year ago

I look at this “supposedly” incoming administration and am filled with trepidation for our country, citizens and the world!

mbr722 (@guest_1078634)
1 year ago

After reading this nonsense about the demented one’s cabinet all I can say is may God help us. We are definitely going to need it.

servantjohn (@guest_1078637)
1 year ago

People are not gullible enough to believe that this would ever be considered “legitimate.”

Dee Peltier (@guest_1078702)
Reply to  servantjohn
1 year ago

My late husband use to say to never underestimate the stupidity of the American people. I now believe he was right!

Aileen (@guest_1078639)
1 year ago

Absolutey correct.
Biden and his administration will totally destroy this country.
Sad, disgusting, disturbing and pathetic. I hope those who voted for this idiot will figure out that it is our demise they really voted for.

Irish Love (@guest_1078640)
1 year ago

HOLD THE LINE: Braveheart – “HOLD, HOLD, HOLD.” God is revealing/putting light on the corruption; lies; treason; etc. “Be still and know that I am here…” The is in the words of Sidney Powell, BIBLICAL. More will be revealed in the next days. Keep praying my brothers & sisters The Truth Will Set Us FREE. God Bless America.

BDS (@guest_1078662)
Reply to  Irish Love
1 year ago

Trying to keep the faith – thx for the uplifting msg – praying God will not let our country be destroyed🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

John Zschoche (@guest_1078641)
1 year ago

Joe who likes little girls better start worrying about the patriots who will never live in a COMMUNIST COUNTRY If possible jackoff Joe should realize they stole the election but he can’t steal us

Pat (@guest_1078645)
Reply to  John Zschoche
1 year ago

To John Z— that’s true! Remember we need to all stick together. There’s many more of us than them. Keep praying!!! We need the hand of God to get us through this. HIS will be done!! 🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏

WDM (@guest_1078643)
1 year ago

Stock up on ammo.
The 2nd AMERICAN REVOLUTION is just around the corner. Biden will be out in less than a year, with Harris waiting in the wings. As was the plan all along.

CB (@guest_1078756)
Reply to  WDM
1 year ago

WAY AHEAD OF YA. As a Marine… Out of my cold dead hands climbing over a pile of dead bodies to get it.

carl muller (@guest_1078648)
1 year ago

get ready for life in the doom and gloom party!!!!!!!!!!

Bemused Berserker (@guest_1078652)
1 year ago

Frankly, I believe President Trump”s legal challenges will fail. The evidence of Fraud, too ephemeral, as the DemoCommiecrats have covered their tracks too well, and Officials have been bought off.
Our Founders gave us a Republic, and warned us about keeping it. Far too many ignored the warning. On January 20th, 2021, the final death throes of our Republic begin.
Sadly, Civil War is inevitable now.

Nancy (@guest_1078653)
1 year ago

The civil war is going to happen !! Get ready!! Joe has plans of disarming Americans!! We must pray hard and ask God to please intervene in this scandal !! We all know the election was rigged !! But so far nothing has happened!! Get your guns ready…..

Daniel R Smith Sr (@guest_1078656)
1 year ago



TallTexan (@guest_1078657)
1 year ago

Well put, John.

Patricia (@guest_1078658)
1 year ago

I am 84 years old and have voted Republican since Ike’s second term. Never did I think I would see the day when that a demented fool would be elected President. Only through stolen votes. Sad day for America. God bless us all, we will need his help.

Rosemary (@guest_1078725)
Reply to  Patricia
1 year ago

Hi Patricia. I agree, I’m 81, I am sickened about this stolen election for my grandchildren. Biden will be guided by the corrupted Obama gang.

Linda (@guest_1078660)
1 year ago

Biden didnt win squat, only by the bias media BEFORE everything was done n over. Biden wants to continue where the fraud obama left off n flood our country with muslims. An help illegals NOT help our country or citizens. Bidens, obamas n hilary n soros n most dems belong in prison especially pelosi.

JKM (@guest_1078661)
1 year ago

Trump already has the plan for COVID and the vaccine will roll out in a matter of weeks. He already has the logistics ready to go. Of course, Biden would love to make it look like he is making these things happen. Just watch…he will take complete credit for it. Biden couldn’t have made things happen as quickly as they have because he is confused and incompetent. Thanks Dems, for handing us an imbecile who will undo all of the good things Trump did to make American great.

KATHY NOBLE (@guest_1079208)
Reply to  JKM
1 year ago


BDS (@guest_1078665)
1 year ago

Reading all these comments confirms my thoughts – WE THE PEOPLE R A VERY VERY DISHEARTENED NATION!!!
Have to believe our election CANNOT BE STOLEN FROM US – if Dems succeed this time then WE R A NATION NO MORE!!!!😢😢😢😢😢

Andrew Valencia (@guest_1078666)
1 year ago

istead of fighting back an forth.Why does’nt have the people vote again in thoses states where they found the fraud happening. Only those people in the states listed making sure people don’t vote twice or dead people voting etc. Someone mentioned it earlier. Good idea.

LaMenance (@guest_1078830)
Reply to  Andrew Valencia
1 year ago

I couldn’t agree more, that will be the only measure of common sense that will prevent the on coming Civil War lurking in the ack of ever Patriot’s minds…

Lily Smith (@guest_1078667)
1 year ago

This is not over…….. Trump is still filing lawsuits….. This still needs to go to SCOTUS then Congress…..

This Country will go dark under Biden, cannot happen///////

Sidney will still be in there fighting for the next year everything will come out…….

BDS (@guest_1078672)
Reply to  Lily Smith
1 year ago

Believe in Powell more than Rudy!!! Praying this election will not be stolen from we the ppl!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Keith Underwood (@guest_1078683)
1 year ago

It didn’t really do any good to hold an election this year all because it has been in their game plan all this time. They were set-up to take the White House weather they will steal it or cheat and lie to get it. There plan was all into play. Citizen’s of the US if Biden sets foot into the White House get ready for a global take over. Biden will take over where Obama left off. Had HILLARY won the last election we would have been there. They will shut down small businesses. Pull our 2nd Amendment and put a halt to fracking. Our gas prices will be over $5.00 a gallon where Obama was when he left office. With the Biden Administrations? We are in for a ride! I pray that it will never happen.

James (@guest_1078687)
1 year ago

We all no Joe is just a empty soul with no brain

James (@guest_1078688)
1 year ago

All democrats are lying thieves who what your money for the dam illegals so they can get maids and yard workers

James (@guest_1078690)
1 year ago

I am ashamed of the democratic Hypocrites .They don’t give a dam about America. Go to Hell BLM

James (@guest_1078691)
1 year ago

Biden is not my president he what’s us to live under Chinese law. He’s a traitor to the USA .He owes china billions of dollars. He will make deals with them after all he has to pay them back.

James (@guest_1078692)
1 year ago

Obama gave Iran 150 billion why cant dead brain Biden

Beth Basinger (@guest_1078695)
1 year ago

It’s gonna get worse. I’m personally scared to death of what will become of we the people in four years. Praying we keep the Senate.
Come join Parler it’s very informative, speak your mind, and I think you all will like it I do nobody flags nothing.

James (@guest_1078696)
1 year ago

God Bless America and have a Merry Christmas

James (@guest_1078697)
1 year ago

Will i be on Hillary’s hit list

Patricia (@guest_1078714)
1 year ago

We are all on a hit list that dopey AOC wants to make of Trump supporters. Watch your back. You young folks get your guns. Only way to take back our country. Revolution 2021.

9MM (@guest_1078730)
1 year ago

And the Devilrat swamp returns with both Biden and Ovomit plus Clinton. This means we’re totally screwed in every abut the true American way of MAGA.

Eugene Ross (@guest_1078733)
1 year ago

joe won’t last long the communists will have him deamed unfit for duty or have him killed either way he won’t be around very long

Leroy (@guest_1078776)
1 year ago

Bozo Biden is going to get us in a WAR. The Puppet from hell.

Leapingcrane (@guest_1078782)
1 year ago

Every Leftists Progressive DemonRat is an utter and complete,
“Idiotic💩-4-🧠’S SCUMBAG’S”
With not one having more then,,,
“A Single Digit IQ” or
“One Single Brain Cell in Your Heads”
And all your ISSUES stem from the Fact that you All are “INFECTED” with the
Brain Destroying Disease Called
“Leftist Progressive Liberalism” and this Disgusting Terrible Disease is responsible for literally filling the heads of those infected with 💩!

Larry Gaines (@guest_1078877)
1 year ago

Biden only knows Corrupt and Crooked people. He does not know what honesty is

paw paw (@guest_1078901)
1 year ago

The devil eats his own!

Night owl (@guest_1078921)
1 year ago

Did you notice that none of the big leaders in the Democratic Party got CoVid? They have all been lax about the orders they have given the American people as a preventive. They do what they want and scare the sheeple into doing what they say. So, it is said this virus was created in a lab in China. I would bet the Dems had it created. I bet they also have a vaccine for it that they have all taken. The virus has been used since day one to control the people and for political gain. Here and there the lower politicians claim to have tested positive, and go into quarantine. I have not heard of any actually having severe problems or death. That is sure not the case for the Republicans! Now we are having another wave. Did they sew more virus as a distraction while they steal the election? Biden used it as an excuse not to campaign. But then again, why bother when he knew the election was rigged for him to win.

Judy Fay (@guest_1078938)
1 year ago

Pray more, fear less. God is in control. Yes. Lets figure out how we can get them out. We need to stand together and with God.

Will Harden (@guest_1079093)
1 year ago

So we have a crooked election to elect a senile, weak , idiot who is already owned by China and Russia.
Great !
What can possibly go wrong ?

irwin (@guest_1094976)
11 months ago

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10 months ago

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